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Ethiopia: State of Emergency Used as Systematic State Repression in Ethiopia

HRLHA Press Release
November 20, 2016 The March 2014 Oromo student protests, which began at Jima University and spread quickly to Ambo University then in a few days to all universities, colleges, high schools and elementary schools in Oromia and continued for two months, captured the attention of the world community for the first time. In those two months, over 81 Oromos, mostly university students, were killed and thousands detained by the crackdown on the protest by Agazi force and silenced. After eighteen months, the protest flared up again on November 12, 2015 in Ginchi Town in Western Showa 80 km south of the capital city. Since then, Oromia has remained in a human rights and humanitarian crisis. The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) lists over 2000 Oromo deaths, thousands of disappearances and tens of thousands of detentions. Many more thousands have left their homes behind and are now living in forests in order to escape the TPLF sponsored killing squads. To calm the peoples’ anger- after indiscriminate shootings from both the ground and the air of innocent Oromos at the Irrecha festival in Bishoftu on October 2, 2016- the government declared a state of emergency on October 8, 2016repression-in-ethiopia

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ethiopia’s Declaration of State of Emergency on Oromia is an equivalent of Derg’s “Red Terror.”: Here is why.

By Leelloo Sabaa, October 20, 2016
In Ethiopian Empires’ political history, the year 1977-78 is remembered as the year when Mangistu Haile Mariam’s political power   was absolutely threatened and his rulmengistue was shaken. The opponents to his power became so strong and lethal such that Mangistu was forced to declare “Red Terror” on its real or imagined enemies to its reign in Ethiopia between 1977-78.  By this declaration of “Red Terror”(Mangistu’s state of emergency),  Mangistu asserted that all “progressives” were given freedom of action in helping to root out enemies of his rule. Peasants, workers, public officials and even students loyal to the Mangistu regime were provided with arms to: assassinate, kill, imprison and loot as they wished. Militia attached to the Kebeles, the neighborhood watch committees were given freedom to train their gun on anyone with whom they have even personal but no ideological disagreement. All people allied to Mangistu went into killing spree and even children were not spared. During these years of “Red Terror”, Amnesty International estimated that up to 500, 000 to 2,000,000 people were butchered and thousands were left on the street for their body to decompose. In May 1977, the Swedish general secretary of  Save the Children Fund estimated too that “1000 children have been killed and their bodies are left in the streets and being eaten by wild hyenas.” Parents of the deceased were asked to collect the bodies of their loved ones by paying money for the bullet wasted killing their children.
All this crimes against humanity and genocide were planned and executed under the watch of the United Nation, United State of America, Europe and African Union.  However, all this horrendous decision and action by Mangistu Haile Mariam did not safe his regime from collapse but lead to the collapse of his terrorist regime and his demise from the political scene by running for his life to Zimbabwe were he was sentenced to death in absentia in the year2008.
Having got freedom to: kill, loot, rape, arrest, imprison, and torture Oromians from the Prime Minister of Ethiopian colonial and brutal rule in Oromia, Ethiopian: military, security and administrative organs have intensified their “Red Terror” on innocent Oromians since October 11, 2016. In Oromia, bodies  of innocent Oromian killed on the :street, in the forest, in the mountain, urban, towns and country sides are decomposing and being eaten by wild hyenas and rogue dogs. On the top of big trees in Oromian forests today, you can see vultures who fed on the bodies of young Oromians butchered by wayyaanee under those trees. You can see young and innocent Oromian students riddled by Ethiopian soldiers bullet who got full lee way to do whatever they want on Oromians from: Haile Mariam DessalegnAbbay-Tsehaye, Saamoraa and Abbaa Duulaa Gamada. The entire Oromia is in prison today.All this crimes against humanity and genocide against Oromians have continued to be committed, still under the watch of : United Nations, European Union, the USA, African Union in Oromia and all foreign Ambassadors. As we witnessed the Ruwandan genocide of the 1994 under the watch  of the United Nation then lead by Kofi Anan, we are witnessing genocide being committed on Oromians under the watch of the United Nation lead by Bank Moon. As Menelik, killed 5,000,000 Oromians and reduced Oromian population by half, the reign of “Red Terror” declared  on Oromians today  by Haile Mariam Dessalegn and his god fathers will definitely going to be existential threat to Oromia and Oromians. This “Red Terror”by Haile Mariam and his god fathers is involving poisoning: rivers, food, drugs, alcohol and beverages. Viruses (HIV/AIDS)and bacteria, as well as using poisonous gases (chemical weapon) are being used. Than more than any time in its history of slavery under Ethiopia, Oromians are under threat  of extinction today.As the Oromians struggle for the right to self-determination for Oromia started to tie a rope around the neck of Ethiopia’s colonial and brutal rule in Oromia,  on October 11, 2016, the government of Ethiopian Empire lead by Wayyaanee declared its so called state of emergency, Derg’s equivalent of “Red Terror.”  According to this declaration of ‘Red Terror” on Oromians, Ethiopian colonial government in Oromia suspended all rights that have never been there after all. It declared that all human right laws provided for in its colonial constitution (that have never been there after all) have been suspended for six months. According to this declaration of “Red Terror” by the terrorist Ethiopian empire government in Oromia, all military, security and administrative agents loyal to the regime have the right to: kill, arrest, rape,  imprison, confiscate properties of Oromians who Wayyaanee considers real or imagined enemy. No warrant of arrest or search are required from the court to : arrest, imprison, kill, torture Oromians and confiscate the properties they got by their sweat labeling them they belong to the Oromo LiberatinFront, the vanguard, the restorer and the savior of Oromian independence and the dignity of its citizen.
The national duties under such a circumstance is to rise up in unity to defend ourselves from Ethiopia and its puppets that is bent on securing its life only by exterminating us from the face of Oromia.  If we think, we are going to be immune from this reign of horror by Ethiopian colonial rule lead by Haile Mariam, the 500,000 up to 2000000 people killed by Mangistu Haile Mariam is going to be like a Christmas gift. Before it is to late, the national call for all  of us Oromians from all walks of life is to rise up and save ourselves from extinction.   Today, we are witnessing “the harma muraa and harka muraa Annoolee”repeating itself by the order from Haile Mariam Dessalegn. Today, we are witnessing “the Calii Callanqoo and Watar Massacre” repeating itself. Today, we are witnessing the repeat of “ Boruu Meda”  massacre by Yonnis of Tigray. If we do not stand up for our survival today, the killing spree of 5,000,000 Oromians by Menelik is going to look like a Christmas movie.
Today, Oromia is in crisis of unparalleled magnitude ever seen since its birth.  We are under the threat of the enemy that is determined to destroy us the same way aborgines were exterminated in the USA, Australia and  Europe. If we are expecting any foreign power to save us, we are going to be like a sheep that is waiting to be slaughtered on the Christmas or Arafa .
The vehicle is already on the road and moving forward toward securing our survival and freedom from all threats in its all forms from Ethiopia and its colonial governor Haile Mariam Dessalegn. That vehicle is the Oromo Liberation Front, committed from its establishment to guarantee the survival and freedoms of Oromians by defeating Ethipian colonal rule in Oromia and declaring an Independent and Democratic Republic of Oromia, the surest way to save Oromians from extinction. The Oromoo Liberation Front is our insurance and guarantee for safety and security  tomorrow and for posterity. The Oromoo Liberation Front lead by Chairman Daawwud Ibsaa isour: Spear, shield and sword. Our todays situation does not need any bickering but   to be at the war front defending our people from extermination. At the war front, in the trenches of Oromia, defending our people and securing our future, we find our gallant sons and daughters of Oromoo Liberation Front, the Oromoo Liberation Army and its Youth wing Qeerroo Bilisummaa. From each one of us, big or small, old or young, female or male, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, from urban or countryside, from students or teachers, from employed or unemployed, the situation in which we find ourselves need unwavering and practical support for   The Oromoo Liberation Front and its armed wing, the Oromoo Liberation Army and its youth wing, Qeerroo Bilisummaa.  
Haile-mariam Desalegn
By all means at our disposal, lets sharpen its capability and strength over the enemy whose dream is only to eradicate us from our God given and blessed country, The Republic of Oromia. Let’s rise up and stop this enemy from achieving its dream of finishing Oromians and  bring them to the court of free Oromia. We have to redouble our effort more than ever before. We have to mobilize all our savings and wealth for our survival through The Oromo Liberation Front.We have to witness the day Haile Mariam Dessalegn and his god fathers face justice in our life time.  Lets give Ethiopian colonial rule in Oromia the last blow. Lets show to our enemy the miracle of the power of Oromians. Lets defeat this enemy and freely exercise our right to self determination for Oromia through free and internationaly observed referendum.Lets realize :free, united, peaceful, prosperous and happy life the pioneers of the struggle for Oromian independence envisaged for Oromians.
By our blood we shall defend ourselves!
The bickering is the flood gate of the enemies!
Victory to the Oromoo People!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ethiopia – A Human Catastrophe is Looming in Ethiopia

First of all, let me introduce to you to the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA)
“The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) was originally founded in Ethiopia in 1996      under the name “Human Rights League (HRL)”; it was silenced at the outset by the country’s present authoritarian regime, which jailed its officers- including myself. It was then re-launched from the Diaspora in 2007 by exiled founders and members of the HRL.  It was then re-named the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA), and registered as a non – profit and non – political organization in Ontario, Canada on the 14th of June 2007.
Dear Secretary-General,
The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa wants to express its deep concern about what is happening in Ethiopia to its citizens. On October 8, 2016 a state emergency was declared to allow the government to deal freely and brutally with continued protests in Oromia and Amhara Regional States that began over eleven months ago.
The Oromia Regional State human rights crisis began in November 2015 when the Ethiopian government began a brutal crackdown on growing peaceful protests against marginalization and injustice throughout the Oromia regional state. The Agazi force- the specially trained killing squad- was used against protesters. There was widespread torture and execution of children. The protests spread and all walks of life in Oromo became involved in the protest. The merciless attacks of the Agazi force against the protests did not stop the angry protesters- rather the attacks escalated into a full-conflict between the TPLF dictatorial government and unarmed Oromo civilians. The crisis continued for over eleven months in which hundreds were killed and thousands injured and hundreds of thousands of detentions have been documented.
On October 2, 2016 the government’s inhuman and genocidal action against the Oromo people at the Irrecha Festival dramatically changed the situation in Oromia for the worse. The TPLF government used live lethal ammunition on the ground and, with air gunship support, killed hundreds on the spot and pushed the crowd to the ditch where hundreds of women, children, seniors and youth died in a stampede on Oromo’s Thanksgiving Day festival. This deliberate and horrific action of the government against absolutely unarmed and innocent citizen left over 700 deaths and over 1000 others wounded.
Dear Secretary – General,
This TPLF government’s genocidal actions have turned the continued peaceful protests to violence and government linked properties have been destroyed in several locations in Oromia, including small towns around the capital city Sebeta, Alem Gena, Kara Qore and other towns.  Instead of calling for negotiation with the stakeholders, the government has recklessly waged a full- scale war against unarmed civilians under the pretext of the “the State of Emergency” declared on October 8, 2016. The State of Emergency declared on October 8, 2016 bans among other things:   Social media,  Broadcast Media, Protests, Gestures ( well-known Oromo gesture, Crossing hands above Head)Diplomats, Guns, strikes, walking or talking in groups etc.  As well, there is a curfew.
The TPLF Government immediately deployed its Killing squad Agazi in towns and even deeper into small villages in Oromia, Amhara, Konso and other regions to absolute silence all dissent. But people continue to protest in Oromia region in different places and in Amhara regional state ignoring the state emergency bans. For example, in Bahr Dar city, the dwellers made a three day strike after the state emergency and the strike is currently spreading to the City of Gondor.
In the name of hunting the individuals who destroyed the government and government linked investments, the government has detained thousands people in Oromia in various places.
For example, the government has admitted that 1000 people have been arrested in Sebata the small town near the Capital city.  Arsi and Gujii zone (Bulee Hora ) are the most repressed zones in the  southern part of Oromia where a wife and husband have been killed in their home in Arsi zone and over 200 people have been arrested.
 Dear Secretary – General
It is difficult to receive information from the country since all means of communications are banned by the state emergency declaration- as well, the internet and telephone lines are denied to the public. This has made it difficult to get the facts on the ground. However, we managed to obtain some information from social media and through Viber calls. According to our informants the youth and family heads from almost all villages in Oromia left their homes and are living in Oromia forests to hide from the killing squad of Agazi.
Running from villages and homes poses more problems primarily that of getting food for themselves as well for their family members left behind. In Ethiopia from November through January is the season when the crops are harvested. As we all know, the Ethiopian agricultural system is agrarian where people come together to help each other to harvest their crops. Since coming together for any reason is banned by the government, this makes it very difficult for people to harvest their crops.
In the name of territorial sovereignty and integrity, the TPLF government has closed its territory and is committing atrocities against its own people. Since the diplomatic community is included in the state emergency declaration, even the diplomatic community, including the International Red Cross in Ethiopia, cannot freely travel beyond 40 km to regional states. This has been done intentionally to hide the atrocities taking place in Ethiopian regional states from the world community.
As we all know, the Ethiopian TPLF led government has regularly turned down the requests of governments,  government agencies (UN Human Rights CommissionerUN Human Rights ExpertsEU parliamentAfrican Commission on Human and Peoples’ Right)  and International human rights organizations requests to allow an independent body to investigate human rights violations in the country. The rejections of the Ethiopian government clearly show that the government of Ethiopia is committing atrocities against its citizens behind a secret curtain- and wants to keep it that way.
On behalf of the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa, I sincerely urge you to use your mandates:
  • “The Secretary-General is a symbol of United Nations ideals and a spokesman for the interests of the world’s peoples, in particular the poor and vulnerable among them.
  • The Secretary-General to bring to the attention of the Security Council any matter which in his opinion may threaten the maintenance of international peace and security
  • One of the most vital roles played by the Secretary-General is the use of his “good offices” — steps taken publicly and in private, drawing upon his independence, impartiality and integrity, to prevent international disputes from arising, escalating or spreading
To bring the human catastrophe in Ethiopian to the attention of the member states and the main organs of the UN including to the UN Security Council:
  • To intervene to stop the looming genocide using their mandate of the R2P before it is too late.
  • To urge the ICRC to travel to the victimized areas to give necessary humanitarian aid to the victims using the ICRC’s Mandate and Mission “The ICRC is an independent, neutral organization, ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence”
Garoma B. Wakessa

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ethiopians face five years in jail for posting on Facebook as ‘state of emergency’ rules set in

The flow of opposition reports about unrest has already started to dwindle
By Adam Withnall Africa Correspondent\

Ethiopian soldiers try to stop protesters in Bishoftu, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia AP
(The Independent) — Ethiopians who post statuses on Facebook about the country’s growing political unrest could face up to five years in jail, as part of a series of measures under a “state of emergency” that grow more stringent by the day.
Ethiopians who post statuses on Facebook about the country’s growing political unrest could face up to five years in jail, as part of a series of measures under a “state of emergency” that grow more stringent by the day.
The government has imposed the longest blanket ban on mobile internet services in the capital Addis Ababa since protests began a year ago, and access to messaging platforms like WhatsApp has been heavily restricted.
The measures are designed to stifle people’s ability to organise protests, amid calls for greater political freedoms and recognition from the ethnic Oromo and Amharic groups.
Access to foreign-based media has also been restricted, including Deutsche Welle and Voice of America, which both have popular Amharic stations. Two TV stations run from the US for the Ethiopian diaspora, ESAT and the Oromia Media Network, have been banned.
And the new rules even seek to ban people from carrying out certain gestures “without permission”. They include crossing arms above the head to form an “X”, a political symbol that has become synonymous with the Oromo struggle and featured at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics.
UK rights charities are particularly concerns that under the emergency rules, which are expected to be in place for the next six months, foreign diplomats will have their movements heavily restricted.
Protesters chant slogans against the government during a march in Bishoftu, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia (AP)
The government says diplomats are not allowed to travel more than 40km (25 miles) from the capital, Addis Ababa, without permission, and say it is for their own safety.
But the rights group Reprieve told The Independent there are serious concerns this could limit the access Britons have to consular services. They raised the case of one UK citizen,father-of-three Andy Tsege, who is on Ethiopia’s death row and held at a jail some way outside the capital.
“Andy’s family in London, who cannot contact him, are sick with worry,” said Maya Foa, a director at Reprieve. “Amid this crisis, it’s shocking that the UK continues to rely on Ethiopia’s vague, broken promises of regular consular access and a lawyer for Andy. Boris Johnson must urgently call for Andy to be returned home to his partner and kids in Britain.”
Ethiopia is a key strategic ally for the US and European countries in the fight against Somalia’s Islamist insurgency, al-Shabaab, and Addis Ababa is the home of the African Union.
The global importance of the country’s stability has meant Western governments turning a blind eye to its authoritarian leadership. In June, the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front cut off nationwide access to social media – on the grounds of preventing exam result leaks.
The new ban on internet services has already made a noticeable impact on the flow of reports of unrest coming out of the country via on-the-ground activists.
Ethiopian state media reported that 1,000 protesters had been arrested in the central Oromia town of Sebeta since the state of emergency was declared on 8 October, and ahead of an investment conference in the town which began on Monday.
Festival goers flee during a deadly stampede in Bishoftu, on October 2, 2016 (AFP/Getty Images)
FBC said those detained were suspected of damaging property, but there was little in the way of opposition reports to give the other side of the story.
The emergency rules include a ban on using social media to contact “outside forces”, and Ethiopians risk jail if they communicate with any “anti-peace groups designated as terrorist”.
Finally, the rules stipulate a curfew of 6pm to 6am in which members of the public may not visit factories, farms and government institutions, which have come under attack in recent weeks.
The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged the Ethiopian government to ensure “the protection of fundamental human rights” during the state of emergency, and the president has announced some electoral reforms in order to try and reach out to protesters.
A Western diplomat told the AFP news agency those changes had not yet materialised, however. “This is a state of emergency and we expect repressive measures,” the diplomat said.
“But we also expect an opening of the political space for the opposition as stated by the president in front of the parliament. This is not what seems to be happening.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

AKEEKKACHIISA (Attention): Wayyaaneen Atileetota Oromoo akka Fayyisaa Lilleesa balaaleffatan qophii irra jirti

The Ethiopian government is in preparation to force these and other athletes to condemn marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa on public TV for his so called treason in Rio 2016. This act amounts to another human rights violation against the will of these young athletes. The world must carefully watch the behavior of this regime of the jungle.
The Ethiopian government is forcing these athletes to condemn marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa for his protest in Rio 2016
The Ethiopian government is in preparation to force these and other athletes to condemn marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa on public TV for his protest in Rio 2016. This act amounts to another human rights violation against the will of these young athletes. The world is carefully watching the behavior of this regime.
Wayyaaneen tarkaanfii gootummaa Fayyisaa Leellisaatiin waaroo salphinaa uffatte jalaa dandamachuuf atileetonni Oromoo muraasni miidyaan bahanii Fayyisaa akka balaaleffataniif yaalii godhaa akka jirtu dhageenyee jirra. Atileetiin Oromoo kamuu “Oromoo ajjeesuun, hidhuunifi lafarraa buqqaasuun sirriidha, Fayyisaan yakka kana mormuun dogongora” jedhee akka hin amanne ni beekna. Sodaa Wayyaaneetifi faaydaa yerootif jecha miidiyaan bahanii Fayyisaa abaaruun ummata Oromoo abaaruun gantummaa sabaa ( treason) akka ta’etti fudhanna. Atileetiin kamuu miidiyaan bahee waan akkanaa yoo dubbate/ dubbatte tarkaanfiin armaan gadii akka irratti fudhatamu beekuu qaban
  1. Hawaasummaa keessaa baasuu (social ostracization)- du’u hin awwalamu, gaddaa gammachuu isaa Oromoon hin dhaqu, mana isaatii hin nyaannu, mana ofiitti hin affeerru
  2. Oromiyaa keessatti shaakaluufis ta’ee hojjatee jiraachuu hin danda’u.
  3. Dorgommii biyya alaatti godhamu irratti yoo hirmaate waaroo salphinaa offifama.
Kana beekuun qalbiin akka itti yaadan atileetota hundatti himaa.
Hubadhaa midiyaa Mootummaatti waanuma nagayaatis yoo haasoftan keessaa mummuranii faallaa Fayyisaa isin dhaabuu malu. Kanaafuu yoo danda’ame miidyaadhaaf interview kennuu diduu barbaachisa. Dirqama yoo ta’e ammoo waa’ee siyaasaa keessa gonkumaa hin seeninaa. Via Jawar Mohammed

#OromoProtests “Guyyaa boruu atileettonni maqaan isaanii armaan gaditti dha’ameef isaan biroo haala turtii atileetoota biyya itoophiyaa akkasuma qabxilee argamaniif mudannoolee oolompikii #Rio_2016 irratti atileetoota biyyatti mudatan irratti ibsa gaazexxeessummaa akka kennan gaafatamanii tole jedhaniiru.
1. Atileeti Qananiisaa Baqqaalaa
2. Atileeti Daraartuu Tulluu
3. Atileeti Gazzaanyi Abarraa
4. Atileeti Hailee G/sillaasee fi ammaaf atileetoota kanneen maqaan isaanii hin beekamin biroo ta’uun beekkameera. Shira mootummaan kun xaxuuf deemu kan akka atileetii#Fayyisaa balaalleeffachuuf atileettonni kun deemu taanaan diraamaa mootummaan kun isaan dalagisiisuuf jedhu kana irraa gamanumaan akka of qusatan akeekkachiifamuu qaban.Cinaa tokkoon federashinii akka komatan fakkeessanii shira isaan xaxuuf deemu Gabra Egizabeer G/mariam
Kan walitti qabuun garee(team) kana dursu Haileedha.”
Firaafi ollaan jara kana gorfadhaa wanti hamaan akka afaanii hin baane.
Via Jawar Mohammed

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Reiterating the Oromo political Questions and Ultimate objectives of the Oromo struggle


Reiterating the Oromo political Questions and Ultimate objectives of the Oromo struggle
The OLF press release

The aims of the Oromo struggle led by the OLF is to realize the Oromo people’s selfdetermination right; to dismantle colonial system from Oromia and to free Oromo from subjugation and to establish free Oromia state. This can be achieved through the sole decision of the Oromo people who will choose either to establish a free Republic of Oromia or to make new political arrangement with neighboring nationalities based on interest, equality, mutual respect and democratic values and principles. This means that the OLF struggles to make an arrangement for Oromo people for free referendum rights.
The Oromo people has struggled and made huge scarifies to fulfill the aims and objectives of the Oromo struggle set out by the OLF. When the Oromo elites and committed individuals developed the OLF program, the central aim was to solve the fundamental political problem of the Ethiopian empire from its roots. The program was not only based on the interest of Oromo people but also considered the interests of other peoples in the Ethiopian empire who were colonized in a similar way and benefit from this struggle.
Thanks to Oromo heroes and heroines, today the Oromo people liberation struggle has reached the stage where every Oromo has gained a full confidence to achieve its long awaited freedom. Also millions of Oromo heroes and heroines are ready to sacrifice their lives for freedom until
the liberation of Oromia is realized. We have no doubt that with the sacrifices of committed Oromo heroes and heroines, the OLF vision, which is also the vision of vast Oromo people, will be achieved. However, we cannot deny that there are internal and external forces that want to give the Oromo liberation movement a blind eye and want to divert the Oromo genuine questions for their own political agenda and strategic interest.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

በሰላማዊ መንገድ የተቃውሞ ሰልፍ ባካሄዱ የኦሮሞ ዜጎች ላይ በተደጋጋሚ እየተፈጸመ ያለው አረመኔያዊ ግድያ የኢትዮጵያን የፖለቲካና የደህንነት ቀውስ በእጅጉ ያባብሳል።

ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ባካሄዱ የኦሮሞ ዜጎች ላይ የሕወሃት ስርዓት የፈጸመውን የጅምላ ግድያ በተመለከተ ከህዝቦች ትብብር ለነጻነትና ለዲሞክራሲ የተሰጠ መግለጫ

pafdየኦሮሞ ህዝብ በሕወሃት በሚመራው ኣምባገነን ስርዓት ላይ እያካሄደ ያለው ተቃውሞ ከህዳር 12 ቀን 2016ዓም ኣንስቶ በቀጣይነት እየተካሄደ ይገኛል። የኦሮሞ ህዝብ በመላው ኦሮሚያ ውስጥ በመንግስት ላይ ጠንካራ ተቃውሞ እያካሄደ ነው። የሕወሃት መንግስት ዜጎች ላካሄዱት የተቃውሞ ሰልፍ የሰጠው ምላሽ ጥይት በማርከፍከፍ የጭካኔ ግድያ መፈጸም ሲሆን በዚህም እስከ ኣሁን ከ670 በላይ የኦሮሞ ዜግች ተገድለዋል። በመቶዎች የሚቆጠሩት ደግሞ ቆስለዋል። ከ50,000 በላይ የሚሆኑ ዜጎች በሚታወቁ እስር ቤቶችና ባልታወቁ ቦታዎች ታስረው ለቶርቸር ተጋልጠዋል። ቁጥራቸው በውል ያልታወቀ ዜጎች ደግሞ ታፍነው ተሰውረዋል። ከተገደሉት ዜጎች መካከል ኣብዛኛዎቹ የዩኒቨርሲቲና የሁለተኛ ድረጃ ትምህርት ቤት ተማሪዎች፣ ወጣቶች፣ ነፍሰጡር ሴቶችና ኣዛውንት ናቸው። የሕወሃት መንግስት ሃይሎች ይህንን የግድያ ወንጀል በህዝቡ ላይ የፈጸሙት በጎዳና ላይ ብቻ ሳይሆን በምሽት የህዝቡን መኖሪያ ቤቶች ሰብረው በመግባት ጭምር ነው። ኣያሌ ዜጎች ከመኖሪያ ቤታቸው ተወስደው በፖሊስ ጣቢያዎች፣ በወታደራዊ ካምፖች፣ ዜጎች በጅምላ በሚታጎሩባቸው ቦታዎችና ወደ ተለያዩ ያልታወቁ ስፍራዎች ተወስደው ታስረዋል። ተመሳሳይ ሁኔታዎች በቤኒሻንጉል፣ በኦጋዴን-ሶማሊ፣ በጋምቤላ፣ በኣማራ፣ በሲዳማ፣ በኮንሶ፣ በደቡብ-ኦሞና በተቀሩትም የሃገሪቷ ኣካባቢዎች በግልጽ እየታዩ ናቸው። የሰብዓዊ መብቶች ተቋማት በኦሮሚያ ውስጥ እየተካሄደ ባለው የተቃውሞ ሰልፍ ላይ ግንዛቤ እንዲጨበጥ ለማስቻልና የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት በህዝቡ ላይ እየፈጸመ ያለውን እርምጃ በተመለከተ በስፋት ዘግበዋል። የኣውሮፓ ህብረትና የኣመሪካ የኮንግረስ ምክር ቤት የተቃውሞ ሰልፍ ባካሄዱ የኦሮሞ ዜጎች ላይ በስፋት እየተፈጸመ ባለው ግድያ፣ እስራትና ሰቆቃ ያላቸውን “ስጋት” በመግለጽ የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት በኦሮሞ ህዝብ ላይ እያደረሰ ያለውን ግድያና እንግልት እንዲሁም በኢኮኖሚ፣ በፖለቲካና በማህበራዊ ዘርፎች እያደረሰ ያለውን ስልታዊ መድልዖና ማግለል እንዲያቆም ጠይቀዋል።Ibsa Tumsa Ummatootaa Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasii – Hagayya 8 bara 2016የህዝቦች ትብብር ለነጻነትና ለዲሞክራሲ መግለጫ — ነሃሴ 8 ቀን 2016ዓም

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sirna Gaggeessaa Awaalcha Barataa Amanu’el Girmaa Magaalaa Naqatee Keessatti Alaabaa ABOn Kuulamee Kabajaa Gootummaa Guddaan Gaggeefame.

IMG_20160808_095115IMG_20160808_095808IMG_20160808_095902IMG_20160808_100007IMG_20160808_100105Screenshot_2016-08-08-15-28-21Hagayya 07/08/2016 Sirni geggeessaa awwaalcha barataa Amaanu’eel Girmaa kan guyyaa gaafa hagayya 06/08/2016 Magaalaa naqamtee naannoo boordiitti kan wareegamee alaabaa adda bilisummaa oromoodhaan faayyamee geggeessaan Isaa raawwatee jira.
Sirna geggeessaa isaa irrattis dhaadannoolee dinqisiisoo fi wallewwaan warraaksaa dhageessifamaa oolanii jiru.
Uummanni magaalaa naqamtees sirna geggeessaa barataa Amaanu’eel girmaa irrattis diddaa mootummaa wayyaaneef qaban guutummaattis sagalee isaanii dhageessiffachaa  akka oolan beekamee jira.
Gara fuula duraattis tokkummaan kaanee mootummaa wayyaanee hundeen buqisnee guutummaa oromiyaa keessaa baasuus qabna jechuun geggeessaa barataa Amaanu’el xumuranii oolanii jiru.
Mootummaan wayyaanees Sirna geggeessaa awwaalchaa barataa Amaanu’eel dhorkuuf yemmuu yaalutti qeerroon magaalaa naqamtee garuu sodaa tokko malee dhaadannoo dhageesisaa geggeessaa barataa kanaa akkanni raawwatamu godhanii oolanii jiru.
Mootummaan wayyaanees akkuma amala isaa uummata karaa nagaan Sirna awwaalchaaf ba’an irratti dhukaasa banuun uummata nagaa goolaa akka oole maddeen keenya ifa godhu.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Dear All,
Art, language, history, and culture are what make one nation unique. Oromia produced many hero Artists who contributed so much not only for the development of Oromo arts, language, history, and culture but also for the struggle of Oromo people for liberation from over century colonizers. If someone asks the names, artist Zarihun Wadajo or Diddaa in Afaan Oromo roughly translated meaning in English as Resistant, Strong or Tough is one of the finest Oromo Artists still alive and working hard day and night to promote Oromo People’s right and see liberated Oromia.
Zarihun Wadajo came to the U.S.A few months ago. It was a dream came true for many Oromo in Diaspora when they heard about his arrival in USA. He performed amazing events in different states since his arrival and has a plan to reach out to thousands of Oromo in diaspora who missed him for long time.
Most of you are aware of the life situation he passed through, but you can refresh your memories from social medias.
Currently, Zarihun Wadajo’s health and life condition is deteriorating. The situation becomes worse if immediate action will not be taken. He needs Urgent Medical Attention and he needs support from Oromo people for whom he sacrificed his entire life for their freedom. As many know, he has been imprisoned, tortured and even feared to death several times under the previous two regimes. Especially, he suffered a lot under the current TPLF government for his resistance and commitment to Oromo people in his country.
Watch some of his famous music:
This hero Oromo son appeals to All Oromo for their support to cover his medical costs as you can hear from his own WORDS :
Support Legendary Artist Zarihun Wadajoo.
Zarihun Wadajo Worked hard his entire life to Uphold Oromo People through his music and setting himself as an example in multi directions. Especially his contributions for Oromo struggle for freedom is unforgettable.
Once upon a time, the late Primer of Ethiopia, Males Zenawi witnessed Zarihun Wadajo as a capable and better individual than Oromo Generals in Woyane camp. Many of his witnesses from the current rulers are coming soon.
Now, this legendary in turn needs Uphold from us during this critical situation and it is time to support him.
The Washington DC Metropolitan Area Support for Legendary Artist Zarihun Wadajo
Organizing Committee has created an online GoFundMe account under his name to generate funds from Oromo People living in different part of the world so that they can donate by visiting: GOFUNDME link:
You can directly deposit into his personal bank account (Zerihun W. Gobena) at:
Account Number: 4460 3672 3067 (Saving)
ACH Routing Number: 052001633 (Bank of America Bank)
The committee is also organizing a fundraising event on Saturday, July 16, 2016 at Washington Ethical Society, located at:
7750 16th St. NW
Washington, DC 20012
Time: 4:30-12:00 AM.
Therefore, you are invited to support our legendary, Zarihun Wadajo, in any way you can by donating either online or by visiting the local fundraising event.
We hope that he will fully recover from his current illness and be back to his stage soon to fulfill his dreams.
Thank you in advance for your support for our legendary.
Best regards,