Saturday, July 16, 2016


Dear All,
Art, language, history, and culture are what make one nation unique. Oromia produced many hero Artists who contributed so much not only for the development of Oromo arts, language, history, and culture but also for the struggle of Oromo people for liberation from over century colonizers. If someone asks the names, artist Zarihun Wadajo or Diddaa in Afaan Oromo roughly translated meaning in English as Resistant, Strong or Tough is one of the finest Oromo Artists still alive and working hard day and night to promote Oromo People’s right and see liberated Oromia.
Zarihun Wadajo came to the U.S.A few months ago. It was a dream came true for many Oromo in Diaspora when they heard about his arrival in USA. He performed amazing events in different states since his arrival and has a plan to reach out to thousands of Oromo in diaspora who missed him for long time.
Most of you are aware of the life situation he passed through, but you can refresh your memories from social medias.
Currently, Zarihun Wadajo’s health and life condition is deteriorating. The situation becomes worse if immediate action will not be taken. He needs Urgent Medical Attention and he needs support from Oromo people for whom he sacrificed his entire life for their freedom. As many know, he has been imprisoned, tortured and even feared to death several times under the previous two regimes. Especially, he suffered a lot under the current TPLF government for his resistance and commitment to Oromo people in his country.
Watch some of his famous music:
This hero Oromo son appeals to All Oromo for their support to cover his medical costs as you can hear from his own WORDS :
Support Legendary Artist Zarihun Wadajoo.
Zarihun Wadajo Worked hard his entire life to Uphold Oromo People through his music and setting himself as an example in multi directions. Especially his contributions for Oromo struggle for freedom is unforgettable.
Once upon a time, the late Primer of Ethiopia, Males Zenawi witnessed Zarihun Wadajo as a capable and better individual than Oromo Generals in Woyane camp. Many of his witnesses from the current rulers are coming soon.
Now, this legendary in turn needs Uphold from us during this critical situation and it is time to support him.
The Washington DC Metropolitan Area Support for Legendary Artist Zarihun Wadajo
Organizing Committee has created an online GoFundMe account under his name to generate funds from Oromo People living in different part of the world so that they can donate by visiting: GOFUNDME link:
You can directly deposit into his personal bank account (Zerihun W. Gobena) at:
Account Number: 4460 3672 3067 (Saving)
ACH Routing Number: 052001633 (Bank of America Bank)
The committee is also organizing a fundraising event on Saturday, July 16, 2016 at Washington Ethical Society, located at:
7750 16th St. NW
Washington, DC 20012
Time: 4:30-12:00 AM.
Therefore, you are invited to support our legendary, Zarihun Wadajo, in any way you can by donating either online or by visiting the local fundraising event.
We hope that he will fully recover from his current illness and be back to his stage soon to fulfill his dreams.
Thank you in advance for your support for our legendary.
Best regards,