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HUMAN RIGHTS: The plight of Ethiopian migrants in Somalia

In search of a better life, many Ethiopians migrate to Somalia but face xenophobia and hostility from the locals.
665003303001_4084340004001_video-still-for-video-4084295345001February 28, 2015, Bossaso, Somalia (Aljazeera) — Ankles deep in brown canal water, freshly plucked green weeds in both muddy hands, Abdi Muse Kalon cannot stop grinning. He says life here has given him a second chance – a better chance.
Risking his life, Kalon walked for more than four months from Ethiopia to get to Bossaso, a port city nestled next to the Red Sea in Somalia’s northeast.
Kalon is one of at least 10,000 Ethiopian migrants who have crossed over from neighbouring Ethiopia and settled on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden in the past five years, according to local authorities.
665003303001_4081630553001_vs-54eefd72e4b0a20fa6dbcf3a-782203291001“It was not easy to get here, not everyone makes it. People die of starvation and thirst on the way here. And even wild animals can kill you. I’m very lucky,” Kalon told Al Jazeera.
He first tried his luck to come to Bossaso in 2009. With wages low and jobs hard to come by back home, Kalon saved enough money and boarded a boat in search of greener pastures. Oman was his final destination, but soon he was picked up by authorities in the Arab sultanate and sent back.
Unhappy with what life in Ethiopia offered him and his family, he decided Somalia was his next destination.
A cold welcome
Kalon and thousands of his countrymen are leaving one of the fastest growing economies on the African continent for a country that until recently was considered a “failed state”. This part of the Horn of Africa country has been spared the worst of the two decades-long civil war, and has had relative peace for the last 10 years.
But with seven out of 10 of Somali youth unemployed, the presence of these mainly economic migrants has caused tension. Residents want them out, by force if necessary.
The local government is leading the efforts to send the Ethiopians back. New strict laws have been put in place to curb the influx of migrants.
Any driver caught bringing in foreigners risks a fine of $300 and, or, a jail term.
We cannot cope with these numbers of undocumented migrants. Many times before we sent them back. But they don’t want to go back to Ethiopia.

Hassan Abdalle Hassan, mayor of Bossasso
Every vehicle coming into this city of more than half-a-million residents is thoroughly checked by armed soldiers. Anyone caught without valid paperwork is hauled off to an overcrowded prison before being deported back to their country of origin.
Landlords have been given firm orders not to rent their homes to the unwelcome guests, forcing Ethiopians into the harsh camps for internally displaced people on the city’s outskirts.
At these camps, they are at the mercy of raids by security forces and forceful deportations.
“We cannot cope with these numbers of undocumented migrants,” the town’s mayor, Hassan Abdalle Hassan, told Al Jazeera.
“Many times before we sent them back, but they don’t want to go back to Ethiopia. Now they come by foot because we told drivers not to bring them here.”
The mayor estimated that hundreds of new arrivals reach Bossaso every week. Some board rickety boats and later head to Gulf countries, but most remain in Bossaso.
“Depending on the time of the year we see between 200 and 300 migrants every week. That is way too many for us to accommodate,” Hassan said.
Working hard and thriving
But the government’s loud threats are falling on deaf ears. The migrants have taken over a whole neighbourhood of the city that until recently used to be exclusively inhabited by Somalis.
Restaurants, laundry shops and taxi services run by the new arrivals have not only opened but are thriving.
Every evening the streets of this part of Bossaso are filled with mainly young men from Ethiopia – Africa’s second most populous country – gathering around tea stalls. The evening ocean breeze blowing in from the sea is filled with the aroma of spicy Ethiopian food and music.
Less than a kilometre from the farm where Kalon works, a dirt road snakes through a large refugee camp.
Ahmed Abdi Muse sits in the passenger seat of a beaten-up car. He has been living in Bossaso for more than a decade and is fluent in Somali. He speaks the local dialect, making everyone second-guess his nationality. For the past five years, he has been working as a driving instructor.
“There are not that many choices for us but to stay here and do our best to provide for those close to us. Ethiopia is not an option for me, and going to Arab countries is very risky. We come here and work hard. We don’t harm anyone. We are here only to support our families,” Muse said.
The migrants are trying their best to be part of the wider community and have formed community organisations.
Mohamed Abadir is the chairman of the Ethiopian community in the Puntland region of Somalia – a semi-autonomous state in the northeast part of the country.
Somali authorities have established checkpoints where all vehicles are searched for migrants [Hamza Mohamed/Al Jazeera]
Somali authorities have established checkpoints where all vehicles are searched for migrants [Hamza Mohamed/Al Jazeera]
A resident of Bossaso for the past 20 years, he now owns a farm outside the city and employs 10 Ethiopians.
“Relations between the Somali people and our people are good, but not perfect. We live side by side in peace,” Abadir told Al Jazeera.
But life here as migrants comes with its own challenges.
“Because no one wants to rent houses to us, every Ethiopian family here is housing three other families. Housing is an issue. Apart from that we have a good understanding with our hosts,” Abadir said.
Despite the migrants best attempts to be a part of the local community, locals can’t wait to see them leave – for good.
“We are not happy with their presence,” said Abdi Noor Galayr, a vocal anti-migrant campaigner in the city.
“They have brought many problems in terms of health. We don’t know what health issues they may have. They brought criminals to this town like people smugglers. They are also putting pressure on the job market.”
Galayr and those like-minded might not want the Ethiopians in their city, but Kalon said he is going nowhere.
“Somalia is not home, but for now it is home. I hope to bring my wife and children when I have saved enough money. Life is better here,” Kalon said.
Source: Aljazeera

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Turning the Table on Abaye Tsehaye and the TPLF Gangsters: The Oromo Master Plan for National Survival

By Akaaku Qerro | February 27, 2015
Abbay Tsahaaye-2.16.15At stake in that God- forsaken land known as Ethiopia today is the survival of Oromos as a national entity. The clique at the helm of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front, TPLF, has declared an all-out war on Oromos and is hell bent to commit physical as well cultural genocide against us. The so-called Addis Ababa Master Plan—better designated as the Master Plan for Oromo Genocide— is the grand TPLF scheme intended to evict Oromo farmers, seize Oromo land, loot Oromo resources, all with ultimate goal of establishing a permanent Tigrean domination and hegemony in rural Oromia.
This thinly-veiled attempt at neo-colonization and carried out in the 21 st century no less has been characterized as an act springing out of naivety and ignorance by some. But there is no doubt it is an act arrogance of arrogance bordering on insanity.
Naive and ignorant because, having been numbed and blinded by the amount of loot and comfort they have come to wallow in during the last quarter century of their reign, Abaye Tsehaye and his TPLF cohorts have become oblivious of the existence of other peoples around them. The TPLF fat cats are apparently incapable of rational thought and are unable to see, or do not care less, about the long term consequences of the crimes they are committing against the Oromo people on a daily basis. And insane and arrogant because, having most entirely relied on coercive power to keep the “peace” and to perpetuate their tyranny over the millions in the country, those TPLF gangsters have lulled themselves into believing their own hype that there is no force in the universe that can move, let alone remove them. In their own small minds they are good to extend their tyranny ad infinitum.
Hence Abaye Tesahaye’s stupid bravado and superciliousness in declaring that TPLF would proceed with their Master Plan for Oromo Genocide come what may and the accompanying threat directed at Oromos that they would be dealt with harshly if they dare stand in TPLF’s way. This is most outrageous but not surprising coming from one of the leaders of the Ethiopian a fascist state.
The Oromo answer must be unequivocal and clear: the table will be turned and the TPLF strategy to literally eliminate us from the face of our land will only add fuel to the fire of the Oromo war for liberation. While Abaye Tsehaye’s contemptuous utterances to push ahead with their Master Plan will represent a watershed in the Oromo struggle in so far as it galvanizes the Oromo nation, the same blunder will come back to haunt the TPLF and will forever be a source of regret.
That Oromos have the legal as well as the moral right to wage a war of resistance against TPLF aggression is beyond dispute. It’s a fact  that no one can deny, not even the Western countries who have chosen friendship and cooperation with a government led by the TPLF gangsters over the observance of human rights, the rule of law and the fundamental principle of self-determination for a people facing the danger of mass extermination.
The Western countries have been looking the other way when tens of thousands of Oromos are languishing in Ethiopian jails, hundreds of school children, as young as nine years old, were massacred by the TPLF soldiers for the crime of demonstrating peacefully in protest of government policy and millions of Oromo farmers are being evicted of their lands. All this crime is being committed against Oromos just because they are Oromos , a people constituting the single largest majority in Ethiopia and occupying a good chunk of it.  It’s a sad footnote in the history of the Oromo struggle that Western countries are continuing to bankroll the TPLF junta in Ethiopia despite the fact they are fully aware that hundreds of Oromos have already perished as a result of eviction and displacement caused by the government’s land grabbing and urban expansion. Partly duped by the cunning posture of the Ethiopian governments posing as the champion of the fight against terrorism and undoubtedly driven by short sighted self interest, Western governments are overlooking the fact that the very policies of the Ethiopian government that they are bankrolling—repression, political murders, looting, detention without due process …etc is fast turning Ethiopia into failed state and a breeding ground for terrorism. Another Somalia is right round the corner. And the story of the so-called opposition operating legally in Ethiopia makes for no better reading. For in all their protestations and noise they are making against the TPLF junta, the Habasha have elected to be mute when it comes to the plight of Oromos. It’s almost  as though the mere mention of the name “Oromo” was going to cause the instant break-up of what is left of the rump state.
The old political elites, who go to make up the leadership of those parties, find themselves on the Ethiopian political scene in a new democratic garb. But without exception, Andinet, ENTC, Semayawi… and son on have similarly turned a blind eye to the plight of the Oromo and some are in fact mocking us as the perennial victims. They seem to be content with their wait and see disposition ready to jump in to fill any power vacuum that may follow the demise of the TPLF. They cannot stand either antagonist but seem to harbour a lot more fear of Oromos in strategic terms than the Tigreans. They continue to go on whining about TPLF’s sinister design to destroy Ethiopia’s unity, and that merely because the Oromo language has become a working medium, by and large, in Oromo regions. But not only are they incapable or unwilling of putting forward a viable alternative to the Oromo question, the very issue on which the survival of the Ethiopian polity is predicated. The old elites are blissfully unaware or are in pathological denial that the future of their ”beloved motherland” will be determined only by the young militant Oromo generation whether they or the TPLF likes it or not. Henceforth, the settlement of the Oromo issue will be determined by Oromos regardless of the manner of its disposition. Whether Ethiopia will break up into multiple states, or it will evolve into a genuine multi-national federation, or it will develop into a unitary democracy with Oromos as the political pivot; the accomplishment of anyone of these options or others will require, unlike in the past, Oromos playing a central role as warranted by the dynamics of geopolitics and demography.
We see even Oromos, idly theorizing and quibbling on forums like this one what the goal of the Oromo revolution must be. Some, like Fayyis Oromia, have tried to delve  into formulating various theoretical models that a future Oromo state could assume. While the likes of Fayyis Oromia are commendable for their fertile imagination, hair splitting debate on the shape of a future Oromo nation could be counter-productive. We have enough contentious and more urgent issues on which to focus at this moment in our struggle. The mission and of the Oromo revolution should be to enable the masses of our people to decide their destiny. It will be their sovereign right thenceforth to choose whether they want to establish their own state or live in a mutually agreed federation with the peoples within and around them. It was the failure to recognize this simple fact, albeit a cardinal principle, that has led to internecine war between compatriots resulting in costly loss of life and putting the struggle years back. In recent years, there is no doubt the rapid rise of a revolutionary Oromo generation, the Qerro, has sent terror down the spine of the members of the TPLF kleptocracy in Ethiopia. With Qerro fuelling the Oromo struggle, the TPLF junta knows full well that the Oromo revolution is attaining a new and dynamic dimension. They know the days of TPLF terror unleashed on Oromos are numbered. And they know that they got to stop this inexorable force if they have to continue their looting, killing and political repression in Oromia. But alas what the TPLF do not know, or chose to ignore to their own ultimate detriment, is that they cannot stop the march of history, not even the might of TPLF can.
Since they cannot stop the march of history, the TPLF thought it best to resort to attacking Oromos through delegitimizing their cause and thereby their quest for freedom and self-determination. And the TPLF reckon the way to attain their criminal goal is by evicting Oromos from their ancestral land.
Oromos are now pinned against the wall and the only way is out and up. They are left with no choice but to strengthen their resistance against TPLF’s expansionist policy and onslaught and ascertain their existence as a community. Or do nothing and gradually perish from the face of Ethiopia. That is the stark choice staring us in the eye today.
Hence, Oromos are rising up ever stronger and more determined to kill in the bud the TPLF Master Plan intended for their genocide. This Master Plan will never be allowed to succeed. It can only succeed over our dead bodies, all 40 million of us.
It should be clear to all Oromos that this war of resistance is going to require a greater level of sacrifice from us all, at home and abroad. While waging an all-encompassing resistance to oust the TPLF out of our lands, at this stage we are primarily looking to ourselves in terms of support. We can be sure of the Habasha parties falling over each other making a belated rally of support at the eleventh hour, when the Oromo struggle becomes a fait accompli. Victors are not short of friends and Oromos have always been brothers after all, the TPLF taking the blame for having planted discord and conflict among the two peoples. As for the West, the excuse will be convenient ignorance of the gravity of the crimes committed by the TPLF against Oromos in broad daylight, apologies being not atypical.  But for now Oromos will have to slog it all alone toward freedom and nationhood. They need to rely on themselves to consummate the struggle, and they possess ample resources to do so.
Above all, the Oromo resistance demands a greater level of commitment and performance from its leaders, without naming any organization in particular. The objective situation—to borrow a phrase from a bygone revolutionary era—calls for the leaders to lead by example. They need to shift their operational base from the capitals of America and Western Europe to Oromia where our youth are being murdered and jailed by TPLF every single day. No war of liberation that I know of has consummated successfully directed from abroad. Oromos won’t be an exception. The Tigreans mock our leaders as managing the Oromo revolution by remote control and sadly there is a lot of truth in that.
To reiterate, at this moment in history, geopolitics is not in our favour but this is no sudden revelation; we have known it for as long as we have been conscious. And unfortunately there are no signs that the status quo is changing anytime soon. Oromos are surrounded by peoples and nations with axes to grind (casting covetous eyes on our lands) and we cannot expect them to do us any favours. So Oromia remains to be the rear as well as the center for our leaders, not Oslo, not Asmara, not Washington DC, not London.
Ambo comes with immense physical danger but that is where a glorious chapter of the Oromo revolution is being written. So are Borana, Naqamte, Bale, Jimma, Arsi and so on. When the chips are down, we know that Oromos can count on their leaders and one can’t think of a time more critical in the Oromo struggle when the leaders need to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Oromo people and lead them to victory.

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UORA-EGYPTGuraandhala 25, 2015
Caayaan Tokkummaa Baqattoota Oromoo Biyya Masrii (CTBOBM) eega maqaa kanaan hundeeffamtee eegalee maqaan Oromoo UNHCR fi mootummaa Masrii biratti akka dhagahamu qooda ol’aanaa taphatte. Himatni baqattummaa (case) ilmaan Oromoo biyya Masrii jiraniidhaa hundee dhugaa irratti akka jajjabaatu gochuu fi gurgurtaa jalaa akka baraaramu taasisuun danda’ameera. Ammas taanaan Habashoota case Oromoo butachuuf yaalanii fi warra Oromoo keessaa Habashootatti gurgurachuuf yaalu saaxiluun jabaatee itti fufee jira.

Kana malees Oromoo fi Habashoonni impaayera Itoophiyaa keessatti seenaan keessa dabranii fi har’as haalli keessa jiran walii faallaa waan taheef, biyya baqaa keessatti Habashaa waliin caayaa hawaasummaa tokko jalatti hiriiruun akka hin danda’mne ifa galaa dha. Caayaan Tokkummaa Baqattoota Oromoo Biyya Masrii (CTBOBM)dhugaa tana warra abbaa biyyaa fi UNHCR hubachiisuudhaan, akka dhimmi Oromoo addatti hubatamuu fi Oromoon ofiin of ijaaree rakkoo isaa himachuu danda’u dandeessisuu irratti hojii guddaatu hojjetame. Injifannoon gama kanaan gonfatames salphaa miti. Oromummaa jabeessuu fi akka oromootti oromoon akka yaadu gochuu irratti tattaaffii guddootu godhame. Tattaaffiin barbaachisaan kun ammas jabaatee itti fufee jira.
Qooda jaaraa Caayaan gumaachite irraa hangana eega dubbannee booda, yaaddoowwan gurguddoo yeroo ammaa hawaasa baqataa Oromoo Cairo gidduutti mul’atu irraa dubbannee furmaataas akeekuu barbaanna. Yaaddoon hawaasa keenya Cairo keessatti mul’achaa jiru gurgurddaan bakka lamatti bahee hubatamuu danda’a. Kan duraa farra tokkummaa Oromoo kan tahe adeemsa gandummaa ti. Kan lammaffaa maadhee diinaa hawaasa keenya keessatti hidda naqachaa jiruu dha.
Dhimma gandummaa irraa haa kaanu. Sadarkaan sabboonummaa keenyaa hanga ammaatti jabaatee bakka silaa hawwamu gahuu hanqachuu irraa kan ka’e, hawaasni baqataan afooshaa kutaa kutaa isaa jaarratee gaafa gaddaa fi gammachuu wal cinaa dhaabbachuuf tattaafachuun waanuma mul’achaa turee fi jiru. Haa tahu malee, afooshaaleen kun akka itti socho’an irratti yoo sirni itti tolfamuu baate, balaa tokkummaa Oromoo akka hamaatti gaaga’utu dhalata. Afooshaan tamuu gaafa taaziyaa, dhukkubaa, balaa, fi kkf irratti wal cinaa dhaabbachuu bira dabartee sochii siyaasummaa qabu keessa seenti taanaan daangaa afooshummaa isiidhaa irra ceetee madda yaaddoo taati.
Hafooshaan takka sochii siyaasummaa keessa seenuu jechuun maal jechuu dha? Deebiin ifaa dha. Maqaa kutaatiin wal jaaranii haala rakkoon hawaasummaa homaa hin mudatin keessatti dhimma siyaasummaa kutaa sanii irraa hadoodanii dubbachuu, warra kutaa biraa of irraa fageessanii bobbaa fi gala irratti wal qofa quba qabaachuu, seenaa kutaan sun qabaachaa turte hamtuus taatu toltuu garmalee halluu dibanii miidhagsanii himachuu, san birayyuu dabranii nama kutaa san keessatti dhalatee seenaan isaa beekamu suuraa isaa bifa T-shirtiitiin maxxanfatanii miseensota kutaa saniif addatti raabsuu, maqaa afooshaatiin kan jaaraman tahuu hanga of dagatanitti fagaatanii deemanii Oromoo kutaa biraa irraa seenaa addaa fi of danda’e akka qabanitti walitti himachuu fi ittiin wal kakaasuu, qalbii miseensota kutaa sanaa keessatti sanyii naannummaa fi ofittummaa facaasuu faa dha. Kun ammoo Oromummaa mallattoo jabinaa fi guddina keenyaa saniif dursa kennuu manna eennyummaa kutaatiif akka bakka guddaa kenninu nu godha. Gabaabaatti nu diiga. Guddina keenya xiqqeessee daranuu alagaan akka nu qoqqoodee nuratti roorrisu haala mijjeessa.
Rakkoon kana fakkaatu kun qabatamaatti Cairo keessatti mul’ateera, mul’aaas jira. Sochiin balaa qabu akkasii kun dirmannaa ilmaan Oromoo kutaa hundumaatiin kan hin dhaabsifamne yoo tahe balaa guddaa qabaata. Afooshaaleen kutaa biros fakkeenya diigaa fi qaanfachiisaa akkasii kana wallaalaanis tahee xiiqiidhaan hordofanii dorgoommii naannummaa diigaa keessatti akka hiriiran taasisuu danda’a. Yeroo itti ummanni Oromoo biyya keessaa fi alatti tokkummaa keenyatu laaffate jedhee walitti booyaa jiru tana keessatti haalli kun yoo mul’ate kun waan diinni tahe jedhee duubaan goree nu diiguuf hojjechaa jiru tahuutti nama shakkisiisa.
Seensa bara kanaa irratti haalli reefuu dubbatame kun wayta Cairo keessatti mul’ate, CTBOBM dubbii tanaan rifattee sagalee mormii dhageessiftee turte. Warri hojii akkasii kana irratti hogganummaadhaan bobba’e CTBOBM jalatti kan hin argamne waan taheef garuu, Caayaan dubbii tana irratti gaafatama fudhattee dhaabsisuu hin dandeenye. Sochiin rifaasisaan akkasii kun kan jalatti geggeeffame qaama hawaasummaa Oromoo biraa keessatti waan taheef, qaama san irraa tarkaanfiin hatattamaa fudhatamee tokkummaa Oromoo balaaf saaxilame sirreeffama jennee osoo eegnuu yoona geenye. Hanga ammaatti garuu gochaa maqaa afooshaa kutaa Oromoo takkaatiin godhamte san balaaleffachuu fi fakkeenyummaa isiis ittisuu irratti qaama silaa itti gaafatamu san irraa wanni xiixame hin jiru. Ibsa kana illee yeroo kanatti baasuu wanni barbaachiseef tokko yaaddoodhuma tana.
Gandummaan farra tokkummaa ti. Namni gandummaa baballisu rirma tokkummaa ummata Oromoo ti. Warra gochaa diigaa akkasii irraa akka deebi’aniif gorfamnaan fudhachuu didanii daranuu achii as loluu barbaadan duubaan diinni akka jiraachuu malu shakkuu barbaachisa.  Warri dogoggorfamanii sochii diigmayaa akkasii keessaa qooda fudhatan yeroodhaan yakka kana keessaa akka of baasan dhaamnaaf. Kanneen didanii gochaa fokkataa kana akka hojii eebbifamaatti itti jiran ammoo kaayyoo diinummaa akka qabanii hoj-manee diinni kenneef kan hojjechaa jiran tahuu hubannee of irraa ittisuu fi saaxiluun fardii taha. Dinni qaawwa warri akkanaa nutti banaa jirutti dhimma baatee tokkummaa Oromummaa diigdee bara baraan qabeenyaa Oromoo saamaa jiraachuu hin eehamnuuf. Kanaafuu ilman Oromoo Cairo keessaas tahee biyyoota adda addaa jiran gochaa farra tokkummaa maqaa afooshaatiinis tahee bifa biroon raaw’atamu jabinaan akka dura dhaabbatan yaadachiifna. Jaarmaya waloo jabeeffatanii afooshaa kutaa waan jedhamu yoo dandayame jigsuu, dadhabamu ammoo daangaa murtaawe itti tolchanii toyachuu irratti akka waloon hojjennu waamicha dabarsina.
Yaaddoon Cairo keessatti harkaa nu qabdu tan biraa waa’ee qunnamtii diinaa ti. Hawaasa Oromoo Cairo jiraatu keessatti, warra akka qunnamtii embaasii Wayyaanee qabu ragaadhaan irra gahametu jira. Jarri kun harka tokkoon akka sabboonaa Oromoo sirnichaan doorsifamee biyyaa baheetitti case tolfatanii UNHCRitti galmaawanii osoo jiranii, gama kaaniin ammoo embaasii diinaa waliin hariiroo tolfatanii baqattoota Oromoo dhugaa doorsisu. Jaarmayni hawaasummaa Oromoo kan warri diina waliin hariiroo qabu akkasii kun keessatti buulessa tahee mul’atu waan kana irratti maaliif akka hin yaaddofne nu ajaa’iba. Dhugumatti sirna Wayyaanee kan baqannee biyyaa bane yoo taate, nu keessaa warra embaasii Wayyaanee waliin qunnamtii tolfatee hojjetu callisnee laaluu bira dabarree akka manguddoo keenyaatitti kan laallu yoo taheef nama sodaachisa. Namoota akka wakiilummaa diinaatitti hojjechaa jiran of keessaa saaxilanii qulqullummaadhaan dhaabbachuu wanni nama dhorku maal akka tahe ifaa miti. Jaarmaya waan kanaan qeeqamu keessatti galmaawanii kan argaman ilmaan Oromoo 95% ol tahan qulqulluu fi daba kana kan quba hin qabne tahuun ammo ifatti beekamuu qaba.
Qaamni jaarmayaa qeeqni kun itti xiyyeeffatu waan lama keessaa tokko gochuuf mirga qaba ture. Tokko, namoota jarmayaa san keessa jiran kan maqaan isaanii embaasii Wayyaanetiin wal qabatee yeroo baay’ee ka’u kana of keessaa basanii saaxiluu. Yoo kana didanii qulqullummaa namoota saniitiif kan falman taate ammoo, qulqullummaa namoota sanii ragaadhaan deeggaranii agarsiisuudhaan shakkii irraa of walaboomsuu danda’uu dha. Kana lamaanuu keessaa tokkoyyuu raaw’achuu hin dandeenye, yookiis hin barbaanne.
Haala balaafamaa akkasii of duratti argaa Caaayaan calliftee laaluu hin dandeessu. Qaamonni diina waliin hidhata qaban kun ABOdhaan ‘goolessituu’ jedhanii waamuu isaaniif ragaa qabatamaa harkaa qabna. ABO jechuun dhaaba nuti baqattoonni Oromoo marti deeggartummaa yokiin miseensummaa isaatiif itti shakkamnee himata keenya UNHCR naqannee jirruu dha. ABOn mootummaa Itoophiyaatiin akka malee yakkamuu fi ilmaan Oromoo kumoonni kudhanoonnis maqaa deeggartummaa dhaaba kanaatiin yakkamanii ajjeefamaa, hidhamaa doorsifamaa, saamamaa fi biyya irraa godaansifamaa jiraachuu addunyaatu raga bahaa jira. Amnesty International, HRW, fi jaarmayaaleen mirga namoomaa idil addunyaa kan biro hedduun kanaaf raga dha.
Dhaaba kanaan kan ‘goolessituu’ jedhee afaan guuttatee dubbate mootummaa Wayyaanee qofa. Kana irraa kan hafe addunyaan ABOdhaan ‘goolessituu’ jettee yeroo itti waamte hin qabdu. Kanaafuu, qaama balaa sirna Wayyaanee jalaahin baqadhee dhufe ofiin jechaa, deebisee ammoo jecha Wayyaaneen qofti dhaaba ABO ittiin waamtutti dhimma bahee ‘goolessituu’ jedhu akkasii kanaan maal jedhama? Nuti gama keenyaan kan arraba Wayyanee irraa fudhee dhaaba Oromoo tokko maqaa balleessu ergamaa Wayyaanee waan taheef ni sodaanna. Jaarmaya qaamota arraba diinaa tahanii dubbatan akkasii of keessatti hammate waliinis akka baqataa Oromootti waliin teenyee rakkoo keenya dubbachuu hin dandeenyu.
Warri akka baqataa Oromootti miilla tokkoon nu waliin UNHCR dhaabbachaa, miilla kaaniin ammoo embaasii Wayyaanee dhaabbatu of irraa eeguu fi qaama dhimmi laaluttis himachuuf mirga ni qabna. Warra arraba tokkoon case baqattummaa tolfatee himachaa arraba biraatiin ammoo arraata Wayyaanee tahee dhaaba Oromoon kumaatamni itti yakkamee mana hidhaa ciisuun ‘geelessituu’ jedhu akka qoosaatti hin laallu. Diinni case Oromoo balleessuuf jecha jara kana nurratti bobbaase jennee shakkina. Duula bara meeqa guutuu nu gaafate kan case Oromoo case Habashootaa irraa adda baafnee addunyaatti beeksisuutti milkoofne deebisanii nurkaa daaraa gochuuf jecha warra diina waliin dhaabbatee arraba diinaatiin dubbatu jabeessinee balaaleffanna. Ilmaan Oromoo Cairo keessaas tahee addunyaa mara irra jiran illee yaaddoo keenya kana nuu hubachuudhaan akka nu cinaa dhaabbatan waamicha dabarsina. Baqattoonni Oromoo jaarmaya gochaa hidhata diinummaatiin yakkamu kana keessatti fayyaalummaadhaan hiriiranii jiranis shira namoota hagoo (muraasaan) isaan irratti xaxamee case isaanii busheessuuf hojjetamaa jiru kana irratti dammaqanii akka of irraa dhaabsisan waamicha dabarsinaaf.
Mootummaan Wayyaanee nu warra cunqursaa sirnichaa baqannee biyyaa bane bakka jirrutti hordofee miidhaa guddaa nurraan gahuu danda’a. Wayyaaneen nu adamsitee rukutuu birayyuu dabartee warruma maqaa OPDOtiin isii faana dhama’uyyuu ‘likkiitti si galchina’ jettee kan dhaadataa jirtu tahuun ifaa dha. Diinni tuffii Oromootiin guutamee akkasitti nu salphisuu fi lafa irraa nu balleessuuf hojjechaa jiru kun, baqataa Oromoo keessattis maadhee tolfatee bifa kanaan nu haleelaa jira jennee amanna. Kanaafuu, baqataan Oromoo Cairo keessa jirus tahee kan addunyaa irraa martuu, harka tokko taanee haleellaa diinni karaa adda adaatiin nurratti aggaammataa jiru akka waloon fashalsinu waamicha Oromummaa dabarsina.
Injifannoo Ummata Oromoof !
KOREE Caayaa Tokkummaa Baqattoota Oromoo Biyya Masrii
Kaayroo Masrii
United Oromo Refugees Association in Egypt
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Godina Iluu Abbaa Booraa Aanaa Gachii Magaala Gachii Keessatti Warraaqisi Bilisummaa Itti Fufuun Uumanni Daandii Cufe

 Gabaasa Qeerroo Guraandhala 24,2015
diddaa9Dhimma abbuummaa lafa qonnaan bulaa fi qaala’iinsa jireenyaan wal qabatee Oromiyaa naannoo garagaraatti uummataan gaaffiin ka’aa jira. Odeessa Qeerroo gara lixa Wallaggaa, Iluu Abbaa Booraa fi Wallagga Bahaa irraa akka gabaasutti, Guraandhala gaafa 17/2015 irraa eegalee godina Iluu Abbaa Booraa aanaa Gachii magaala Gachii keessatti dhimma lafaa fi Oromoota yakka malee hidhamaniin wal qabatee gaaffii mirgaa ka’een, obboloota keenya mana hidhaa keessa jiran hiikamuu akka qaban jechuudhaan uummanni gaafachaa oolaniiruu. Haala kanaan daandii cufuudhaan dhaamsa;
  • Obboloota keenya hidhaman haa hiikaman,
  • Lafti seeraan ala qonnaan bultoota irraa fudhatame akka hatattamaan deebi’u.
  • Namni yakkaa fi badii tokko malee mana hidhaa mootummaa keessa jiru kan hin hiikamne yoo tahe filannoon  naannoo kenyatti hin gaggeeffamin,
  • Filannoon dura hidhamtootni dhimma amantaanis tahe dhimma eenyummaa isaaf mana hidhaa jiru hiikamuu fi gadhiifamuu qaba;
Kan jedhu erga telefoonaan waliifis dabarsuun guyyaa kana daandii cufuun kan oolan tahu odeessaan Qeerroo achirraa nugahe addeessa. Haaluma kanaan sochiin naannicha irratti Sambata darbe eegale mootummaan Wayyaanee gaaffii isaanii kanaaf hedduu yaadda’uu fi mufachuu irraan kan ka’e tikoota fi milishooti Wayyaanee uumata marsanii jiraachuun gabaafame.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Waldorgommii Ispoortii Akka Oromiyaatti Magaalaa Jimmaa irratti gaggeeffamaa jiruun wal qabatee Guyyaa hardhaa Magaalaan Jimmaa Wallee Warraaqsaa FDGf uummata qopheessuun dhuunfatamte .Poolisootni Oromiyaas sochii Qeerrootti makamuun Wallee Warraqa wallisaa turan.

 Guraandhala 23,2015 Waldorgommii Ispoortii Akka Oromiyaatti Magaalaa Jimmaa irratti gaggeeffamaa jiruun wal qabatee Guyyaa hardhaa Magaalaan Jimmaa Wallee Warraaqsaa FDGf uummata qopheessuun  dhuunfatamte .Poolisootni Oromiyaas sochii Qeerrootti makamuun  Wallee Warraqa wallisaa turan. Goototni Dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Koolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi dargaggootni Oromoo jirattootni magaalaa Jimmaa  bakka waldorgommiin Ispoortii Shaampiyoonaa Oromiyaa gaggeeffama jirutti walitti qabuun Walleelee Warraaqsaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo leellisuu fi FDGf uummata qopheessuu qabsiisuun magaalaa Jimmaa keessa naannaa’uun eenyummaa, Oromummaa fi gootummaa isanii ibsachuun uummata haalaan dammaqsan. Guyyaa hardhaa Istadeumii Magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti yeroo taphattootni Kubbaa miilaa Magaalaa Amboo fi Jimmaa taphatan walleen warraaqsaa haalaan jabaate, magaalaan Jimmaas raafama guddaa keessa seente, humnootni basaasaa to’achuu hin dandeenye., Walleewwaan Warraaqsaa dhageesisaan keessaattis Jimma kan keenya, Amboo kan keenyaa, Finfinneen kan keenya, Wallaggaan kan keenya, Iluun kan keenyaa, Harargeen kan keenyaa, Adaamaan kan keenya, Bishooftuu, Burraayyuun, Holotaan, Sulultaan, Xaafoon, fi Sabbataan kan keenya Oromiyaa Badhoon biyya keenyaa jechuun haala uummata hawwatuun wallee warraqsaa magaalaa Jimmaa keessa nanna’uun finiinsan. Poolisota  Oromiyaa magaalaa Jimmaa keessa jiraniif goototni qeerroon barattootni Oromoo waamicha ”Poolisiin kan keenyaa” jedhu waan dabarsaniifPoolisootni hedduun wallee warraaqsaatti makamuun gootota sabboontota Oromoo waliin wallee warraqsaa finiinsan. Walleewwan warraqsaa Goototni Oromoo finiinsan kunis mataduree:  akka halagaan Oromiyatti hin seenne”, Yaa gadhee maaf fokkortaa dhiira namarra baasa kobbortaa’‘, ”Siifan lolaa uummataa narra hin gortuu” kanneen jedhaman ifatti magaalaa Jimmaa keessa naanna’uun uummata sochoosan. Diinaafis  firaafis haagaluu jechuun  goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, kolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi dargaggootni Oromoo jiraattootni magaalaa Jimmaa sodaa tokko malee ifatti wallee qabsoo warraaqsa FDG qabsiisuun hidhaa, du’aa, fi daraara fedhee illee fudhachuuf qophii ta’uu ibsatan.  uummaatni jiraattootni Magaalaa Jimmaa daandiitti gadii yaa’uun gootummaa dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoo kana kan ajaa’ibsiifatan yoo ta’uu Poolisootni Oromiyaa Wallee warraaqsaa kanatti makamuun qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsan.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


SEENAA Y.G(2005) |   Gurrandala 19, 2015
Filannoo fi waggaa 40ffaa TPLF wal qabsiisanii , addatti hiwaatoonni waan isaan hololaa jiran kan qalbifateef, Bilisummaa keenya goonfachuuf maaltu akka nu irraa eegamu tilmaamu hin dadhabu. Ummati qabsoo gaggeessu tokko,sochii isaa guyyu akkuma hordofu, sochii diinaas hordofuun dirqama. Qabsoon Ummata Oromoo Biyya keessaa fi alatti gama hundaan gaggeeffamaa jiru, jabiina horachaa jiraachuun beekamaadha. Kun diinaaf tasgabbii kan kennu miti. akka walii galaatti, sochii amma taasifamaa jiru caalaatti jabeessuu fi tarkaanfii diina mogolee cabsun deeggaramu qofatu nu hafa yoon jedhe dhugaa irraa fagaachuu hin ta’u. Sochii Ilamaan Oromoo gama hundaan taasisan tarkaanfii diina irratti fudhatu daran jabeessinee itti fufu fi hegaree diinaa yaaddoo keessa galchuu hanqachuu keenyatu, diina Oromoo kan ta’ee wayyaanee fi jala deemtoonni isaanii akka arraba dheeratan taasisaa jira.
Gidduu Dabree ergamtuun wayyaanee Minaaseen, dhaloota wareegama Ummata isaaf baasaa jirun , kashalabboota jechuu fi torban kana ammoo, shiraan dhalatee shiraan kan guddate qondaalli wayyaanee Abbaay Tsahaayyeen, Ummata Oromoo irratti dhaadachuun, dhalli Oromoo bakka jiru maraa, mormii fi deebii gama hundaa ilaallatu kennaa jiraachuu dhaga’as , daawwachaas jirra. Anaaf ajandaan diinaan nuuf qophaa’ee yeroo yeroon sochii bu’uraa irraa nu maqisuuf carraaqamu kana waliin baduun, bu’aa waan nu argamsiisu natti hin fakkaatu. Namichi Abbaay Tsahaayyee jedhamu kun waan arrabaan amma dubbate kun, baatii sadan tokko dura Barattoota irratti tarkaanfiin akka fudhatamu ajaja dabarseen, ilmaan Oromoo 70 ol galaafachuu isaa  waan caalu natti hin fakkaatu. Abbaan Duulaas baatii sadii dura ijoollee kana kan ficcisiisee fi garii hiisise kaan Barnoota irraa ariisise , kashabboota jedhee ta’uu innu raga ofiitti ba’ee jira.
Gochii diinaa nama aarsuu fi namatti dhaga’amuu danda’a. waan diinni nama irratti hojjatu kana garuu yoo murannoon dura hin dhaabbatiin ykn xiiqiin gocha diinaa kana yoo cabsiin, ykn mormii tarkaanfiin wal make fi diina hundee raasuun yoo hin deeggaramiin, gochi diinaa ykn arrabsoo fi tuffiin diinaa itti jabaachaa akka deemuu beeku nu barbaachisa. diinni toftaa kana kan itti fayyadamu, hamileen keenya cabee akka isaan jalatti jilbeeffanuufi. Humni Ummata kaanaaf gumaa ba’uu dhabamee Ummati abdii akka hin qabaanne taasisuufidha. Baatii shanan tokko dura Teedi Afroon miniliik faarfatee jedhamee , mormiin dhalli Oromoo bakka maraa dhageesise kan nama boonsu ture. siidaan miniiliik garuu bakkuma isaa jira. isa booda waa’ee Maastar pilaanii Finfinnee dhufe. Itti aansee warri Amaaraa Ajandaa tokko kaasanii Ilmaan Oromoo bakka jiru sagalee dhageesisan. Abbaan duulaas dhaloota keenya arrabsee, Abbaay tsahaayyees itti fufe. Egaa kana dura dhaabbachuuf sochiilee hedduun taasifamuun gaariidha. Mata dureen kakaase kun fakkeenya ta’uu naaf hubadhaa. Ajandaan kun hundi garuu ofii saganteeffanee , galii isaa keewwannee kan eegallee miti. Ajandaa diinaa kana irratti ibsoonni ni ba’u. dhaadannoon ni jiraata. Kkf. Wanni akkasii daddabalamaa yeroo deemu hamilee nama buusuu danda’a. diinaaf illee sababaa tarkaanfii nu irratti fudhachuuf ta’a. ani hin mormiinaa miti. humna dhaloota keenya guyyaa saafaa Asfaaltii irratti jigisaa jiruuf, furmaati takkichi, tarkaanfii wal fakkaataan yoo deeggarame furmaata argamsiisa jedheen amana. Qabsoon Ummata Oromoo tarkaanfiitti ceesisuuf hundumtuu bakka jirutti yoo hin hojjatiin , rasaasa diinaas ta’ee arrabsoo warra Addaggee kanaa dhaabuu hin dandeenyudha.
Bara Yohaannisi fi Miniiliik dhiifnee , Bara H/Sillaasee fi Dargii illee , Qabsaa’ootaa fi Goota meeqa harka diinaan dhabne ? Bara Maccaa fi Tuulama hundeessuu Goota meeqatu rasaasaa fi fannifamuun ajjeefame. ABOn akka Jaarmiyaatti ega sochii eegalee Gootoota meeqa dhabne ? Qabsaa’oota meeqa Rasaasaan dhabne ? Qabsaa’oota meeqa summiidhaan Fixan ? beektootaa fi dargaggoota qaroo meeqa shira sirnoota saniin dhabne ? ega wayyaaneen dhufees, Gootoota meeqa dhabne ? Ummata keenya meeqatu dhume ? wareegamu Lammiilee keenyaa kana caalaa kan nu yaaddeessuu qabu , wareegamtoota keenya  kana hundaaf GUMAA wal-gitu hin baasiin jiraachuu keenyadha. Tarkaanfiin diinaaf dhaamsa ga’aa qabutti ce’uun barbaachisaadha.
Ayyaana waggaa 40ffaa Hiwaatootaa  staadiyeemii Maqaleetti gaggeeffame irratti Pirazadantiin Naannichaa ifatti kan dubbate, “mirga har’a arganneef, ijoollee keenya kuma 60 ol itti wareegne. Lammiilee keenya kuma 100 oltu qaamaa itti hiri’ate. Kanaaf, sochii amma itti jirru caalaatti jabeessuuf, dhalataan Tigiree hundi bakka jiru diina of irraa faccisuuf akka birmatu waamicha taasifnaa.Angoo dhiigaan Ummati Tigiraayi argate harkaa fuudhuuf sochii gama hundaa nu irratti gaggeeffamaa waanjiruuf bakak jirtanii qabsoo kana boodaaf of qopheessaa , diina kana dura karaa barbaachisu hundaa dhaabbachuuf Hiwahaat qophii ta’uu isin hubachiifnaa ! jedhan . waan Arrabaan nutti dhaadatan hojiin mul’isuuf taa’uu jechuudha. Nuutis akkasuma of qopheessinee Gumaa keenya lakkoofsaan baafachuuf qophaa’uutu furmaata.
Akka walii galaatti , kanan jechuu barbaadu , Qophii walii gala gochaa odoo jirruu , Ajandaan diinaa gidduun dhuftee waan of harkaa qabnu akka nu harkaa hin harcaafnef of eeggannoo haa goonu. Barataan Oromoo yennaa ajjeefamu, barattoonni warra isa ajjeesee fandalalanii akka baratan maaf hayyamna ?waan diina mogolee jalaa fuudhu hojjachu irratti haa xiyyeeffannu. Investarri wayyaanee Oromiyaa keessa hanga km 900 seenee waan barbaadu akka saamu hayyamuun keenya dhaadachuu qondaala isaanii fi ergamtootaaf sababaa hin ta’uu jettuu ? xiqqaa fi guddaa isaanii bakka jiranitti itti haa duullu. Isaan ijoollee nutti guddisaa jiru yaa firaa. Isayyuu dhaloota Afaan keenyaa fi aadaa keenya beeku . kanaaf furmaata walii galaa irratti haa hojjannu. Ajandaan Finifnnee yoo irra deebiin dhufe mormanii hiriira ba’uun qofti ga’aa akka hin taane haa hubannu.Hiwaatoonni bara qabsoo waraana Dargii irra jireessa ajajoota kan fixan magaalaa keessattidha. Addatti Tigiraay keessatti . Hoteela tokko seenee lubbuun hin ba’u.mana namaa ykn ganda tokko seenee nagaan hin ba’u. keessattu shamarran isaaniin kan hojjatan seenaa isaaniitu dubbata ? sochii kanatu dargii hundee isaa raasee buqqise. Abbaay Tsahaayyee sirreessuuf karaan isaa kanumadha. Kanatu isaaf gala waan ta’eef. Dubbiin heddummaateef……..HORAA BULAA !!!!

We Are Ready to Pay Any Sacrifice to Stop Abay Tsehaye and His Cohorts Qeerroo Bilisummaa Calls for Revolt In Response to Abay Tsehaye’s Insult of the Oromo People

One of the leaders of the TPLF/EPRDF regime and an architect of the so called “Addis Ababa Master Plan”, Abay Tsehaye, has openly insulted the Oromo people and particularly the OPDO by saying that the “Master Plan” will be put into practice by all means. Filled with contempt and arrogance, Abay Tsehaye said those who oppose the Master Plan “will be put down” or “face the consequences”. He proved the long time belief that the so called OPDO is nothing but a puppet of the TPLF which can be intimidated by a single TPLF individual. The dictatorial Woyane Ethiopian regime’s leader Abay Tsehaye, who is working as an “advisor” of the Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn, is one of the TPLF heavy-handed personnel who interfere in all internal affairs of the nominal so called “Oromia regional government”. He is said to be constantly harassing and intimidating high ranking OPDO officials and the leaders of the so called Oromia Regional Administration by calling them into his office. It should be clear that his current insult of Oromo nationalists and members of the Oromia regional administration is an insult to the entire Oromo nation. The so called “Master Plan”, which Abay Tsehay and his TPLF hooligans are trying to shove down into the Oromo people’s throat, is a plan intended to evict Oromo farmers from their ancestral land and destroy the Oromo identity. It intended to take away Oromo land without the will of the owners of the land and destroy Oromo language by incorporating Oromian towns and villages into one big Addis Ababa, the capital city which should belong to Oromo in the first place. In doing so, Abay Tsehaye and the Tigrayan elites have a plan to divide Oromia into two: East and West.
In April and May, 2014, Qeerroo Bilisummaa has organized Oromian youth for nationwide protest against this so called “Master Plan”, in which the regime brutally killed hundreds of school children and arrested and ruthlessly tortured tens of thousands others. Our people have already paid the ultimate sacrifice with their blood and the lives of their children. The current chauvinistic outburst of Abay Tsehaye only reaffirms to us that our struggle should continue and that we should pay all necessary sacrifice. We will NEVER let this minority regime dictate its will upon us. We shall ignite the torch of Revolt Against Subjugation (Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa) again and defend our father’s land and dignity. A minority regime will not “put us down”. More:- Stop Abay Tsehaye and His Cohorts

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa | February 17, 2015
Dubbiftoota barruu tanaa jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, wannin harra isiniif dhiyeessu kun dubbii dureewwan warra Wayyaanee keessaa inni tokko raasaa kana kallachumatti, uummata Oromoo fi saba Oromoo guddicha kana irratti dhaadate kan ilaalu. Nama dubbii biidiyoon nuuf dabarfame kana qalbeeffateef, namtichi Abbaay Tsahaayee jedhamu kun ifumatti duulaa fi waraana saba Oromoo irratti banuu isaa hubata. Mee yaa Waaq aangoo fi saammatanii buluun akkanatti ija namaa cufaa? Akkanatti sammuu ilmoo namaa isa hubatee akka yaaduuf uumame, gara sammuu horii fi bineeyyiitti gadi-buusaa? Namtichi baddaa Tigraay irraa harree ooffatee barabaasoo, bututtuu fi kilaashoon Oromiyaa seenee, saammatee abbaa-kitilaa (“millionaire“) tahe kun eessa dhaabatee? Maal irra taa’ee nutti dhaadata? Eekaa, nu Oromoota kitila 46-ol (46 000 000 +) taanetti dhaadataa? Yaa Oromoo koo, warri Wayyaanee kun garamitti nu dhiibaa jiru? Jarri qaarutee fakkaatan kun gara raatuutti of-geeddaruun, akka nuti gaaraa-dakaa tokkoomnee olkaanu nu gochaa jiru!

Maarree, erga dhiibamnee, erga ijuma teenya duratti uummanni keenya araddaa fi qeyee isaa irraa buqqifamuun itti-fufee, akka nama tokkootti waltahuun oljechuu malee, filmaata biraa tokkollee hin qabnu. Jarri kun, ee warri nafxanyoota haaraa kun tokkom-tokkoon gara nafxanyoota moofaa saniitti of-jijjiiraa jiru. Mee as irratti waan tokko! Muummichi warra Dargii, kan Mangistuu Hayila-Maaraam jedhamu bar tokko, ee oggaa warri Wayyaanee kun qabasaawota turan, tuffii uummata Tigraay irraa qabuun kan ka’e: “wanni nuti Tigraay irraa argannu chookii tokkichallee nuuf bituu hin dandayu” jechuun, uummata Tigraay kabajamaa san isa eeboon madeesse caala arraba isaa addaggee (baalagee) sanaan madeesse. Kun jiraa nama Tigraay dhiisii du’aan isaatuu akka waltahuun qabsaawu isa taasise. Nama Tigraay dhiisitii nutuu akka namummaaf jenneetoo namummaan isaan mararfannu, isaan gargaaru nu taasise. Ammas addaggummaa fi sanyummaan “waddii” Abbaay Tsahaayee kun jiraa Oromoo dhiisitii du’aan isaatuu, akka mootummaa isaa kanatti ka’uun ofirraa gombisu gochaa jira. Dureewwan warra Wayyaanee kanaaf waayeen: aadaa Oromoo, lafa Oromoo, tolcha Oromoo, odaa fi caffee Oromoo, awwaala fi galma Oromoo faa tokkoyyuu hin galleef jechaa dha. Oromoof lafnii fi lafeengadameessa tokko keessaa akka bayan, lafa isaa qabachuun lafee isaa caccabsanii nyaachuu akka tahe ganaa hin galleef jechaa dha. Kun nafxanyoota Amaaratii galuuf waggaalee 80 isaan irraa fudhate. Kaan isaanitiif garuu, ammumallee homaa hin galleefi. Nafxanyoonni Tigraayiif  kun akka isaanii galuuf waggaalee 80 isaan barbaachisa moo maal dubbiin? Garuu, dhaloonni harraa kun, keessumaa Dhaloonni Qubee kun burkaanni (“volcano“) Oromoo akka daddafeetoo dhowu taasisa.
Uummanni Oromoo mirgaa fi haqa, qeyee fi araddaa, manaa fi ala, qabeenya fi leecalloo uummata Tigraay tokkollee hin tuqne. Daangaa iaanii hin dabarre, laggeen isaanii hin summeessinee, dhalawwan isaanii hin galaafanne, jaarsaa-jaartii isaanii hin salphifne, namoota isaanii manneen hidhaatti hin guurre. Warri Wayyaanee kun garuu, wanneen ilmoon namaa ilmoo namaa irratti hin raawwanne, wanneen suukaneessoo hedduu uummata Oromoo fi uummatoota Kibbaa irraatti adeemsisanii jiru. Wanneen nafxanyoonni Amaaraa Minilikii fi Raas Daargeen faa Oromoo irratti adeemsisan keessaa kan isaan hafee harma-muraa fi rakraka-muraa, ija-buqqisaa fi funyaan-kutaa faatu isaan hafe. Bosona Oromiyaa irbaata ibiddaa gochuu fi haroolee fi laggeen Oromiyaa summeessuu kan nafxanyoonni moofaan hin goonee isaan adeemsisanii jiru. Kumaa-kumaatamaan Oromoonni akka biyya ofii gaddhiisanii lubbuuf baqatan godhanii jiru. Dhalawwan Oromoo isaan qurxummii namnyaataa, shaarkii jedhamuun Galoo Adan keessatti liqimfamnii hafan, kanneen adaala Sahaaraa keessatti irbaata bineeyyii tahan, cirrachaan awwaalamanii hafan faa manneeni fi gumaa-baasaan Oromoo haa lakkaawu!
Silaa mee, nama miiddhaa fi roorroo jala turetti, miiddhaa fi roorroo nama irratti adeemsisuun isatti ulfaataa! “Waddii” Abbaay faa ammoo gammachuu fi bashanantiin kanneen adeemsisaa jiru. Isaan irraa namummaa fi nameenyi keessaa cunfamee dhumee jira. Jarreen kun hacuccaa fi rooorroo, abbaa-garummaa fi anamalummaa, of-tulummaa fi sanyummaa bakka amantii ofii buufatanii argamu. Warreen akkanaa kana uummanni Oromoo fi uummanni Ogadeeniyaa, uummanni Afaari fi Sidaamaa, uummanni Hadiyyaa fi Benshaangul, uummanni Sulula Omoo fi Gambeellaa waltayee ofirraa isaan gombisuu malee, filmaata biraa hin qabu. Oromoon biyya namaa hin dhaqnee biyya ofii irratti biyyee  ofiitiif, lafa ofii irraatti lafee ofiitiif olaka’uun isaa namaa fi lafaan, Waaqaa fi ayyaanaan eebbifamaa dha. Uummatoonni addunyaa martis isa deeggaru. Kana immoo nuti dhalawwan Oromoo kanneen garaa waaqaa jala faffacaanee jirru, beekisafachuu fi sagalee takkaan iyyachuun dirqama keenya!
Kunoo, warri Wayyaanee kun isaan qabsaawota irraa gara gaadduu fi saamtuutti of-geeddaran kun bardrabre kana keessa ijoollee Oromoo Oromiyaa guutuu irraa: “Master Plan Finfinnee” san dura dhaabatan heddumminaan gorra’anii jiru. Oromoota 200 oliitu galaafatame. Kaan ammallee manneen hidhaa Habashootaa keessatti waxalamaa, waadamaa jirti. Imimmaan warreen ijoollee teenyaa tanaallee otoo hin qoorin, kunoo bantiiwwan hoggantoota warra Wayyaanee keessaa kan tokko tahe, Abbaay Tsahaayee ifumatti waraana Oromoo irratti labsee jira. Jarreen kanatti bunaa fi jimaa, midhaanii fi horii, albuuda fi hoomisha warshaalee Oromoo malee, mirgii fi haqni, namummaa fi nameenyi Oromoo waa isaanitti hin muldhatu. Nama qawween gaaddatee, saammatee buluutti kan sirriitti isatti muldhatu qawwee san callaa dha. Qawween sun qawweedhumaan hurrooftee akka baddu, waan moorri ija isaa baaruda qawweetiin cufameef, homaa hin galuufi. Uummanni Oromoo beekaa fi guddichi kun inni seenaa isaa keessatti sammuun yaadee, wal-amanisiisee seera gadaatiin, dimokiraasiin of-bulchaa ture sun, kunoo gara waggaalee 140 olii warra qawwee ergifatee, qawwee dhoortoo kadhatee itti-dhufeen bitamee jira; ammas bitamaa jira. Egaa, warra qawwee bakka amantii ofii buutee isatti dhaadatu kana, qawwuma saniin olka’ee ofirraa kaasuu qaba. Kanaafillee, gandeen Oroppaa fi Ameerikaa keessa deddeemee qawwee san waan kadhatuuf hin qabu. Hableen, haamtuun, qottoon, dhagaraan, hordaan, manshiin, eeboon, cakiin, mancaa fi shimalli faa uummata tokkoomee, iyyee iyya dabarsuun olka’eef qawwee san caala. Isumaan qawwee ergisaa fi qawwee kandhannaan dhufe san abbootii qawwee san irraa hiikkata. 
Seerri biyyoota addunyaas, seerri Mootummoota Waltayaniis (UNO) saba qawween biyyi isaa qabame, akka qawweenis of-bilisoomsu ni gargaara. Maal dureen uummata Falastiinaa, Yaasir Arafaat shugguxii hidhatee walgayii UNO irratti argamee mitii? Kanan kana kaaseef, Oromoota tokko tokko kanneen: “addunyaan geeddaramte“, “barri bara globalization” faa jechuun impaayarittii Toopphiyaa tana nuuf suppuu fi nu irratti supphuuf yaalaniifi. Uummanni Oromoo inni qawween cabee dhiddhiitamaa jiru kun karaa nagaas, karaa kaanis bilisummaa fi walabummaa ofiitiif qabasaawuun namaanis, Waaqaanis kan deeggaramu; kan eebbifamu. Kanaaf, ee kanaaf uummanni Oromoo guddichi kun, gaaraa-dakaa, alaa-manaa ijaaramee, tokkoomee, walitti-qindoomee, karaa maraan hidhatee mirgaa fi haqa uumaan qabuuf tarkaanfachuu qaba. Jaarmoleen Oromoo marti, dhiiraa-dubartiin Oromoo marti waltahuun oljechuutu isaanis, biyya isaanii boontuu tanas kan baasu taha. Waladaaleen amntiiwwanii kan: Muslimootaas, kan Kiristaanotas, kan Waaqeffatootaas uummanni Oromoo akkabirmadoomuuf, sabni Oromoo akka bilisoomuuf, Biyya Oromoo, Oromiyaan akka walaboomtuuf WAAQA kadhachuufii qabu! “Nama Waaqni bilisa taasisee uume, eenyumtuu akka isa gabroomfachuu hin qabne“, lallabuun, barsiisuun hojii isaanii keessaa isa hangafa!
Yaa Oromoo lammiiwwan kiyya, kunoo amma irraa kaasee nama Oromoo dhiisii lafni Oromootuu qabsoo bilisummaa irratti argama. Uummata “iyyii, iyya dabarsi!“, jedhee waltahuun olka’e enyumtuu dura dhaabachuu hin dandayu. Ammaan tana nama Oromoo dhiisitii: horiin, bineeyyiin, allaattii-shimbirroon, laflootuu fi kanneen biroo marti qabsoo irratti argamu. Laggeen, harooleeni fi harawwan Oromiyaa marti diina isaani irraa waraabbatee dhugutti dhiiga fi summii itti-tahu. Lafnii fi margi Oromiyaa diina isaan irra fiffiigaa dhalawwan Oromoo gorra’utti qoree fi eeboo itti-tahuun waraanu. Gaarran, sululoonni fi caakkaawwan Oromiyaa diina isaanitti baqatutti leencotaa fi qeerransoota itti-tahuun haleelu. Amma irraa kaasee, Oromiyaa dachee leencotaa qabatanii ijoollee Oromoo galaafachaa jiraachuun kakuu dha; laguu dha hin jiru! “Uu, uu iyyii, iyya dabrsi! Qabi, qabii dhayi!“, jechuun akka Oromoota Kurnan Gullallee isaan bara 1878 walatahuun olka’uu qabna!
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  1. I am Oromo First says:
    “Waan facaafatan hamatan” jedha Oromoon yoo mammaaku.
    Wayyaaneen maaliif nu tuffachuu dandeesse?
    Yoo gaafii kanaaf deebii quubsaa deebisuu dandeenye tuffiin Wayyaanee kun ni dhaabbata. Yoo nuti deebii quubsaa deebisuu hanqanne garuu, tuffiin kana caalullee ni dhufa. Dhugaa kana hubachuun, waan hunda caalaa barbaachisaa dha. Tuffii jalaa bayuuf, humna diina caalu horachuun dirqama ta’a. Dallansuu yaroo gabaabduuf nu keessaa iyyitu bira dabrinee (kunnee) humni Oromoo humna diinaa akka ijaaramuu, ijaaramuu, ijaaramu irratti xiyyeeffachuu qabna. Malli (falli) tuffii diinaa jalaa nu baasu sana qofa. Ammas hin irraanfatinaa: “Waan facaafatan hamatan” jedha Oromoon yoo mammaaku.
  2. dhugaa says:
    Yaa saba Oromo, dhiiraa, dubartti, dargaggo otto hin jedhiin Gurmuun ka’i!! harka wal qabadhu!! hiriiraan eenyummakee fi didda kee (FDG) agarsiisi !!. Yoo harra bookisaa jara kanaafi deebii dhowwanne, dura dhaabachuu didnne, ni dhumna, ni qalamna, ni lafa irra haxaawamna. Kana teenyee hin eeganu, hin fudhannu.
    Kanaafuu hundi keenyaa kana dura haa dhabbanu. Hatataamaan guyya waliin murteeffannee tokkotti akka Abay Tsehaye fi Mootumaan biyyichaa saba Oromoo dhiisama gafatanniif. Guyyaa isaa Qeerroon haa murteesuu, FDG haa qindeesuu
    1). Oromoon kan Finfinne fi naannoo finfinne jiru hundi (Adaamaa amma Amboo ti, Laga daadhii ti amma Walisoo ti kan argamaani) kalatti hundaan harka wal qabatee, farda isaa yaabbatte hiriiruun, gara magaalaa Finfinne ti gara mana mootummaati hiriira FDG bau qaba.
    2. Kan naanoo Finfiinee fi Finfinnee hin jiraanne biyya jiruu Bulchaa naannoo jirru hundumatti FDG hiriiraa ba’u qabna.
    3. Manni Barumsaa sadarqaa hunda (1. ffa ti amma Unbarsititti) yeroo duraa fi torbaan tokkofi didda
    ijoolee fi didda barsiisootaan haa lagatamaan. Isaanis FDG kanaratti qindeesuufi tajajiluun qooda
    gudda haa fudhatani.
    4. Qotee bulaa fi daldalaan yeroo duraa fi torbaan tokkofi qabeenyaa isaani gabaa fi dhiyeesuu haa dhaaban
    5. lafa jiruu Oromia hundaatti jara kanaaraa waa bituu ykn itti gurguruu haa dhaabnu.
    6. Yeroo dhumaafi OPDOn Abay Tsehaye (TPLF) ykn saba oromoo haa filatu. Gaaffi fi didda sabaafi deebi’i qubsaa lachuu qabu. Yoo kana hin taa’nee saba bukke dhaabachuun FDG haa jabesaani. Isaaniinis bilisa baafna.
    7. Sabni oromoo gutuutii gutuuti filanno TPLF haa lagatu.
    Kun yeroo ammaf FDG isa duraa ta’uun yoo kanaan waa’ee Masterplan Finfinne fi gaafootaa Oromo hafannif deebi’ii yoo dhabne hiriiraa fi fincilaa akkasumaas didda kana caaluun amma bilisa baanutii itti fufna.

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ETHIOPIA: Political Violence Intensifies as the fifth National Election Approaches

HRLHA FineHRLHA Urgent Action
February 16, 2015
According to a schedule released by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, citizens will go to the polls to elect a new government on 24 May 2015. It will be Ethiopia’s fifth national election since EPRDF came to power in 1991.
In connection with the coming National Election of Ethiopia, the ruling EPRDF government has begun to wage a widespread campaign to secure again the 99.6% of parliamentarian seats it has controlled since 2010- the seats it acquired by electoral fraud.  As the election date of May 2015 approaches, the government of Ethiopia has unabashedly continued its systematic violence against opposition political parties’ leaders, members, and supporters.  Candidates of the opposition political parties are the major targets in all regional states in the country including the capital city, Finfinne/Addis Ababa.    For example, the information that the HRLHA has obtained through its correspondents indicates that hundreds of election candidates of the opposition OFC (Oromo Federalist Congress) party from most zones of Oromia Regional State have been arrested and sent to prisons.
In the most recent wave of arrests and imprisonments that has been going on since the first week of January, 2015 and which has touched almost all corners of Oromia, hundreds of OFC party leaders, members and supporters from all walks of life have been taken from their homes and work places and sent to prison.
According to the HRLHA reporter, in this particular political violence by the ruling party against the OFC party leaders, members and supporters in western Oromia zone Qellem, Dabidolo and Gambit districts, in the eastern Wallagga zone Guduru, Nunu Qumbq, and Wama Haagaloo districts, in the Eastern Oromia Zone in the Western Hararge zone in Masala district, in the Southern Oromia zone in Robe – Bale town Regional State of Oromia have been taken to prison.
The HRLHA reporter has managed to obtain the names of the following few OFC leaders   currently held in prison: 1, Mr. Dula Maatiyoos, chairman of the OFC political party in Qelem district, 2. Mr. Abiyot Tadesse, Chairman of the OFC political party in Dambi Dollo district, 3. Mr Zelalam Shuma, chairman of the OFC political party in Sayyo district, and 4. Mr. Mezgebu Tolessa, chairman of the OFC in Gidami district.
The HRLHA strongly condemns the EPRDF government’s move towards the systematic elimination of the opposition parties from the coming election in order to control again all parliamentarians’ seats for itself as has happened in the previous four elections. It should be remembered that the EPRDF has claimed victory in the elections of 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010- ever since the fall of the military/ Derg regime of 1991 and the adoption of a new constitution in August 1995.
The HRLHA calls on the Western allies of the ruling TPLF/EPRDF party as well as regional and international diplomatic, development and donor agencies to put pressure on the Ethiopian government and demand an immediate halt to this extra-judicial and unconstitutional act of violence and the unconditional release of those innocent citizens whose arrests and imprisonment are purely political. It also calls on those bodies to put additional pressure on the ruling TPLD/EPRDF party to organize a truly free and fair election, and prepare itself to participate accordingly.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Waamicha Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Hogganni Ol-Aanaa EPRDF/TPLF Abbooy Tsahaye Jechoota Jajjaboon Uumata Oromoo fi Garee Ofiin Bulchan OPDO Arrrabse
Abbay Tsahaaye-2.16.15Hogganaan Sirna of tuulaa Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF Olaanaa Abbaay Tsahaye jechoota dhiiga nama danfisuun uummata Oromoo hundaa arrrabse. Addatti immoo OPDO hidhee reebuuf akka niitii isatti biroo isatti olgachee doorsisaa jirachuu ifatti ibsame jira. Sababaan guddaan hogganootni Abbaa Irree Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF gaaffii mirgaa abbaa biyyummaa fi karoora Oromoo lafa irraa baalleessuuf maqaa ‘’master plan Finfinnee’’ jedhuun duula Oromoo qe’ee irraa buqqisuu, aadaa Oromoo balleessuu, afaan Oromoo quucarsuu,lafa Oromoo irraa fudhachuun uummata isaanii fidanii irra qubsiisuuf karoorfatan irratti mormii guddaa kaachisuun hoggansii sochii dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoo FDG irratti dhoosuun wareegama qaalii itti kanfalaa jiraachuun walqabatee, yaaddoo fi dhiphina hamaa hogganoota EPRDF/TPLF mudateen waan qabanii gadhiisan dhabuun jecha Ilma namaa irraa hin egamneen uummata Oromoo arbsaa jiraachuu hoggansii qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoo gadi jabeessuu balaaleffate sochii wayyaanee kana dura dhaabbachuun wareegama qaalii kanfaluuf qophii ta’uu uummata Oromoo hundaaf ibsa godhe jira.
Sirna mootummaa Wayyaanee hundeen buqqisuuf walcina dhaabbatnee mirga keenyaa fi eenyummaa keenya kabachiifachuuf harka walqabatnee wayyaanee irratti FDG itti fufinsa qabuu haa gaggeessinu. Oromoo qe’ee kee irratti, qabeenyaadhuma kee irratti diinni lokkofsa hin guutne qaawwee dahoo godhatee jecha ilma namaa irraa hin eegamneen sii arrabsuu fi uummata guddaa kana sii tuffachuun wayyaaneef kufaatii isa dhumaa ta’uu qaba.
Jaarmiyaalee qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo hundaaf Wayyaanee waliin karaa nagaa qabsaa’uu fi jiraachuun tasumaa akka hin danda’amne jarmiyaaleen qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo beekuu fi hubachuu qabu! Wayyaaneen hardha maqaa dimookiraasii sobaa fi filmaata dharaa gaggeessuuf dhaadachaa jiruu kaleessaa fi hardha uummaata Oromoo karaa nagaa fi dimookiraasii gaaffii mirgaa abbaa biyyummaa gaafachaa jiruu julmaan ajjeesuun yakka ‘Genocide’ Oromoo irratti gaggeessa jira, ilmaan Oromoo kumoota dhibbaan lakka’aman hidhatti guuree darara jira, barattoota Oromoo qalama malee homaa of harkaa hin qabne rasasaan tumee ajjeesaa jira, barnoota irraa ari’achaa jira, Oromoo tuffachuun jecha ilma namaa irraa hin eegamneen Oromoo arrabsaa jira, Oromoon kana hundaa utuu arguu Wayyaanee waliin jiraachuun yakka seenaan dhiifama gochuufii hin dandeenye keessa seenuudha. Kanaafuu, uummatni Oromoo fi Jaarmiyaaleen Siyaasa Oromoo wal-hubachuun mirga Oromoo kabachiisuuf gara dirree FDGtti akka makamtan Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo waamicha dabarsa.

#StopAbayTsehaye – Jawar Mohammed:- Abay Tsehaye’s Bravado Exposes Tigrean Chuavanism and the TPLF Master Plan

During the early years of their rule, as violent and oppressive they were, TPLF differentiated themselves from their predecessors by being sensitive and showing reasonable respect for groups they subjected. However, they began abandoning such sensitivity as they consolidated power and began amassing wealth, and they have started adopting the ugly behaviors of their predecessors. Nowadays, emboldened by the absolute monopoly of the means of violence, intoxicated with abundance of wealth at their disposal and facing no so significant threat to their rule, the TPLF Tigrean rulers’ rudeness, arrogance and disrespect for other cultures have become their norm. Just like their predecessors, they have the
false sense of inherent superiority which had made them feel invincible. This behavior is even worse among their rising generation – which was born into wealth and power and grew up being drugged with post-victory (post-1991) bravado of TPLF.
This is good and bad news. It’s ‘bad’ because such collective behaviors increase and justify violence and repression against the subjected populations. However, on the ‘good’ side, it makes the system intolerable – expanding the base of resistance, and, consequently, speeding up the downfall of the system.
Abay Tsehaye’s Bravado Exposes the TPLF Master Plan
Abay Tsehaye’s threat, its tone and spirit, is very revealing of TPLF’s contempt and disrespect for Oromos, even for those who are serving them as puppets. What is the story behind such an outburst? After the completion of the the ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan’ without any involvement from the Oromia side, Abay Tsehaye gathered senior OPDO leaders and ordered them to implement the Plan. They expressed their concerns that they were not involved in the process of drafting the Plan, and that it would be hard to convince the rank and file. They were told that EPRDF/TPLF would not take NO for answer. The OPDO leaders could not even agree on the matter and when they took the issue to the mid-level leadership, they were met with fierce resistance and hostility. While the Oromia State leaders were planning to bring the issue to the Caffee (Parliament of the State of Oromia) for deliberation, Abay/TPLF could not wait so they bypassed them, gathered administrators of cities surrounding Finfinne and told them to begin the implementation. At this meeting, the city administrators raised several procedural and policy objections and said they could not take this Plan without further study and deliberation at Caffee (at the Oromian State’s Parliament level.) The administrators said they could not convince the public about a plan even they themselves neither understand nor accept. In their typical manner, Abay Tsehaye and TPLF leaders rejected the request for further discussion at the leadership level and gave them strict orders to begin the implementation phase. This conflict reached the public leading to the mass protest and massacre of April/May 2014.
During and in the aftermath of the protest, OPDO leaders agreed on the need to postpone the Master Plan as a way of containing the situation. This idea was initially accepted by the official EPRDF – including the Prime Minister. However, Abay Tsehaye summoned the OPDO leaders and accused them of sabotage and threatened to eliminate them from the top down – and anyone who stands in the way of the Master Plan. Terrified, the puppet leaders went home and began hibernating avoiding the subject altogether.
Therefore, what is heard in this leaked audio of Abay Tsehaye threatening over a thousand urban planners and administrators is nothing new. His contempt towards Oromo and insidious plan to rob them of their land must be confronted. They have already began implementing the Master Plan, and Abay Tsehaye had made it abundantly clear that they would go ahead by any means necessary. Well, this needs to be met with the same spirit – the plan must be stopped by any means necessary.
Lets remember that the Finfinne issue is not isolated. TPLF’s real Master Plan is to establish Tigrean economic monopoly by depriving Oromos of any real source of economy across the country, including fertile land, mineral sites, manufacturing and trade. Therefore, the target of Oromo resistance needs to focus on fighting back against this real Master Plan. The resistance needs to identify businesses of TPLF and its affiliates across Oromia and take them on to ensure they don’t succeed.
Arrogant TPLF leaders should realize that their power is more vulnerable than their fortified headquarters lead them to believe. The roots and branches of their domination extend deep into the remotest part of our homeland.

Report on failure of OPDO’s mission in Kenya as they felt everywhere as usual

asxa_oromo_kenyaFebruary 15, 2015
The Oromo community would like to inform all its members in Kenya and the entire Oromo people, that the intended plan of Woyane to drive Oromo refugees into submission has been boycotted. The intention of forced attendance to a malicious meeting on Feb 14-2015 at the Ethiopian Embassy of Kenya, which contained a hidden agenda, has been invalidated. The plan was proposed by higher officials of Oromia Regional State. It became unsuccessful because of a strong resistance from the Oromo community at large. This outcome was due to everyone’s effort and dedication, as well as obeyed and convinced by the Oromo community’s declaration to refrain from attending this meeting.
Furthermore, the Oromo community would like to clarify that its members should be aware of the other strategies that the Ethiopian agents are using to lure and hence trap them so that they can get and send them back to Ethiopia. In fact, we were committed to giving awareness of this hidden agenda of our members so that they get the reality of the situation then accepted. Afterward, they followed suit and decided to boycott the planned meeting. Meanwhile, the Ethiopian security agents wanted to take the refugees as a ride so that they could use their poverty status promising them land, housing, job opportunities if they accept to be taken back to their homeland. This was mendacious, but a tool to bring down the cases of the refugees at UNHCR so that they couldn’t be granted their refugee status determination. In addition, it was a strategy used process to convince the UNHCR that the refugees had no political persecution accusations against them from their homeland hence they could be free to go back to their homeland. Therefore, due to this rise of awareness of our community to its members, many members did not attend the meeting, but only around fifty (50) attended hence their meeting and its agenda went unsuccessful.
Their plan was defeated for the time being and we as the community expected to believe that these security agents will come up with another mechanism in future. Therefore, we are requesting our members to be vigilant and remain united and share any information that are compromising the security of the community and its members. Besides, as an entire of Oromo community here in Kenya, we wish to appreciate the Kenyan government, security forces and police officers who willingly understood our claims and stood with us in all matters to grant our safety life.

Oromo Community Public Relation Officer of Nairobi, Kenya
(Diriirsaa Qajeelaa)
Gadaan Gadaa bilisummaati!!!
Injifannoon ummata oromoof!!!