Monday, September 24, 2018

Despotic Djibouti a dragnet to Horn of Africa development
By SAID ABOUBAKER in Djibouti, Djibouti , September 24, 2018
Djibouti’s Doraleh seaport
DJIBOUTI, (CAJ News) – DESPITE its immense economic potential, owing to its strategic location, Djibouti risks becoming an island of poverty in a sea of wealth as investors make the most of a conducive atmosphere promoted by respective governments in the Horn of Africa region.
The Horn of Africa, with an estimated population of over 160 million people, is perched next to the Middle East and along the Red Sea, one of the world’s busiest shipping routes for goods and oil from Asia to Europe via the Suez Canal.
Synonymous with volatility yesteryear, the region is undergoing a makeover and is in the cusp of fulfilling its potential as the next frontier of economic development, thanks to the emergence of liberal governments.
In Ethiopia, since assuming power and in April this year on a campaign premised on rediscovering democracy and national reconciliation, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has taken a series of fundamental steps to liberalise the economy. Key to the reforms includes privatising state entities.
In a major policy shift from the stance from the previous autocratic regime, investors can buy minority stakes in sectors previously regarded out of bounds to private enterprise.
Direct foreign investment has been secured, most prominently the US$3 billion economic aid package granted by the United Arab Emirates, following a visit in June by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Bin Zayed al Nahyan.
Together with neighbouring Somalia, Ethiopia has discussed plans to abolish trade barriers as part of efforts to create a single market in the Horn of Africa region.
Ahmed, in a meeting in Mogadishu with Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo (in power since 2017), disclosed plans to invest in a number of Somalian ports and in road networks to link the two countries and expand trade.
Ethiopia has established peace with Eritrea after over a decade of hostilities. They have reopened border crossings, restoring direct road transport for the first time in two decades.
The formal opening of the frontier paves the way for cross-border trade between the former foes.
Eritrea is considering building a port on its Red Sea coastline, challenging Djibouti’s position as host to key port infrastructure at one of the world’s busiest shipping routes.
Berbera (in Somalia), Mombasa (Kenya) and Port Sudan are attracting investments and threatening Djibouti’s monopoly.
Eritrea and Somalia have also agreed to restore diplomatic relations, in another development buoying confidence in the Horn of Africa’s investment and trade prospects.
The probable lifting of sanctions against Eritrea is set to pave way for economic integration of the Horn of Africa.
Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia are spearheading tripartite plans to strengthen the economic and security stability of the region.
Nikki Haley, President of the Security Council, a principal organ of the United Nations (UN), welcomed the aforementioned breakthroughs as representing “a historic and significant milestone with far-reaching positive consequences for the Horn of Africa and beyond.”
However, in contrast to the prevailing positive sentiment sweeping across the region, Djibouti is increasingly emerging a pariah state.
Strongman Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, president since 1999 after succeeding his uncle- Hassan Gouled Aptidon- who ruled since independence from France in 1977, is leading a regime ever more hostile to investment, raising concerns it is lagging behind its neighbors and weighing down prospects of regional economic development.
This past weekend, Guelleh’s defiance of court orders against the stripping Dubai firm, DP World, of its 50-year contract to manage Djibouti’s container port was back in the spotlight, months after the tiny country disregarded a verdict on the mater.
In February, authorities in Djibouti abruptly cancelled DP World’s contract to run the Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT) and seized its facilities, which the port operator had designed, built and operated.
The High Court of England and Wales in London has continued the injunction, first made on August 31, prohibiting the national port company, Port de Djibouti, from interfering with the management of the Doraleh Container Terminal.
DP World has confirmed it would continue pursuing legal means to defend its rights as shareholder and concessionaire in the terminal.
“This is yet another (verdict) in a series of rulings, all in favour of DP World, that demonstrate Djibouti’s continuing disregard for the rule of law,” said a DP spokesperson.
The company underlined its belief that companies intending to operate, or already operating in the country, needed to seriously consider dealings with Guelleh’s beleaguered government.
“By its continued autocracy and defiance to court rulings, Djibouti is throwing spanners into the works of the region realising its potential as a global economic hub,” said Radhiya Ibrahim, Horn of Africa socio-political commentator.
Government insisted it had decided to nationalise DP World’s stake to “protect the fundamental interests of the nation and the legitimate interests of its partners.”
According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), DCT has been a major catalyst for growth.
Pessimistic projections of the country’s economic prospects coincide with rampant poverty in Djibouti, despite its strategic position in of the busiest shipping lanes.
Devastating outbreaks of waterborne diseases are exacerbating matters.
The hosting of foreign military bases is an important part of Djibouti’s economy. This is due to its strategic location to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, which separates the Gulf of Aden from the Red Sea and controls the approaches to the Suez Canal.
The United States, France and Japan pay an estimated $123 million, combines, for their military bases in the tiny country.
In addition to revenues earned from military base rent, Djibouti has in the past two years accepted some credit loans running up to $1,4 billion, more than 75 percent of its gross domestic product, from China.
With public and publicly guaranteed debt more than doubling to reach 87 percent of GDP in 2017, there are concerns over the country’s ability to service the arrears.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The secret behind the symbolic representation of ‘Odaa’ tree for the Oromo society

Kaalaandarii Oromoo maaltuu kaaniin adda taasisaa?

Henni Oromoo Booranaa aduu osoo hin taane baatii hordofa
Gurraandhala 10, 2018 (BBC Afaan Oromoo) — Henni (kaalaandaariin) Oromoo Booranaa kan aadaa fi haala jiruuf jireenya uummata Booranaa waliin walitti hidhama cimaa qabu fi sirna gadaatiif illeen utubaa ta’usaa, qorattoonni seenaa ni dubbatu.
Kaalaandarri Oromoo guyyaa fi ji’a lakkaa’uun alatti seenaa uummamaa fi wal duraa duuba uumama waaqaa of keessatti qabata jedhu Obbo Jaatanii Diidaa qorataan seenaafi aadaa Oromoo.
Qorannoo urjiilee of keessaa waan qabuufis qorannoo saayinsii hawaa yookin astironoomii waliin hidhata guddaa qaba jedhu.
Henni Booranaa waa’ee roobaa fi bultii waggaa beekuu waan dandeessisuuf qorataan aadaa Obbo Jaatanii Diidaa “henni Booranaa kaalaandara guyyaa qofa osoo hin taanee diizaayinii uumamaati” jedhu.
Haalli lakkaawwii isaas akka kalaandaroota biroo dhaloota Kiristoos yookin Hijiraa ka’umsa kan godhate osoo hin taanee uumama waaqaa bu’ura godhata.

Waa’ee Henna Booranaa irratti qabxiilee 11:
  • Henni Booranaa ayyaanawwan 27 irratti hundaa’a. Duraa duuba uumama waaqaa keessattis waaqni dursee ayyaanawwan 27 kana uume. Itti aansuunis baatii uume. Yeroo namni dhalatu ayyaana fi baatii itti dhalate ka’umsa godhachuun umriinsaa lakkaa’ama.
  • Dhimmoota henni Booranaa kalaandaroota biroo irraa adda itti ta’e keessaa tokko guyyaan dhimmi tokko itti ta’e yookin uumame waggaa waggaan kan hin jijjiiramne ta’uu isaati.
  • Henni Booranaa ji’oota 12 of keessatti kan qabatu yemmuu ta’u Abraasaa, Amajjii, Guraandhala, Bitooteessa, Caamsaa, Buufaa, Waccabajjii, Oboraa Guddaa, Oboraa Xiqqaa, Birraa, Ciqqaa fi Sadaasa jedhamu.
  • Sababni Booranni sadi yookin torbaan jilatuuf lafti ayyaana fi baatitti aansitee sadaffaa irratti uumamuushee isheetini. Laftis ji’a Abraasaa keessa gaafa ayyaana Areerii uumamte.
  • Ji’i ammajii immoo ho’a aduutiin beekama. Ji’a kana keessa ciminni ho’a aduu baay’ee nama yaaddessa. Boorannis “Amajii aduu yaadi” jedha.
  • Ji’oota henna Booranaa waggaa tokko keessa jiran 12 keessaa ji’ootni afur tokkon tokkonsaanii guyyoota 31 kan qaban yemmuu ta’u ji’ootni saddet immoo tokkon tokkonsaanii guyyoota 30 of keessatti qabatu.
  • Jiini Caamsaa ayyaanawwan lama ayyaana Sorsa fi ayyaana Algaajima jedhaman of keessatti qabata. Sorsi guyyaa fardi itti uumame kan lafti itti sochoote fi waaqni dhakaa lafaratti itti jigsee sochii lafaa itti dhoowwe dha. Humni wanta tokko humna fardaatin yookin ‘horse power” kan jedhamuun kan safaramus socho’uu lafaa fi uumama fardaatin wal qabata.
  • Lafti sababa cubbuu dhala namaatiin ji’a Caamsaa keessa sochoote jedhama. Waaqnis lafa socho’uu erga dhowwee booda lafti waaqaaf abboomamte. Namnis lafaaf abboomamee lafatti irreeffatee lafatti dhibaafate. Yeroo kanas namni ulfaataan yookin kabajamaan qaalluun dhalate. Kun ji’a Buufaa keessatti ta’e.
  • Henna Booranaa keessatti jiini torbaffaan Waccabajjii jedhama. Jiini kun kan namni waaqatti itti dhiyaate dha. Ji’a araaraa jedhamuunis beekkama. Gadamoojjiin kallacha hidhatanii araara galanii waaqa dhiifama gaafatan. Waaqnis waan cufa eebbise. Aadaanis ji’a kanarraa jalqaba jedhama. Guyyaan gumii Gaayyoo seera itti tuman fi kan aadaa itti himanis ji’uma kana keessa.
  • Akka Obbo Jaatanii Diidaa jedhanitti jiini Birraa ji’a waaqni itti dallane dha. Sabanisaas dhalli namaa ji’oota Oboraa Guddaa fi Oboraa Xiqqaa keessatti waaqa mufachiise. Kanaafis wantootni nama miidhan kan akka bofaa, jawwee, qoraattii fi kunneen biro ji’a Birraa keessa uumaman jedhu. Kanaaf waaqa fi nama gidduutti sodaan uummame.
  • “Namni araara hoolaa dide nama araara waaqaa dide” jedhama. Henna Booranaa keessatti jiini 12ffaa fi inni dhumaa Sadaasni ji’a hoolaa fi bunni itti uumamani dha. Jiini kun ji’a waaqni araara namaaf itti dhufe dha. Kana malees ji’a kana keessa waaqni dhibeef qoricha akkasumas seera bulmaataa kennee namarraa fagaate jedhama.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Amajjii 1,2018 Dhaamsa Bara Haaraa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Obsoof Cichooma Qabsoo Abboota Keenya Qabsaa’ota Haqaarraa Dhaaluu Qabna!

Qabsaa’ota haqaaf gameeyyii ABO irraa maal dhaallee? Maal dhaaluu qabna? 

Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo
Finfinnee Oromiyaa
Moxobii irratti Jaallan qabso haqaa faana hanga har’acichitanii jirtan keessattuu Waraannii Bilisummaa Oromoo irreef gaachana keenya taatanii hanga har’aa diina daangaarraa waqaraa jirtan, akkasuma kabajamaa uummatako uummata Oromoof deggartoonnisaa marti  baga bara haaraa Kanaan isin gahe! Jaallan isin biraa baroota darbe wareegaman Waaqni Uumaan Jannataan haa qananiisu!
Har’a qabsoorra jirra. Jaarrolee danuu darban sanas abboonni keenya qabsoorra turan. Qabsoon keenya ammas ittuma jira. Akka baraa gara baraatti qabsoon kun dhalaa dhalatti hindabarreef balbala ykn moonaa qabsaa’otaa cufachuun yeeyyii qabsaa’aa fakkaatu ol galchuu dhorkuun cimina abboota keenya qabsaa’ota haqaati nurraas kanumatu eegama. Qabsoon Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo ykn WBO’n taasisu qabsoo hololaa miti. Qabsoo Waraannii Bilisummaa Oromoo taasisaa jiru, uummata inni keessa jirutu arga. Qabsoo wacanii gurra wayyaaneetti iyyuu saatii kamuu godhee hinbeeku. Faana dhokfatee diina uummatasaa rukutuu dhaabees dhaabuu yaadees hinbeeku. Irbuu dakkuu godhee cicciree hingaggatne. Irbuu onnee isaa keessa ruuqqatee bakka socho’u maratti kudhaammatee sochiif waraana riphe lolaa gahaa taasisaa yoona gahe. Addi Bilisummaa Oromoos dhagaa itti darbatamuuf dhagaa halagaan itti gangalchaa yoona gaheef bakka laatee hinbeeku. Qabsoo isaaf kaayyoo isaa qofaan ba’ee gala. Hanga har’aattis naatoof jaalala uummatasaaf qabu agarsiisuuf duubatti jedhaa hinjiru.
Har’a ardaan Oromoof Oromoon WBO’n qaama akkamii akka ta’eef raageessuurra jira. Kunis hojii qabatamaa  bu’aa mul’ataa uummatasaaf gochuurraa madde. Akka nama dhuunfaatti namoonni komatan akka jiran argaa oolla. Komiin waanuma jiru. Garuu; waan dagachuu hinqabne Oromoon WBO dhalchee isa komatu hinguddifanne. Biyyi Oromiyaa kan Oromoo mara. Kanaaf yeroo hedduu dirqama ABOf WBO akkasuma ilmaansaa Qeerroo  qofatti laatnee hanga teenyu qaama keenya ta’uu erga itti amannee kunuunfachuun waan dansa.
“Warqiin quba ofiirraa qaban sibiila fakkaata” jedha Oromoon. Har’a mogolee qabna. Mogoleen keenya waraana keenya. Har’a humna qabna. Humni keenya Waraana keenya. Har’a egeree qabna, egereen keenya Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromooti waan ta’eef waan dandeenyuuf hamma qabnuun ABO kunuunfachuun bara haaraa kanatti Oromoo irraa akkaan barbaachisa. Nuuf jecha nama bishaan  dhabee, cirracha haadhee gammoojjii keessaa corroqa dhugu, nuuf jecha nama dantaa dhuunfaasaa gatee of wareegee dirree qabsoo jiruuf kabajaa laachuun mataansaa jabina ta’aaf. Kanarra dabarree gaafa dhagaa halagaa faana itti darbannu seenaaf seeraan gaafatamuuf akka jirru hubachuunis barbaachisaadha.
Har’a halagaan qabsoo Oromoo haxaa’ee balleessuuf ganamaa galgala hirriba dhabaa oola. Moonaa qabsaa’otaatti guyyaa guyyaan diinni qaama ergee akka diiganiif dirqama laataafii oola. Haa ta’uutii qabsoon Oromoo hayyootaaf qareeyyii keenya hangafa qabsaa’otaan durfamee waan gaggeeffamaa jiruuf jabaatee yoona gahe. Ittuu danbalee adeemsa isaa fuulduratti furguggisuurra jira. Qabsoon keenya diina keenyarratti. Yoomiyyuu qabsoon goonu kan halagaa naasisu, kan halagaa dhaabbii dhorkatu akka ta’utti jabaannee qabsoo gochuun barbaachisaadha. Qaama Oromoof qabsoorra jiru dhiisii qaama uummata keenyaaf habukaattoo ta’a jettee yaaddutti dhagaa guuruun bara kana keessa haa dhaabbattuun Hawwii keenya. Qabsoon goonuu tokkoof tokko Bilisummaa uummataati. Bilisummaan uummata uummaticha guutummaa makatee gaafa sochii gadjabeesse murkanaa’a. Kanaaf karaa uummata kana nii bilisoomsa jedhee yaaduun namuu sochii FXG akka taasisu hawwii keenya.
Yeroo kamuu Obsa, Abdii, Dhiifama, Jaalala, Kabaja waliif qabaachuun bara kana keessa akka mirkanaa’u abdii qabna. Obsaaf Cichooma Qabsoo Abboota Keenya Qabsaa’ota Haqaarraa Dhaaluu Qabna! Gaafa abaaraman, gaafa karaa shiraan diinni uummata isaaniin walitti diru obsaan waan uummata gargaaru qofa dalaguurratti bobbaa’aan. Gaafa jibbamanis nii obsan. Obsa hedduu keessa taranii bara uummanni isaaniin faarsuuf isaan jajatu isaan kunuunfatu gahaniiru hedduun abboota keenya qabsaa’ota kaleessaa.
 Isaan soddamman heera uumaa kudhan obsuu, kudhan dhoksuu, kudhan gorsuu,  jedhu sanaan yoona gahan. Ammas qabsoorra jiru. Obsuu, walii dhoksuu, wal gorsuun isaaniis akkanumaan dabalaa dhufe. Isaanirraa qabsoo qofa miti amalaa dhaaluu qabna. Akkasuma safuuf safeeffata abboota keenyaas akka irraa dhaaluu qabnu hubachuun gaariidha. Qabsoo keessatti amalaa gaarii walii qabaachuuf wal mararsiifannoo yoo qabaanne uummanni nu mararsiifata. Yoo wal kabajne halagaan  nu sodaata. Isa kanaaf waan mara bara haaraa kanatti keessattuu amaloota gadheef fokkatoo akka jijjiirrannu mamii hinqabnu.
Ija fagootti argus haa horannu. Ijji fagootti argu hinjaamu, hinmiidhamu. Kanaaf shira diinaa halaalatti agarree shira shiraan sakaaluu haa shaakallu. Ija fagootti argus qabsaa’ota gameeyyii qabsaa’ota kaayyoo ABO qabatanii hanga har’aa gahan irraa dhaaluu qabna. Gurra fagootti dhaga’us akka irraa dhaallu abdii qabna. Baroota darban gootummaa irraa dhaalle. Baroota as deemaa jiran kana Amala, Obsa, Cichooma, Agartuu fagoo, Dhageessuu fagoo, waldanda’uu, Jaalala sabaa irraa haadhaallu.
Barri Bara Bilisummaa nuuf haa ta’u
Injifannoon Uummata Oromoof
Gadaan Gadaa Xumura Garbummaati!
Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo
Finfinnee Oromiyaa