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Toltuu Tufaa, Porojeektii Afaanii fi Eennummaa Oromoo Addunyaatti Guddisuuf Jalqabde, ‘Afan Publications’ Eebbisiisuutti Jirti

Soraa Halakee
Toltuun Afaan Oromoo addunyaa keessatti beessisuuf hujiitti jirti
Toltuun Afaan Oromoo addunyaa keessatti beessisuuf hujiitti jirti
Toltuun sun irratti garaa hammaatee achi irraa kaatee afaan Oromoo akkamitti sadarlkaa addunyaatti akka guddisuu dandeettu yaaddee hujiiti seente jedha warrii isii beeku.
Porojeektiin Toltuun Afaan Oromootiin barsiiftu, Afan Publication
Porojeektiin Toltuun Afaan Oromootiin barsiiftu, Afan Publication
Hujii Afaan Oromootiin guddisut tanaan ‘Afan Publications’ jettee moggaafte,Toltuun.
Afan Publications ykn ammoo Afaan Publications,porojeekti Afaan Oromoo, eennummaa Oromoo,qulqullinna barnoota Afaan Oromoo fi dandeettii Afaan Oromoo addunyaatti baasanii qarooma jabana kanaatiin wal barsiisuu.
Fedhiin Toltuu akka mana Oromoo,mana maatii Oromoo cufa keessaa kitaabii Oromoo jiraatu.Hujii tana ammoo kitaabaa fi meeshaa barnootaa Afaan Oromootiin barreeffaman 17 barreessitee Muddee 31,2014, Norweey,Oslootti eebbisiisuun jalqabde.
Kitaabaa fi meeshaa barnoota gosa 17 eebbisiifte
Kitaabaa fi meeshaa barnoota gosa 17 eebbisiifte
​Kitaaba barnoota afurii fi kitaaba suuraa kaasuu,tapha gara garaa tapchiisuun ijoollee afaan barsiisu kana USA fi Kanaadaalleetti eebbisiisuutti jirti.
Akka Toltuun jettettu fedhiin isii guddoon akka namii Oromoo cuftii ijoollee isaanii eennummaa isaanii biyyujma fedhanillee jiraatan barsiisaa guddifatan tolchuu.Toltuun Miilboorin,Awustiraaliyaatti dhalatte barumsa ‘Psychologytiin’ PhD barachuutti jirit.Hujuma tanaaf ammaaf barumsa dhaabee jetti yoo hedduu ijoollee didiqoo wa barsiifu fedhaa jetti,Toltuun.Yoo porojeektintun dhuamtte waan hin dhumanne,” eennummaa Oromoo jabeessuuf hojjadha.”Hujii Toltu hedduu www.afaan.com.au irra jirti.
Mee waan huji isii tana caqasaa.
Source: VOA Afaan Oromoo

Godina Dhiha Oromiyaa Magaalaa Gimbii Keessaitti Dhaddachi Maana Murtii Godina Wallagga Dhihaa Galmee Hidhamtoota Oromoo 32 Cufe.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Gimbii Muddee 30,2014
Muddee 26 fi Muddee 27/2014 Godina Dhiha Oromiyaa magaalaa Gimbiitti Dhaddachi Mana Murtii Godina Wallagga Dhihaa galmee hidhamtoota Oromoo Oromummaan yakkamanii hidhamanii himatamaa jiran ilaaluun ilmaan Oromoo 32 bilisaan gadi lakkisee galmee hidhamtootaa cufee jira.Mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee sobaan Ilmaan Oromoo yakkee balleessa malee hanga barbaade erga hidhatti ukkamsee booda, galmee sobaan qindeessee ittin ilmaan Oromoo hidhee dararaa ture turtii je’oota hedduu fi waggootan lakka’amuu booda bilisan gadi lakkisuun haamilee fi sammuu ilmaan Oromoo erga torture godhee booda gatii kan hin qabne ta’uun beekamadha. Ilmaan Oromoo jumlaan ukkanfamanii manneen hidhaa Wayyaanee garaagaraa keessatti argaman hundi Oromoo ta’anii dhalachuu fi ani Oromoodha, mirgi keenyaa sarbamuu hin qabu waan jedhanii dubbatan qofaaf yakkamaa ta’an malee balleessa kan hin qabne ta’uun beekamadha.
Kanaafuu manneen murtii Oromiyaa dhugaa jiru hubachuun tarkaanfii sirrii fi seeraa warreen fudhachaa jirtan galatni keessan bilisummaa haa ta’uu jechaa ilmaan Oromoo manneen murtii Wayyaanee garaagaraa keessa jirtan waan dhugaa hojjettaniif midhaan fedhe iyyuu yoo isin irra ga’ee uummatni Oromoo cufti dugda keessan duuba jiraachuu hubachuun dhugaa Uummata keessanii fi haqa uummata Oromoo afaan qawween dabsamaa jiru akka dura dhaabbattan amma illee waamicha keenya dabarsina. Maqaa fi galmee himata ilmaan Oromoo irra bilisaan gadi lakkifaman kan isin qaqqabsifnu ta’uu ni hubachifna!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

“The University didn’t pay my salary since June while other employees were paid,” said Gudina

mereraDecember 28, 2014, ADDIS ABABA (Sudan Tribune) – An Ethiopian opposition leader on Sunday dismissed reports alleging he has been fired from his job at the government-run Addis Ababa University.
Local media outlets reported that the leader of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress, Merara Gudina, who chairs also the coalition of opposition parties MEDREK was fired from his academic professorial position.
The reports indicated that Gudina, an associate professor of political science at Addis Ababa University, was fired for his political views and due to the growing popularity he gained among university students in the build-up of the upcoming general elections.
“I haven’t received any letter of dismissal from the University,” Gudina told Sudan Tribune.

However, he claimed that the University has withheld his seven month salary for unknown reason.
“The university didn’t pay my salary since June while other employees were paid,” said Gudina adding “I don’t know why but I am in debate with the concerned bodies to release my salary”
The former MP is known of his democracy-related critics against the ruling party. Referring to the previously-fired opponents, opposition circles say Gudina is most likely to be fired soon.
Recently two opposition members who have been working at Ethiopian Airlines and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia were reportedly fired from their jobs.
Opposition members said their dismissal was politically motivated but government authorities said it was taken on disciplinary administrative measures.
International right groups are accusing the horn of Africa’s nation of tightening crackdown on independent media and opposition members ahead of the polls slated for May 2015.
In October, Amnesty International accused the Ethiopian government of illegally detaining over 5,000 members of the Oromo ethnic group, over the past four years to squash political dissent.
According to Amnesty, the detainees are accused of supporting the Oromo Liberation Front, a movement labelled by government as terrorist entity.
Ethiopia has repeatedly denied allegations of illegal detention and harassment, describing it as fabricated accusations aiming to tarnish image of the country.
The country’s electoral board this week said the country is prepared to conduct a democratic, free and fair election.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ethiopia struggles to help its 5.5mn child laborers

Ethiopia’s Central Statistical Agency says there are over 5.5 million child laborers in this country between the ages of 5 and 14

kenya-africa-childrenDecember 27, 2014 (World Bulletin/News Desk) - Eleven-year-old Senait travels the streets of Addis Ababa, the bustling Ethiopian metropolis of 3.5 million people, every day in search for people who want to try their luck by buying one of the lottery tickets she sells.
Along with the lottery tickets, Senait also sells roasted cereals.
None of the people who see Senait merchandizing her wares in the Ethiopian capital is sure what the future holds for her. She, however, is confident that this future will bring her luck.
“I am sure that my bad luck will come to an end one day,” Senait said. “I work hard to bring this end quickly,” she added.
Senait is not, however, the only child in this African state who struggles to alter her condition. As many as 5.5 million Ethiopian children do the same.
The country’s Central Statistical Agency says there are over 5.5 million child laborers in this country between the ages of 5 and 14, out of a total child population of 22 million. Almost as populous as Egypt, Ethiopia boasts a total population of 90 million.
Most of these children work in Ethiopia’s informal sector, according to the agency.
These young laborers are forced to be part of household chores, carry water home, collect wood for fire and be part of farming activities.
Everywhere in this country, children are seen carrying goods, shining shoes, vending or working as minivan driver assistants.
In Ethiopia’s countryside, the children work at home, wash clothes and dishes, cook and take care of younger relatives.
Senait, a 5th grader, has no time to study her school lessons. She says she has to work to support her poor family.
“This is a tough life,” the little girl said. “I have to stay out in the streets and enter taverns to sell my tickets and cereals,” she added.
Senait does this from the morning until 9: 00pm every day. Small and wafer-thin as she is, Senait is sometimes harassed by drunk clients. Other times, these clients take her tickets and cereals, but refuse to pay their prices at the end.
Fekadu Gebru, an industrial relations director at the Ethiopian Labor and Social Affairs Ministry, believes that poverty is the root cause of child labor in this country.
He said the government worked hard to improve the livelihoods of citizens to prevent the proliferation of such a trend.
“We strive to prevent child labor in line with an international convention Ethiopia signed earlier and legislation already put in place,” Fekadu told The Anadolu Agency.
Nevertheless, there are so many working children out there. The stories of all these children are almost similar.
Ten-year-old Tagel works in shoe shining. He said his father died some time ago, which made it necessary for him to work to support his poor mother.
After he attends school, Tagel takes a wooden box where he keeps the shoe shining materials and equipment and hurries to the street to earn a living.
“I earn about $2.5 a day,” Tagel said. “This covers the cost of my school uniform and educational materials,” he added.
He added that he puts food on the table for his mother also with the same amount of money.
Aklilu Yohannes and Alemayehu Abera work also in lottery ticket selling.
The two boys – 12 and 13 respectively – earn around $2 a day each, but a relative who sponsors them gets the lion’s share of this amount of money every day.
Now, both of them are hopeful that one of the lottery tickets in their hands will win.
Despite this, Ethiopia’s economy has been growing at 10.9 percent, almost the highest economic growth rate in the world.
This growth rate has contributed to reducing poverty across Ethiopia, according to the World Bank.
In 2004 and 2005, around 38.7 percent of Ethiopians lived in abject poverty. This rate dropped to 29.6 percent five years later.
Fekadu said Ethiopia had enough legislation to protect the children against labor abuse. He said children should not be allowed to work before the age of 14.
“Raising family income is the best way to prevent child labor,” Fekadu said. “The children are after all forced to work to support their poor families,” he added.
Ethiopia has partnered with international NGO World Vision in bringing child labor down in it through a program that has been implemented in 2012 and is expected to come to an end by the end of 2014.
The program introduced improved clay pottery wheels and spinning tools to adults to help them earn a living without the involvement of the children.
Around 20,000 children were saved from labor so far as a result, according to Fekadu.
As family earnings improve, children get the opportunity to go to school, he said, adding that over 93 percent school age children are already enrolled in schools across Ethiopia.
Source: World Bulletin

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Mudde 26,2014 Halkan Yuuniversitii Walqixxee Keessaa Barattooti Oromoo 40 ol Loltoota Wayyaaneen Ukkaamfamuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Muddee 27,2014
oromo in ethioMuddee 26,2014 Godina Kibba Dhihaa Oromiyaa Yuunibarsiitii Walqixeetti Mootummaan abbaa irree EPRDF Wayyaanee barattoota Oromoo fi Amaaraa gidduutti rakkoo uumeen jeeqamsa kaasuun waraana mooraa Yuunibarsiitii seenee barattoota Oromoo goolaa jira.‏
Mootummaan abbaa irree shiraan umrii aangoo isa turfacha ture barattoota Oromoo fi barattoota saboota biroo walitti diruun ilmaan Oromoo barbaadu keessa guuree maqaa walitti bu’iinsan hidhuuf karoorfatee socho’aa jiru, Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo dura dhaabbachuun akeekaa wayyaanee fashalsuu irratti xiyyeeffatan. Yakkamtootni ilmaan habashaa ergama Wayyaanee fudhachuun waldhabdee hin barbaachifne dhaluu barbaaddan yeroon yoo gochaa diinuummaa fi ergamtummaa wayyaanee irraa of hin qusatne rakkoo haama keessa kan of galchaa jirtan ta’uu hubachiisuun, Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo walitti bu’insa barattoota Oromoo fi saboota biroo gidduutti dhalatuuf mootummaan ERDF Wayyaaneen itti gaafatama ta’uu jabeessine hubachiifna.
Shira dabballooti  Wayyaaneen uuman kanaan  walqabatee ilmaan Oromoo badii tokko malee Yuunibarsiitii Walqixee keessa halkan humna waraanaa  fi poolisaa Federaalaa Wayyaaneen ukkanfaman keessa kanneen maqaa isaani nu qaqqabee jiru
1.Barataa Yaadasaa Mirreessaa
2.Barataa Qalbeessaa Iddoosaa
3.Barataa Abarraa Xaafaa
4.Barataa Wagayyoo Nugusee
5.Barataa Abbabaa Balchaa
6.Barataa Jirra Nuus
Kanneen jedhaman kan keessatti argaman barattootni 40 olitti lakka’aman halkan humna waraanaan ukkanfamuu maddeen keenya Yuunibarsiitii Walqixxee irraa gabaasuun, Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo shira Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachaa jiraachuu ibsatan.

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በተለይ ለወደፊቱ ሀገር ተረካቢ ወጣት ሲኦል መሆኑ ቅጥሏል

ወያኔ በሀገራችን የዘረጋው ማህበራዊ ፖለቲካዊና የኢኮኖሚ ስርአት ለጠቅላላ ህዝባችን፣ በተለይ ለወደፊቱ ሀገር ተረካቢ ወጣት ሲኦል መሆኑ ቅጥሏል። በሀገሬ ውስጥ፣ ሰርቸ የተሻለ ህይወት እኖራለሁ ብሎ ማለም ቅዠት ሆኗል። ከዚህ ይልቅ ያብዛኛውን ወጣት ተስፋ ሀገር ጥሎ በገፍ መሰደድ ከሆነ ውሎ አድሯል።የወያኔ ስርአት የተመቻቸው ለስርአቱ ሹመኞችና ለዘመድ አዝማድ ከዚያ ከተረፈ ለጎሳ ተወላጆቻቸው ብቻ ነው። ሀገሪቱ ውስጥ ተገኘ የሚባል የኢኮኖሚ እድገት ካለም ከዚሁ ከጠባብ ቡድን ጥቅም አልፎ መከረኛውን ህዝብ የሚጠግን አልሆነም።የሀገራችን የህዝባችንና የያንዳንዳችን የተሻለ ህይወትና ዘመን ተስፋ የተቀመጠው ወያኔ መቃብር ላይ መሆኑን መዘንጋት የለብንም።

Waraqaan Waamicha FDG Oromiyaa Bakkoota Garaa Garaatti Fac’aa Jira.


Waraqaan waamicha dadammaqiinsa FDG Mudde 24 Bara 2014 ganama irraa Oromiyaa bakkoota garaagaraatti, addatti haga odeessi kun gumaa’ee nu qaqqabetti magaalota naannoo Finfinnee jiran kan akka Sabbaataa, Alem-Genaa, Burraayyuu, Sulultaa, L/Xaafoo Laga Daadhii fi akkasumaas Finfinnee bakkoota adda addaatti faca’aa jiraachuu odeessi nu qaqqabe addeessa.  Akka odeessaa fi waraabbii suuraa armaan gadii nu qaqqabe ibsutti, waraqaan waamicha dadammaqiinsa FDG kun dhaamsa ‘’tokkummaan wareeggama qabsoon bilisummaaf barbaaddu haakaffallu’’ jedhu kan ofkeessaa qabuu fi uummata impaayera biyyittii keessatti uummanni Oromoo uummata yayyaba ta’ee otoo jiruu uummata bicuu Tigreetiin gabroomuun salphinaa fi qaanii waan ta’eef, qaanii fi salphina uummanni keenya keessa jiru keessaa baasuun dirqama dhaloota kanaa ta’uu kan ibsuu fi dabalataaniis waamicha Qeerroon yeroo yeroon taasisuus jala jalaan hordofuun barbaachisaa akka ta’ees dhaamsi waraqaa waamicha kanaa ni mul’isa.  Waraqaan waamicha dammaqiinsa qabsoo bilisummaaf taasifamaa jiru kun itti fufiinsaan guutuu Oromiyaa irratti faca’aa jiraachuu gabaasni nu qaqqabe ibsuus akkuma odeessi isaa gumaa’ee nu qaqqabeen jala jalaan kan gabaasnu ta’a.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wallagga Aanaa Jimmaa Horroo Keessatti Barattootni Oromoo Kutaa 11ffaa Mormii Sirna Bulchiisa Wayyaanee Kaasuun Barnoota Dhaaban.

Mudde 23,2014  Wallagga, Aanaa Jimmaa Horroo

Wallagga Aanaa Jimmaa Horroo Keessatti Barattootni Oromoo Kutaa 11ffaa Mormii Sirna Bulchiisa Wayyaanee Bultii 3f Deemsisan Itti Fufuun Gutummatti Barnoota DhaabanHanqina Meeshaa Barnootaan Wal Qabatee Barattootni Qellem Wallagga Aanaa Jimmaa Horroo Kutaa 11 fi 12 Barumsa Dhaabuudhaan Gaaffii Kaasaa akka jiran gabaasa Qeerroo yeroo darbee irraatti darbee jira. Haaluma kanaan barattooti Oromoo gaaffii mirgaa fi haqa qabaniin itti fufuun Mudde 23,2014 loltoota mootummaa Wayyaanee waliin walitti bu’uu fi doorsifamuun hammaatnaan guutummaatti mana barnootaa cufanii ykn dhaabanii warratti galanii akka jiran Qeerroon aanicha irraa gabaasa.
Kana malees hir’inni meeshaa barnootaa manneen barnootaa hunda irra gahe maatii barataa fi barattoota ilaala jedhee mootummaan uumata irraa horii funaanuuf saganteeffate guutummaatti farrummaa uumataaf qabu muldhisa malee hir’inni meeshaa barnootaa fi qulquullinni barnootaa kan ilaalu mootummaa Wayyaanee mataa isaati, kanaaf hanga mootummaan of tuulaan miidiyaadhaan tarsiimoo fi misooma barnootaa jedhee odeessu kun meeshaa hanqate fidee guututti barumsa hin barannu, deggersa barumsaas qarshiin nutty murtaa’e dhimma barumsaaf miti mootummaa sooruudhaaf malee jedhanii har’a diddaa isaanii cimsanii barattootnii mooraa gadhiisanii bahuun barnoota dhiisanii gara maatiitti galanii jiru.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Artistoonni Oromoo Gootota keenya, haa jajjabeefannu!

Mudde 22, 2014, Bakkaanga’aa Margaa oromummaan@yahoo.com
Aasxaa OFArtistoonni Oromoo Aadaa naannoolee Oromiyaa kaabaa hanga kibbaa tti, bahaa hanga lixaa tti, wal-simachiisanii dagaagsan, walaleessanii weellisan, geerrarsaan kan rafe dadammaqsanii sabboonummaa dagaagsan, faarsanii maqaa goototaa ol-kaasan, Qabsoo Oromoo daangaa hanga daangaa tti  sosochoosanii harka duwwaa rasaasa dura dhaabbatan. Oromummaaf jecha mana hidhaa tti dararaman, kaan lubbuun wareegaman, kaanis lubbuu oolfachuuf biyyaa baqatan. Waggoottan 23 darbaniif dararaan Artistoota Oromoo’rra gahaa jiru hagana jedhamee waan akka laayyoo tti ibsamu miti. Artsitoota Oromoo Eebbisaa Addunyaa, Usmaayyoo Muusaa, Yooseef Gammachuu, Maaramee Harqaasaa fi kabiroo miidhaa diinaa tiin hardha lubbuun uf cinaa isaan dhabnu’llee dalagaan isaanii Utubaa seenaa ta’ee ilmaan Oromoo waliin jiraata. Dararamnii fi miidhaan heddummatu’llee Artistoonni Oromoo kaleessas, hardhas gocha diinaa tiif hin jilbeeffanne, borus hin jilbeefatan!
Kallattii sochii fi qooda Artistoonni Oromoo saba isaan tiif gochaa jiran’rraa maqsuuf jecha torban darbe leenjiin haangawwan OPDO tiin Artistoota Oromoo tiif kennamuuf yaalame “abjuu dhaabachisoo” akka ta’e Artsitoonni leenjii dhuma sa’a’rra tti dubbatanii jiru. Artistoonni leenjii sana’rra tti hirmaatan “Isin garuu onnee Oromummaa ni qabduu?” jechuu dhaan OPDOn dantaa mootummaa Wayyaanee jajjabbessuun ala danta saba Oromoo tiif kan hin dhaabbanne, miidhaa fi dararama saba Oromoo’rraa gahaa jiru hambisuu ykn mormuuf’llee waa takka akka tattaafachaa hin jirre Artistootaan ibsanii jiru.

Egaa “bara Xaalyinaani weerartoota biyya alaga’rraa dhufan, Faranjoota jala hiriiranii kan biyya gabroomsisa turan ‘Baandaa’jedhamu turan, Baandaa jechuun nama lammii irraa dhalate lammii gane jechuu dha. Haata’u malee sirna koloneefataa Xaaliyaanii sana biyya Itoopiyaa’rraa ykn Oromiyaa’rraa kaasuuf sochi taasifame keessatti warri Baandaa ta’anii turan sun walii galanii gooftota isaani tti garagalan, Uummata isaanii cina dhaabbachuu dhaan koloneefatoota seeraan ala Uummata koranii ta’ani tti fincilan, duula itti banan, gabrummaa koloneefatoota alagaa jalaa biyyi akka bilisa ba’uuf qooda guddaa gumaachanii” jedhama. Egaa OPDO n“Birillee ke neqa ayhonem eqa” mamaksa jedhamu sana dhagayii, Bilillee dhuma dhugaa sana “Ye mayneqa eqa!” ta’anii afu moo “tokko dhuufuun dhiirummaa dha, lama dhuufuun gadhummaa” jedhanii Seenaa jijjiru laata?
Bu’aa ba’ii Artistoota Oromoo
Dararamni sirna bulchiinsa mootummaa Wayyaanee akkuma jirutti ta’ee, Artistoonni Oromoo bu’aa ba’ii akkamii keessa darbanii hojii muuziqaa hojjataa akka jiran Uummanni Oromoo sirrii tti hubatee jiraa laata? Bu’aa ba’ii jiru mee obsaan armaan gadii dubbisaa.
Kaasseetta (CD) tokko gurra ummata tiin ga’uu dhaaf, akkuma yeroo mana cidhaa ykn guyyaa ayyaana waggaa namuu ol-ka’ee weellisu sana salphaa miti. Bu’aa bayii hagana hin jedhamne keessa darbameetu kaasseettiin (CD)n sirbaa tokko maxxanfama. Artsitiin Oromoo tokko “Albumii muuziqaaa” tokko maxxansuuf walaloo fi yaadaloo qopheesseetuma sirbuun qofaa gahaa miti, irra deddebiyee baatii dheeraaf (waggoottaniif) sagalee qarachuu, shaakkala gahaa taé gochuu feesisa. Kana malees Artistoota meeshaa muuziqaa xabatan, “digital audio mixing” qindeessan, kan weelluu jalaa qaban, “studio” muziqaan itti qindeeffamu, kana hundaa walitti haanjessuu feesisa. Waan kana hundumaa guuttachuuf maallaqa barbaachisa. Yeroo amma kana tti sagalee qofaan weelluu caqasuun gahaa ta’uu dhiisuu mala. “Video clip” qopheessoofis bu’aa bayii kabiraa guddaa qaba. Namoota “Video”waraabanii gulaalan, nama “script” barreessee “director” ta’ee hojjachiisu,  namoota shubbisan fi uffannaa adda addaa qopheessuutu artisticha’rraa eeggama. Kun hundumtuu horii feesisa, qarshii guddaa barbaachisa. Kana qofaa mitii yeroo “studio” keessatti muziqaan hojjatamu, Buna fi shayii, nyaata fi dhugaatii wanta heddutu bitama, kunis maallaqumaani. Yeroo dheeraaf (waggoottaniif) hojiilee qindaa’uu qaban kana qindeessuuf geejibaan asii achi deddebiyan, bibila bibilbiluun tola miti, kunis maallaquma barbaachisa.
Dalagaaleen armaan olitti caqafaman martinuu “original master recording” kaasseetta/CD/DVD tokko qofaatti cuunfamee ba’a. Erga muziqaan bifa kanaan qindaa’ee hojjatamee, cuunfamee ba’een booda heddummeessanii gurra Uummataa tiin ga’uuf tattaffiin itti fufa. “Poster, Cover, Sticker fi blank CD” heddumina qabu bituu fi maxxansuuf dirqamu. Akkasumas kaassetta/CD/DVD heddummeessuu (duplicate) gochuu qabu.  Egaa waan kana hundaa qopheessuuf qarshii guddaa barbaachisa.
Haala hunda keessa darbanii hojiidhuma xumuurame kana raabsuu dhaan gurra Uummataa tiin ga’uuf mana muuziqaa kaassetta/CD isaaniif raabsu argachuun heddu dadhabsiisaa dha. Manni muziqaa Oromoo Finfinne keessaa jiran (kanneen kaasseetta muuziqaa raabsuu dandayan) lakkoofsaan heddu xiqqaa dha. Heddumminaan kan jiran kan sab-lammoota kabiraati.Kanaafuu artistoonni Oromoo qarshii liqeeffatanii, fira itti kadhatanii gidiraa heddu arganii kaassetta/CD qopheessanillee, mana muuziqaa isaan harkaa fuudhee Ummataaf raabsuu argachuuf bu’aa bayii guddaa heddu seenu,  mana muuziqaa ‘tole’jedhee isaaniif raabsu hin aragamu, kun rakkoo isa kabiraa dha.Tarii akka carraa manni muuziqaa kaassetta/CD qophaa’e harkaa fuudhee raabsu yoo argame’llee manneen muziqaa warra alagaa wanna ta’aniif itti dhimmanii sirnaan hin raabsaniif, beeksisa barbaachisaa ta’e sirnaan hin raawwataniif. Gurguramee dhiisee, Aartiin Oromoo dagaagee dhiisee dantaa warra mana muuziqaa alagaa miti. Yoo tolee gurgurame waan raabsani’rraa bu’uu argachuu, yoo hin gurguramnes kisaaraan isaan mudatu wanta hin jirreef hojii Artistoota Oromoo tiif warri abbaa qabeenyaa mana muuziqaa alagaa waanti isaan dhiphisu gonkumaa hin jiru.
Artsitoonni Oromoo ijoollee iyyeessa tti, ijoollee Qonnaan bulaati, qarshii hojii kanaaf oolu argachuuf heddu dhiphatu, hojii umnaa hojjatanii, hiriyaa’rraa liqeefatanii, fira’rraa kadhatanii qarshii argataniin aarsaa guddaa kafalaa jiru. Bifa kanaan bu’aa bayii heddu keessa darbanii Artii, Aadaa, Seenaa, Afaan, Siyaasaa fi Sabboonummaa Oromoo kan dagaagsaa jiran.
“Egaa Kaasseettiin/CD/DVD”n bifa kanaan bu’aa bayii hedduun qophaa’ee booda hoo Ummanni keenya orijinaala qofaa bitatee obboleeyyan keenya jajjabeessaa jiraa?” gaaffiin jedhu yoo ka’e, “hagas maraa miti”n deebii ta’a, sadarkaa barbaadamu tti bifa gahaa ta’een Uummanni keenya originaala bitataa hin jiru, hagi tokko waraabbii bitata. Waraabbii bitachuun cuunfaa dafaqa Artistoota keenyaa itti fayyadamuu yoo taé malee baasii fi rakkina Artistoonni keenya keessa jiraniif wanna tokkoo’llee hin fayyadu. Yoo xiqqaatee xiqqaate waggaa tti “Albumiin muuziqaa” Oromoo dhibbi tokko tti lakkawwaman ni maxxanfamu. Garuu achi keessaa rabbi gargaaree waan hunda sirnaan injifatee baldhinaan, sirnaan gurra Uummataa kan qaqqabu sirboota Artiistoota 3 hin caalu. Kana jechuun “Albumiin muuziqaa Oromoo bu’aa bayii hedduun hojjatamu’llee  waggaa tti harka 100 keessaa haki 97 otoo sirnaan gurra Uummata baldhaa hin qaqqabiin hukamfamee afaa jechuu dha. Egaa haala kanaan kan ka’e sabboontonni Artistoota Oromoo kasaaraa maallaqaa fi hamilee cabiinsi kan isaan mudate hedduu dha. Jiruu fi jireenya ulfaataa taé jalatti kufanii jiraachuuf haalli isaan dirqee jira.
Otoo abbaan qabeenyaa Oromoo mana muuziqaa ciccimaa adda addaa qaabatanii rakkinni hagana ulfaaataa ta’e Artsitoota Oromoo hin mudatu ture. Otoo Uummanni keenya kaasseetta/CD/DVD originaala Artistoota keenya’rraa sirnaan bitatee dararamni hagana ga’u Artistoota keenya hin mudatu ture. Otoo Artistiin Oromoo tokko biyya alaa kana keessa keessummummaf mana namoota Oromoo deddeeme namni martinuu gammachuun isa simata, affeerraa nyataa fi dhugaatii guyyaa tokkoo qofaa tti shakkii tokko malee “dollar ykn Euro” 100 (dhibba tokko) inuma baasuuf. Egaa affeerraa guyyaa tokkoof haga kana baasuun ni dandayama yoo ta’ee kaassetta originaala Dolaara/euro 10  (kudhaniin) bitachuun maaf nutti ulfaatee? Jennee of gaafachuun gaarii ta’a. Kana qofaa miti, yeroo adda addaa “concert iin muuziqaa” bakka adda addaa tti sirnaan maaf hin qophoofnee? Otoo kunis sirnaan hojiirra oolee rakkoo Artistoonni keenya qaban furuun wanti hin dandayamneef hin jiru ture.
“Otoo, otoo, otoo”jechun hin fayyadu. Kan fayyadu wanna ta’uu qabu, wanta Lammiin Oromoo gochuu danda’u tokko raawwachuutu rakkoo hiika, furmaata fida malee.  Kanaafuu Artistoonni Oromoo “Artii, Aadaa, Seenaa, Afaan, Siyaasaa fi Sabboonummaa Oromoo dagaagsaa jiru” jennee yoo itti amanne Artistoonni keenya gootota keenya wanna ta’aniif faarsuu qabna. Faarsuun keenya erga Artistiin tokko lubbuu dhaan darbee/darbiteen booda qofaa ta’uu hin qabu, otuma lubbuun jiranii isaan haa faarsinu, ha jajjabbeessinu, dalagaa isaanii orijinaala haa bitannu, diingdee fi beekkumsa qabnuun isaan cina haa dhaabbannu. Keessattuu yeroo ammaa kana tti Artistoota keenya dibeen dararamaa  jiraniif Uummanni keenya ariitiin, gargaarsa barbaachisaa ta’e abbomuu qaba.
Waan Bayeessa haa hojjannu!
Bakkaanga’aa Margaa
Bu’uuressaa Oromummaa Founadtion fi
Wixineessaa WTUOGA
Bakkaanga’aa Margaa

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Sababaa FDG fi Mormii Master Plan Finfinneen Wal Qabatee Dargaggooti Oromoo Mana Sabbataa Keessatti Dararamaa Jiru.

Mudde 22,2014 Gabaasa Qeerroo Sabbataa
Gaaffii mirga uumata Oromoon wal qabatee Ebla 2014 keessa dharaan yakkamanii mana hidhaa keessatti dararaa guddaan kan irraan gahamaa jiru Oromooti hedduu dha.Godinaalee Oromiyaa bakkoota gara garaa manneen hidhaa beekamuu fi hin beekamiin keessatti dararaan Oromoota irraan gahamaa jiru haalaan hamaachaa kan dhufe yeroo ta’u yeroo ammaa kanatti Master Plan Finfinnee mormuun Oromoota mootummaa Wayyaanee irratti kakaaftaniittu sababaa jedhuun Oromoota hedduu hidhamanii mana hidhaa sabbataa keessatti dararamaa kan jiran yeroo ta’u,kanneen keessaa haala hamaa miidhama guddaan warri irra gahan namni 4 karaa adda addaan ragaalee kijibaa kaabinoota, polissootaa fi nama dhalootan oromoo hin tahiin(abashaa) tti dhimma bahanii mana hidhaatti deddeebisuun dararaa guddaa irraan gahaa jiru.
Kanneen keessaa ammatti kan ragaa kijibaan yakkamanii dararaan irraan gahamaa jiru keessaa:-
Because I am Oromo1,Leencoo Girmaa
2,Tashoomaa Adunyaa
3,Caalaa Fufaa
4,Girmaa Araarsoo
Kanneen jedhaman keessatti argamu.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


SEENAA  Y.G (2005)   kutaa 4ffaa fi xumuraa | Muddee 21, 2014
Mata Duree “WAREEGAMA HANQISUUF WAL-TUMSUUN MURTEESSAADHA”! jedhu jalatti, yaada bal’aa kutaa 3n kaasuu yaaleera. Yaadoonni kun irra jireessa, waan haaraa osoo hin taanee, qalbii Dhala Oromoo hundaa keessa kan jiruudha. Tumsi ani baanuus, kan hundi keenya keessa keenyatti hawwiinu, garuu , Hawwuu qofti furmaata akka hin taaneellee hubannu, har’a borii odoo jennuu wareegama Ummata keenyaa akka ida’aa deemuuf, odoo beeknuu carraa kennaa jiraachuu keenya yaadachiisuufi. Rakkoo keessa keenyatti arginu hundaaf Qorichi isaa, harkuma keenya keessa jira. Qorichi Tokkummaa ykn Wal-Tumsuu deebifnee of gaafaachaa fi wal gaafachaa jirru kanaaf kan ta’u, Ulaagaa WAL-TUMSUU YKN TOKKOOMUUN barbaaddu guutanii argamuudha. Inni lammaffaa Ulaagaa kana dhugeessuuf “HAWWII”keessaa ba’anii hojiin mul’achuuf murteeffachuudha.
Waanuma Umamaan Ummati keenya qabu , warri abshaalli totolchanii deebisanii nu barsiisanii akka ittiin eebbifamnee hafnu ykn waanuma akka dhuunfaatti qabnu fakkeessanii ofittummaan nu gaadi’an malee,TUMSA kabajaa qabu fi hiikkaa quubsaa qabu, Aadaa Umama Oromoo keessaa qabna. Waan Waliin umamne deebisnee barbaadaa akka jirru hubachuu dhabuu keenyatu, habjuu hawwii keessa nu gangalchaa jiraata. Nuutis sababaa ofittummaa irraa maddaniin, Tumsa Umamaa qabnu qorannaadhaan achi fageessaa jirra.warra wal Tumsee Bilisoome ilaallee ykn warra waliif dhaabbatee sagalee isaanii addunyaatti dhageesifatan TVn ilaallee “Oromoon akkas odoo godhee” jennee, hawwiin of dhukkubsina. Garaagarummaan isaan waliin qabnu garuu , hojiin mul’isuu ykn argisiisuu irratti qofaadha. Waan amma har’aatti gaggeeffame fi gaggeeffamaa jiru bishaan itti naquu miti. sadarkaa irra jirru irraa dachaan hojjachuutu Wareegama keenya hanqisuu danda’aatti amanu  irraati.
Tokkummaa ykn Tumsa har’a hawwiinu kana Umamaa qabaachuu keenya ragaalee gaggabaabaan dhiyeessa. Bara durii waan ture, Moggaasa Gadaa irraa haa kaanu. Gadaan 5n. Shanan Gadaas, Gadaa Birmajii, Gadaa Roobalee, Gadaa michillee, Gadaa ………..dhaan Moggaafame. Oromiyaa guutuun kanaan ala waan natti toleef jedhee kan biraa moggaafachuu hin danda’u. sababaan waan har’a ittiin rakkannu akka hin umamneef. ODAA shanan Ilaalaa, Odaa Nabee, Odaa Bultum, Odaa Bisil, Odaa Bulluq, Odaa Roobaan Moggaafaman. Kana keessattis dhibee keenya har’aa hin arginu. Kan bara fagoo ture dhiifnee , kanuma waggaa 50 asi akka ragaatti haa kaafnu. Ani yeroo hedduu, yaadootin waggoota 50,40, 30,… turanillee, bu’ura nuuf ta’u jedhamanii kaa’aman, har’a maaliif sharafamanii rakkoo nuuf ta’uu ? jedheen of gaafadha. Yaadoota turan hin kaasu . Bara qabsoon hidhannoo hundeeffame akka dhaaabaatti wal ijaaruun eegalamu, Tokkummaan ykn Tumsi Aadaa Umamaa keenyaan wal qabachuu fi itti fufuu, akksumas, Bilchina Gootoota keenya yeroosi fi har’allee lubbuun jiranii keessa aadaan sun jiraachuu mirkaneeffachuu dandeenye.
Gama biroon shakkiin isaanii yeroos nu mudatee akka jiru illee ragaa haa baanuuf. “ADDA BILISUMMAA OROMOO”, “SAGALEE BILISUMMAA OROMOO”, “WARAANA BILISUMMAA OROMOO”, “WALDAA WAL GARGAARSA OROMOO” ! (kan biraas jiraachuu mala) Moggaasa maqaalee kana keessatti , madda Gandummaa kan ta’ee, Ofittummaa hin arginu. Hanqina keenya har’aaf sababaa kan ta’uus hin mul’atu. Har’allee odoo ejjannoon akkasii jiraatee, Tokkummaa qofaa waliif dhaamna turre. Ilaalchi biroo dhufuu fi Kan maqaa Ummataan waldaa dhaabbatees, ani eenyun gadi ! jedhee karaa eegalu irraa, kaan aadaan habashaa keessatti dagaagee wal fonqolchuuf arreeduun heddummaachuu irraa, rakkoon nu qabee jiru, waan ofii qabaachaa turree, har’a of keessaa dhabne kanaaf, of duuba mil’annee , waan ganamaa sanaaf  Oromoon deebii qabaa jedheen WAL-TUMSUUN Qorichaa jechaan jira.
Wal Tumsuuf keessa ofii qulqulleeffatanii waliin dubbachuun isa hangafaati. Waan irratti wal Tumsuu danda’an waliif akeekanii wal tikisuun filatamaadha. haala amma keessa jirruun, Wal-Tumsuu dhugeessuuf, maal irratti akka wal tumsinu akeeku irra, gufuulee Wal-Tumsuu tarrisanii of keessaa buqqisuutu furmaata nuuf ta’a. Oromoon Tokko ta’ee ykn wal tumsee akka waliin hin dhaabbanneef, halagaan waan qabu hundaan kan nu irratti hojjatu caalaa , ofittummaan, of-tuulummaan, na argaa na argaaf arreeduun, xiiqiin, hammeenya waliif yaaduun, Obsa dhabuu fi maal na dhibeetu gargar fagaachuu keenyaaf sababaadha jechuu dandeenya. Kun hundi garuu aadaa Umamaa keenya keessa hin jiran. Gabrummaan waan nutti fidee yeroo keessa nuutis keessatti kufneedha. kana of keessaa buqqisanii Tumsa dubbachaa jirruuf akka dhuunfaattillee balabala gidduu keenyatti heddummaatee diigu qabna. Balballi kun , kan nu fakkaateef ni banna. Kan nuuf hin taaneetti ni cufanna. Yerootu hubannoo nu dhorke malee, Oromootatti balbala cufachaa jirra.
kana dhugeessuuf waanuma dhiheenyatti keessa dabarre ilaaluun ga’aadha. Haala akkasiin balbala mannii tokko qabaachuu qabu caalaa baayyifnee, keessa keenyatti qaawwaa heddummeessine. Qaawwaan heddummaachuu akka jirutti ta’ee, balbala tokkof bannun isa kaaniitti qilleenssa galchinee wal miidhu irra dabree, diina nu keessa seeneef karaa inni miliquu danda’uu fi keessa lo’ee walitti nu diruuf haala mijeessuu keenya gonkumaa hin hubannu. Har’as dantaa ofii dursina taanaan Wal-Tumsuun hafee hawwii  qofaan, dhukkuba jiraachuu keenyaaf sodaachisuun wal faallee laamshoofnee hafna.
Wal-Tumsuuf Biyya keessattis ta’uu, Biyya alaatti dabalataan Aadaa jireenyaa, Umama keenyaan wal hin fudhannee keessaa ba’uun dirqama. Aadaa keessa keenyaa sirbee fira nu jibbisiisuu, diinaan Gaashee jedhee, dhiiga ofii arrabsuuf lafa ciruu, of keessaa odoo hin baafnee, waa’ee wal tumsuu haasa’uun hin danda’amu. Wal-tumsuun waan faallaa Oromummaa ta’an irraa fagaachuu gaafata. Warra kana hunda irraa fagaateetu Biyya keessaa fi alatti waliif birmachaa jira. Warra gufuu wal Tumsuu of keessaa buqqiseetu, kan kaleessaa irraa barannee jedhanii bakka hundaa wal waamaa jiran. Wal-tumsuun Oromoo ta’uu qofaa fi Bilisummaa Ummata Oromoo irratti amanuu qofaan Ummachuun ni danda’ama. Dhimma Oromoo irratti eessattillee waliin dhaabbachuun Wal-tumsuun ni danda’ama. Tokkoomuun waan hundaan tokko ta’uu kan jedhu of keessaa qaba. waa xiqqoon tokkummaa kana faalleessuu dandeessi.Wal-Tumsuun garuu, waan Ummata isaaniif yaadan galmaan ga’uuf waan waliin hojjachuu danda’an ifatti keewwatanii waliin akka tarkaanfataniif carraa bal’aa qaba. Ilaalchaan adda ta’anii dhimma Ummata ofii irratti wal tumsuun ni danda’ama. Kaayyoo barruu kanaa kana qabsiisuufi. kun yoo xiqqaate diinaaf karaa saaquu fi diinatti wal kennuu dhaabu ni danda’a.yaada bal’aa qabaannee akka wal dhageenyuf nu gargaara. Adeemsa kanatti takkaa seennaan, waa hedduun walitti hidhachuu , waliif birmachuu, waliif iyyuu , waliin dhukaasuun ni danda’ama. Akkamiin wal tumsinaa ? kan jedhu dirree kana irratti tarrisuun rakkisaadha. Akkamiin ummachuu dandeenyaa ? kaa jedhus akkasuma. Dirree dhorkaa hin qabne waan ta’eef.
Kanaan dura akkuman katabee, warra Kaayyoon tokko ta’e gidduu Wal-tumsaa jechuun qoosuudha. Waliin dhaabbadhaa jechuutu salphata. Warra Ilaalchaan adda ta’an garuu , dhimma Ummata isaanii irratti wal Tumsuu danda’an. Kanatti amananii Nageenya buusanii tarkaanfachuun, Oromoota giddutti mararfannoo Umuudha. Wal Mararfachuun jiraannaan, waliif nahuun ni dhufa. Waliif nahuun dhufnaan, waliif dhaabbachuutu dhufa, waliif dhaabbannaan, waliif wareegamuutu dhufa. Waliif wareegamuun dhufnaan , Wareegama hanqisuutu mirkanaa’a. herreegin nu barbaachisu isa kana. Kana Ummachuuf egaa Habjuu Hawwii keessaa baanee fi gufuulee Wal-Tumsuu of keessaa baasuutti ce’uuf, har’a bori jechuu hin qabnu. Biyya keessaa dhiigatu dhangala’aa jira. Dhiiga dhangala’u gumaa ba’uuf arreeduu qabna.kana eegaluuf karoora baayyisuu irra, Waanuma  Bara 2014 itti milkoofne caalaatti bal’isuu irraa eegaluu dandeenya.
Ilmaan Oromoo hundi Qabsoo Oromoo waliin dhaabbachuun , Tumsuun dirqama. Galati qabsaa’oota cichanii hojjatanii dhaloota har’aa fi borii odoo hin hafnee dammaqisaniif haa ga’u. Haasaa akkasii keessaa baaneerra. Oromoon waan of harkaa qabu qindeeffachuu qofatu isa hafe. Kana har’a irra dhaabbannee dubbanna malee, boruu keessa hin deebinu. Amma akkamiin humna taanaa ? wal gaafachaa jirra. Kanas, tokko jennee eegalaa hin jirru. Walakkaa ga’uu keenyaaf ragaan Qeerroodha. Waan miilaa eegalu, mataa hin ga’iin hin hafuun , mammaaksa Oromoo ganamaati. Kana hojiin mul’isuuf waan hundi harka keenya keessa jira. Yeroo kanatti wanni diina irraa eeggannu tokkollee hin jiru. waan harka keenya keessa jiru Oromiyaa irratti facaasuuf, diina dhiibuu qofaa nu gaafata. Kanaaf qorichi isaa wal tumsinee, waliif dhaabbachuu fi birmachuudhaan human ta’uudha  !!!
Sochii Biyya keessaa kana gama hundaan Utubuun hedduu barbaaachisaadha. gama kanaan wareegama gama hundaa baasuuf of amansiisuun ga’aadha. Sochii gama Qeerroo , dargaggootaa fi Barattootaan jabaataa jiru kun xiyyffannaa diinaa keessa seenee duulli itti heddummaachuu danda’a. kana irraa qolachuuf Angafoonni isaanii fi Ummati isaani sochii gama isaanii finiinsuu fi isaan tinnisanii waliin dhaabbachuun diina xiyyffannaa dhabsiisuu dandeenya jedheen yaada. Qeerroo, Gaazexessitoota, Artistoota …….jechaa Ummata keenya Qabsoo walii galaatti ceesisuud dirqama.
Qabsoo fi sochii Ummata keenyaa kolaasuuf Sochiin diinaa kallattii hedduun kan gaggeeffamuudha.duula gama hundaan nu irratti gaggeeffamaa jiru kana dhaabuuf , beekumsaan, dandeettiin waan of harkaa qabnuun dura dhaabbachuun abshaalummaadha. aadaa , Qooqa/Afaan, Seenaa kkf dhabamsiisuuf sochiin addaa Oromoo irratti gaggeeffamu argaa jirra.kana of irraa dhaabuuf sochii nu irraa eegamu gumaachuun, qaama qabsoo ta’uu hubachuu nu barbaachisa. kun waanuma Finfinnee keessatti qofaa gaggeeffamu miti. nu laaffisuuf Akkuma isaan nu irratti hojjatan , waan isaan nu irratti fe’uuf hojjatan fashalsuun filmaata adda duraa ta’uu beekuun dansaadha. Afaan keenya balleessanii kan biraa nu irratti dagaagsuu barbaadu taanaan, waan kana mormii qofaan odoo hin taanee, waan sun nu keessatti akka hojii irra hin oollee taasisuun fashalsuu qabna.
Artiin keenya akka hin guddanneef, Istudiyoo fi Industirii Aartii fi aadaa akka hin dhaabbannee nu irratti hojjatu yoo ta’ee, kan isaan nu irratti fe’uuf yaadan akka hin milkoofneef taasisuu, diduun, isa isaan Oromiyaa keessa raabsan warra raabsanillee of irraa dhaabuun tarii wareegama hanqisuu keessaa tokko ta’u danda’a. kana hundaaf gama hundaan wal tumsuun akka barbaachisu hubachuun wal nu hin gaafachiisu. Diddaa ofii mul’isuuf, karaa ykn caasaa diinni waa nu keessa tamsaasuu fi waan meeshaa hololaa taasifatu irratti hojjachuun , dhabamsiisuun tarii wareegama hanqisuu ta’a jedheen yaada.Ilaalcha diinaa facaasuufis ni gargaara.Biyya keessatti dhalli Oromoo sochii gama hundaan iccittii isaa eeggatee socha’aa jiru kana caalaatti jabeessuu, golgaa waliif ta’uu, Ijoollee gorsuu, waan isaan barbaachisu hundaa guutuu kkf caalaatti wal utubuun, diina abdii kutachiisuu qabna.
Wal Tumsuu Biyyoota alaa keessatti Ummachuun haalaan barbaachisaadha. humni ala jiru kun Qabsoo Ummata isaa keessatti qoodi qabaachuu danda’u lakkoofsa hin qabu. Wal Tumsuuf ykn scohii Bara 2014 caalaatti jabeessuuf, gufuulee Wal Tumsuu of keessaa qulqulleeffachuun achitti dubbii ijoodha. waan kaleessa bifa kamiinu haa ta’uu dhimma Ummata keenyaa jennee hojjannee , adeemsaa fi haala har’a keessa jirruu waliin ilaalamee , waan dhaabbachuu qabu dhaabuu, waan dhiisuu qabnuu dhiisuu , waan itti fufu qabnu itti fufuu, waan sirreessuu qabnu sirreessuun bu’ura.
Beektoota irraa eegalla. Ummati Oromoo Qabsoo mirga abbaa Biyyummaa gaggeessaa jira. Qabsoo kana keessatti qoodi beektoota keenyaa maal ta’uu akka danda’u tilmaamuun rakkisaa miti. Tilmaamuuf ammoo, Beektoota Biyyoota ykn saboota biroo qooda maalii gumaachanii Ummata isaanii akka bilisoomsan ilaallee, Beektootin keenya odoo akkas ta’anii jechuun hin hafu. Beektoonni keenya qoodi isaan qabsoo keessatti qaban akka beekumsaa fi baayyina isaanitii? Jennee yoo ilaallee waan wal gaafachuu dandeenyu danuudha. beektoonni keenya heddumiinaan, waan irraa eeggamu gumaachaa hin jiran . beekumsa isaaniin gargaaramanii tattaaffii mataa isaanii kan taasisan muraasadha. Kan qabsoo keessattis qulqullummaan hojjatan hedduu xiqqaadha.
Beektoonni fakkeenya Ummata isaanii ta’anii argamuutu irraa eegama. Beektoonni Filitsixeem, beektoonni Ertiraa, Beektoonni Afriikaa Kibbaa, beektoonni Kaataaloniyaa kkf ijaaramanis ta’uu , beekumsa isaanii fi dandeetti isaanii maal hojjachaa jiran ?qabsoo Ummata isaaniif wareegama maalii kafalaa jiru ? wareegama Ummata isaanii hanqisuuf maal gumaachanii itti milkaa’aan?  Gaaffiilee Ummati keenya ifatti gaafatu ta’uun ifaadha. Keenyawoo ? jechuun waan  hin hafneef. Akka walii galaatti, sohiin isaan itti jiran geeddaramuu qaba.Qabsoon Oromoo Tumsa beektoota keenyaa gama hundaa barbaadaa jira. Dokitaronni, Abbootiin seeraa, ogeessitoonni adda addaa dandeettii fi beekumsa isaaniin qofaa yeroon Qabsoo Ummataa kana Addunyaatti ibsan irra ga’uu hubachuu qaban.
J.Taaddasaa Birruun kan dubbate, dhaloota hundaa keessa kan jiruudha. Nama barateetu mirga saba isaa gaafata. Nama barateetu Bilisummaa Ummata isaaf dubbata jedhee dhaamee qalbii lammii isaa keessa waan jiruuf, Ummati keenya beektoota keenya irraa kan eegu hedduudha. har’a garuu beektoota keenyatti boonaa moo, quuqamaa jirra ? maaliif ? inumaa beektoonni keenya waan Ummata isaanii ceephaasisu hojjachuu isaanitti  qaanfachuu dhiisuu irra geenye jirra. Beekumsi qoricha Ummata tokko ta’uun hafee, rakkoo ta’aa dhufeera kan jedhan hedduudha. Kana jechuun beektoonni dhimma Ummata isaaniif hadoodan , socha’an, qabsaa’a hin jiran jechuu miti. beektoonni qabnuu fi bu’aan beektoota keenya irraa argachaa jirru wal hin simuudha.beektoonni silaa rakkoo Ummata isaaniif furmaata kan ta’u qoratanii fi tottolchanii Qabsoo gaggeeffamu akeekuutu irraa eegama ture. kan argaa jirru garuu kanaa miti. kanaaf , Ijoolleen Barnootaanuu hin fagaannee qabsoo keessatti lubbuu laachuu irra ga’anii jiranii , yoo xiqqaate miidhama ijoollee kanaa addunyaatti dhageesisuu irratti qooda beekumsaa fi dandeettii isaanii irratti hirmaatanii , Ummati keenya beektoota keenya irra jireessa irratti ilaalcha abdii kutannaa horachaa dhufe of irraa haquun dirqama.
Wal-Tumsuuf sochii fafaca’aa Biyya alaa keessatti arginu kana bakka tokkotti ykn akeeka tokkof wal gorfachuun barbaachisaadha. kanneen keessaa Miidiyaalee Teekinoolojii hammayyaan Lammiileen Oromoo akka dhuunfaattis ta’ee akka walootti , qabsoo Ummata isaanii tinnisuun gaggeessaa jiran hedduudha. Akka kiyyatti heddummaachuun isaanii dansaadha. Harki 85 ol Tumsa qabsoo keessatti qooda gootummaa raawwachaa jiru. muraasini ammoo dantaa ofii Ummata keessa facaasuuf dhama’aa jiru. gama kanaan waan taajjabaa jirru hedduudha. Kana irratti dabalee miidiyaa irratti wal arrabsuu fi wal salphisuun kun irra jireessa, Ilmaan oromoo sadarkaa siyaasaa keessa jiran kan ibsan ta’anii taajjabbii guddaa keessa nu galchaa jira. Waggaa 150 gabrummaa keessa kan jiraate waan irraa baratuu fi irraa of tikisu wallaaluun qaaniidha.nuuti har’a Nama siila’ee waa hedduu hubateedha. Kun garuu miidiyaa tokko tokko irratti hin mul’atu. Kun tarii yaada bal’ifachuu dadhabuu irraa madduu danda’a. Oromoon sa’a kanatti na argaa na argaaf hojjatu kan maraateedha. walii gala miidiyaaleen jiran, Tumsa isaanii caalaatti jabeessanii , odeeffannoo fi waan Ummataaf dubbatan ykn kataban tokko akka ta’uu irratti hojjachuu qabu.
Mee Dimokiraasii warra gawwaa kan nu fakkeessu haa kaasu. Miidiyaa dhiigaa fi wareegama nama dhuunfaa sanaan argame irratti abbaan fedhee qabsoo keenya, qabsaa’oota keenyaa fi sochii Ummata keenyaa tuffatu keessummeessuu, ulaagaa isa kamiin Dimokiraatawaa nu jechisiisa ? warri Abbaa Dimokiraasii jedhanii of waaman kan akka Ameerikaa faa’aa dantaa isaaniif yoo ta’ee malee waan akkasii of irratti hojjatuu ? nuuti ammoo eessa jirraa kana of irratti raawwanna. Dubbiin haa dhokatuu jechuu miti. miidiyaa abbaan fedhe akka barbaadee irratti katabuu fi dubbatu irratti mirga akkasii hayyamuun of ajjeesuudha. Waan keessa ofitti fixachuun danda’amu maaliif keessa ofiitti hin fixanne.? Eenyuuf carraa laachaa jirra? Kana sirreeffachuu nu barbaachisa. keessattu wanni Ingiliffaan katabamee , diinaaf karaa gaarii uumaa jiru irratti itti yaadu barbaachisa. wayyaaneen har’a koree tokko Biyya alaatti ijaartee, qixxee keenya Afaan Barbaadaniin katabuu fi dubbachuu danda’an bobbaaftee, miidiyaa fi hojiilee Intarneeta irratti hojjataman dura akka dhaabbatan taasisaa jiraachuu quba qabnaa laata ?
Kana irraa kan hafe, kanneen qabsoo Ummata isaanii qulqullummaan utubaa jiran, gurmaa’anii kana caalaa miidiyaa jabaa Ummachutti akka ce’anis hin shakku. Sochii fi beekumsa isaaniin miidiyaalee addunyaa gurguddaatti hidhatanii dhimma Oromoo achi keessaan fiduuf firummaa ammumaa tolchuu fi isaan keesssattillee miseensomanii sagalee Ummata keenyaa ol guddisuu irratti hojjachuu akka qaban warri muuxannoo qaban ni gorsu.
Waldaaleen Amantii , Waldaaleen Dubartootaa, Dargaggootaa, Abbootii Seeraa , Afooshaaleen adda addaa, Kominiitiin adda addaa, kkf, Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya alaan babal’achaa jiran. Sochiileen kanneen kan madaalamuu qaban, Qabsoo Ummata kanaa keessatti gumaacha maalii taasisaa jiruu ? bu’aan isaanii maalii? ? kan jedhu irratti deebii quubsaa argamsisuun ta’a. Afoodhaalees ta’uu, Waldaalee yennaa ijaarru fooliin Tumsa keenya jabeessu keessa jiraa ?Gama kanaan hanqinoota qabsoo ofii tinnisuu keessatti qaban tarrisuu irra, waan ta’uu qabu itti himuutu salphaadha. Sadarkaa irra jirruun waan akkasii irratti wal gorfachuun of gadi qabuudha. Kanaaf wanni ijaarru hundumtuu qabsoo Ummata keenya keessatti qooda gumaachuu qabuu yoo hin madaalamnee fi har’aa fi kaleessa giddutti geeddarumsa argamsiisuu yoo dadhabee, Walitti dhufanii rakkoo jiru irratti mari’atanii , kaleessa kan wal irraa baqanne ni ga’a jedhanii Wal Tumsuun murteessaadha.
Artistoonni Biyya keessaa soda tokko malee sirna Ummata isaanii lafa irraa dhabamsiisuuf deemu dura murannoon dura dhaabbachaa jiraachuu isaanii gidduu kana ifatti argaa jirra. Wareegama barbaachisu kafaluuf qophii ta’aa jiraachuu ibsaa jiran. Artistoonni Biyya alaa haala mijaa’aa keessa jiranoo ? Biyya alaatti Artistoonni akkamiin waldaa jabaa isaanifis, Ummataa fi Artistoota Biyya keessaaf irree ta’uu danda’an akkamiin ummachuu dadhaban ? Seenaa Ummataa fi Biyyoota biroo Bilisoomanii yennaa ilaally qoodi artistootaa Ummata dammaqisuu kaasee Qabsoo Gama Dinagdeen utubuun adda durummaan dirqama isaanii akka ba’an argina , keenyawoo ? Artistoonni Oromoo akka Ummata qabsoo gaggeeffatu tokkotti, isaantu Ummata dursuu qaba ture. keenya garuu Ummatatu isaan dursaa jira. Kanaaf dhimma Ummataa dursanii, argamuuf isaan rakkisa. Dhimma Ummataa dursinaan Waldaa Akka sibiilaa jabaatu dhaabuun isaan hin rakkisu ture. haalla Biyy aalaatti mul’ataa jiru kun geeddaramu qaba. Artistoota Biyya keessaaf gama hundaan irree ta’anii argamuun Odoo danda’amuu , bakka amma jiran irratti argamuun isaanii dhugumatti nama qaanessa. Kanaaf Tums agama hundaan Ummati irraa eegutti fulleeffatuu qabu.
Wal Tumsuuf kana caalaa dirree kana irratti haasa’uun hin tolu. Garuu waan maraan wal tumsinee Qabsoo keenya Finiinsuuf bakka irra jirru gilgaaluun heddduu murteessaadha. Waan nu barbaachisu ifatti argaa kan jirruudha. Qabsoo Oromoo bifa kamiinu gaggeeffamaa jiru, Dinagdeenis, beekumsaanis, Ogummaanis kkf utubuuf hojii qabatamaatti haa ceenu. Qabsoo maallaqaan , beekumsaan , waan danda’aniin hanga Bilisummaatti deeggaruuf murteeffachuu qabna. Deeggarsi wal irraa ciccitu qabsoo hin itichu.Qabsoo keenyaaf galii argamsiifnee waa maraan jabeessuuf dirqama sabummaa qofaan irratti haa bobbaanu. yoo aduun jiraattee deeggarree, yeroo Roobaa kan dheessinu yoo taate , wareegama hanqisaa akka hin jirre haa hubannu.
Wareegama Hanqisuuf, WAL-TUMSUU yerootu nu gaafataa jechuun haalli addunyaan itti jirtu illee tilmaama keessa galchuu irraa ta’uu haa qalbifannu. Biyyoonni dhihaa Qabsoo keenyaaf ilaalchi qaban beekamaadha. Ajandaan Bilisummaa jedhu kun Biyya diigutti fudhatamee wayyaaneef umurii dheeraffanaa ta’eera. Har’a garuu addunyaan achi hin jirtu. Hamaazuu Galmee Teerarstii keessaa ba’aa jira. Kanaaf ammoo sochiin ISIS qooda qaba. warri dhihaa Abbaa Biyyuummaa warra Filitsixeem fudhachaa jiru. warri dhihaa adeemsa isaanii keessa deebi’anii of ilaalu irratti hojjachaa jiraachuus dhaga’amaa jira. Kanaaf kan Tokkoomuuf murteeffate Tokkoomee, Ilaalcha qabuun wal kabajee dhimma Ummata isaa irratti kan wal Tumsu wal tumsee Sagalee keenya yeroo mijataa kanatti haa dhageesifnu. !! hammeenya wayyaanee haa saaxillu. Kan hafe akka itti guuttanii, sochii Bara 2014 dachaan guddatee, Bara 2015 tti hanqinoota keenya akka furannu abdiin qaba. Wareegama keenya hanqisuuf dhalli OROMOO Qabsoo Ummati isaa gaggeessaa jiruuf waardiyyaa haa dhaabbatu. Humna tokko walii galatti dadhabsuuf, Nama dhuunfaa tokko dadhabsuun eegala. Humna Gubbaa irraa ajaju gadi buusuuf, humna inni irra taa’ee jalaa dhabamsiisuun fala. Kanaaf Daa’imma wayyaanee, illee bira hin dabriinaa, Abbaa kee nu irraa gorsii jedhaanii . Dacheen Oromiyaa miila wayyaanee of irra dhaabuu akka dadhabde haa dubbattu.Hawwuu keessaa baanee, sochii qabsoo Addunyaan Bilisummaa itti goonfatee jiraatutti haa tarkaanfannu!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

OLF: Appeal Letter to the UN Secretary-General, Re: Plight of Oromo

The following is a letter from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon.
His Excellency Mr Ban Ki-Moon
United Nations Secretary-General
Office of the Secretary General of United Nations
885 Second Avenue
United Nations Headquarters
Room DHL-1B-154
New York, NY 10017
Fax +1 212-963-4879
Your Excellency
I write on behalf of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to bring to your kind attention the plight of the Oromo people and to ask you to request the Security Council of the United Nations to treat the matter as a priority, to condemn the lawless atrocities by the Ethiopian regime, adopt appropriate actions to bring perpetrators to account, and safeguard the wellbeing of the Oromo and other peoples in Ethiopia.
In the land of their birth, the Oromo, who constitute the single largest national group in Ethiopia, are denied the most basic democratic right to organize freely and legally and express their political opinion. We do not know any country in the world, expect Ethiopia, where 35 million Oromo people are denied the right to have their own newspapers, to elect their own leaders and support an organization of their choice. Today, it is a serious crime, even punishable by death, to support independent Oromo organizations, such as the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), internationally recognized organization, which jointly ruled Ethiopia with the TPLF in 1991/92. Supporters of the OLF and other independent organizations are harassed, detained for years without charge and their property confiscated without due process.

Read the Full Letter (pdf file)

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Humna waraanaa oromoo cimsuun gaafii yeroo waan ta’eef deebii hatattamaa argachuu qaba jedhee yaada.Haa ta’u malee, waayee qabsoo hidhannoo fi jabeessuu waraana Oromoo yoo har’a hin kaasne yoomiyyuu kaasuu akka hin dandeenyen hubadha. Yeroon ammaa, yeroo waraanni Oromoo (Waraanni Bilisummaa Biyyoolessaa Oromoo), kan har’a diina injifatee, bilisummaa fi abbaabiyyummaa keenya deebisuuf wabii ta’u fi boru ammoo biyya keenya eeguu danda’u, itti ijaaramuu fi cimu ta’uu qaba jedheen amana. Akkuma mata dureen ibsu, gaafiin kunis dhugumatti gaafii yeroo ammaa jabaa waan ta’eef osoo yeroon hin kennaminiif kan uummata Oromootiin deebii hatattamaa argatu ta’uu qaba. Maaliif humna waraanaa cimsuu akka nu barbaachisu sababaalee baay’ee kaasuun ni danda’ama. Haa ta’u malee sababaalee gurguddoo tokko tokko kaasuun yaala.
[1]Tokkoffaa, Wayyaanotni kan uummata Oromoorratti roorroo hamma kana hin jedhamne dalagaa jiran, akka yeroo tokko tokko dubbatamutti sodaa uummata keenyarraa qabaatanii otuu hin taane, sababni inni guddaa fi hangafti waan nu tuffataniifi. Kun tuffii dha! Waraana cimaa fi abdachiisaa yoo qabaanne garuu gochaa diinaa kana dura dhaabbachuun waan danda’amuuf tuffiin kun akkanatti cimuu hin danda’u. Gaafsan nu sodaachuu danda’u jechuu dha.
Mee fakkeenyaaf haa jennuu, nama tokko kan itti roorrisani fi akka barbaadame kan godhamu waan nama kana sodaataniif otuu hin taane, waan humna isaa tuffatanii fi silaa maal nu godhuu danda’a jedhanii yaadaniif ykn beekaniifi. TPLF uummata keenya akkanumatti ilaalu jechuu dha. Dhugaa dha, uummatni kun otuu carraa argate, akka galaanaa waan isaanirra garagaluuf, TPLF kana hubachuudhaan sodaa qabaachuu akka danda’an waan nama shakkisiisuu miti. Haa ta’u malee, uummatni keenya har’a carraa sana akka hin qabne fi humni isaan sodaachisus akka hin jirre waan beekaniif, tuffiirraa kan madde, TPLF akka barbaadanitti uummata keenya itti taphachaa jiru.
[2]Lammaffaa, har’a TPLF nama-nyaataan kun uummata keenya kaan ajjeesaa, kaan mana hidhaa keessatti dararaa, kaan biyyarraa baqachiisaa, kaan lafa isaarraa buqqisanii kadhataa godhaa, ofii isaaniitiif garuu biyya teenya fi dachee teenyarratti abbaa biyyaa fi abbaa qabeenyaa nurratti ta’anii; nu nyaachaa otuu jiranuu, isaan otuu hin quufin, Obboleewwan isaanii dabaree eeggatanii Oromummaa fi Oromiyaa balleessuuf waan qophii guddaa godhaa jiraniif; badiin kana caalu akka nurra hin geenye, har’a waraana jabaa qabaachuun dirqama ta’a.
[3]Sadaffaa, yoo waraanni jabaan jiraate, xinnaatee yoo xinnaate lolee lafa qabchuu kan hin dandeenyellee yoo ta’e, yeroo uummatni keenya tokkummaadhaan ka’anii harka duwwaa diinaan falman kana, warra lammiilee keenya ajjeesan adabee gumaa namoota keenya battalumatti baasuu kan danda’u yoo ta’e, diina sodaachisee; uummata keenyatti ammoo hamilee gudda uumuu waan danda’uuf, sochiin uummata keenyaas caalaatti akka cimu taasisa. Namni abdii tokko duubaa qabu, sodaa qabaachuu hin danda’u. Humni naaf birmatu na bira ykn na duuba jira jedhee waan abdatuuf, waan ka’eef sana hamma bakkaan ga’utti duubatti hin deebi’u jechuu dha.
[4]Afraffaa, yoo waraanni Oromoo jabaan jiraate, kan biraa hafee lammiileen Oromoo kan waraana Wayyaanee keessa jiranillee dafanii humna keenyatti makamuuf hamilee horatu. OPDOnillee walba taatee gara qabsoo uummata Oromootti deebi’uuf kun carraa uumuufii danda’a.
Egaa, maaliif humna waraanaa Oromoo cimsuun barbaachisaa akka ta’e sababaalee tokko tokko tuttuquu yaalee jira. Kanatti aansee akkamitti waraana jabaa ijaaruu akka dandeenyu gabaabumatti qabxiilee tokko tokko ibsuun yaala. Waraana qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo, asitti Waraana Bilisummaa Biyyoolessaa Oromoo kanan jedhu, filannoo lamaan[2] ijaaruun ni danda’ama jedheen yaada.
  • Filannoo tokkoffaa:[1] Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo (WBO) amma jiru jabeessuu, cimsuu fi bifa biraatiin ykn bifa haaraatiin ijaaruu dha.
  • .Filannoo lammaffaa:[2] Waraana Biyyoolessaa Oromoo  Kun akka yaadaatti salphaa haa fakkaatu malee, hojiidhaan agarsiisuun ulfaataa akka ta’u nan hubadha. Haa ta’u malee, WBO amma jirus yoo ta’e, maallaquma uummata Oromoorraa argamuun xinnaatus baay’atus sochaa’aa jira ykn socha’uu danda’a malee gargaarsi qaama biraarraa argamu waan jiru natti hin fakkaatu. Kanaaf, uummatni keenya, keessumaayuu uummatni biyyoota ambaa jiraatan, tokkummaa fi kutannoodhaan yoo ka’an, maallaqa buusuudhaan Waraanni Biyyoolessaa Oromoo haaraan akka ijaaramu godhuun waan hin danda’amneef sababni ni jira jedhee hin yaaadu. Egaa kun projaktii guddaa wareegama guddaa gaafatu waan ta’eef, kutannoo lammiilee Oromoo hundaa gaafata.
Egaa, gara xumura barruu kiyyaatti deemuuf, waraanni Oromoo (Waraanni Bilisummaa Biyyoolessaa Oromoo jabaa fi cimaan tokko yoo ijaarame, lolee lafa qabatee diina injifachuu yoo dadhabellee, sadarkaa duraarratti, uummata keessatti argamee kan roorroo diinaa lammiilee keenya irraa ittisu, kan battalumatti gochaa diinaa hordofee gumaa lammiilee keenyaa baasuu danda’u; kan gutumaa guututti Oromiyaa keessatti bakkee hundatti socha’u ta’uu qaba jedheen yaada. Humna ittisaa jechuu dha.Yoo Oromoon kutatee ka’e; yoo akkuma yeroo ammaa mul’achaa jiru tokkummaan keenya akka uummataatti cimaa deeme; yoo karaa danda’amu hundaan Oromoon hunduu dirqama Oromummaa ba’an, har’a taankii fi xayyaara waraanaa argachuu ykn qabaachuu baannus, meeshaa waraanaa gargaarsa Oromootiin bitamu fi kan diinarraa booji’amuunuu diina hamma funyaaniitti hidhate kana jilbiiffachiisuun waan hin danda’amneef hin jiru. Oromoon wal malee firas ta’ee gargaarsa hin qabu. Kuni immo Kutannoo qofaa nu barbaachisa. Kanaaf, qabeenyuma fi gargaarsa keenyaan waraana ABO bira haadhabannuun dhaamsa kooti.
Gadaa gadaa bilissummaa rabbi nuuf haa g