Friday, March 18, 2016

Vague political pretentiousness of the Ethiopianists

Yaadasa Dafaa

By Yaadasaa Dafa
It is true that political conceptualizations often emerges as a result of the prevailing political conditions. Such political conditions makes it so easy for a group of opportunists and freebooters to take advantages of the created states of affairs of the people to attempt to advance their ambiguous dreams. But before jumping into camouflaging the people’s intention and eschew the genuine struggle and wishes of the people on their own pathetic path, one needs possess not only the moral strengths that is absolutely essential and prerequisites to master the fundamentals of the cause, but also have the courage to question the erroneous establishment that drenched the acumen on the colonized people leaving no choice than standing for their rights at this very moment.
Here the issue that caused the present hurricane against the current Ethiopian regime is the colonial policy it had been practicing on the oppressed Nation of Oromia and the rest of oppressed people in Ethiopia.  Therefore, it is the colonial question, and Oromia has to be decolonized, and all the colonial establishments, policies, colonial mentality including colonial mental slavery has to be terminated immediately.  Then all free Nations can discuss the possibilities of coexisting or otherwise, all according to the people’s wishes, not through colonial impositions, or intrigues and devious maneuvers.
A window dressing is/was and will never be the solution neither for the TPLF, nor for the colonial Ethiopianists. The pacifiers had been very busy delivering their mollifying message though out the occupation of Oromia. Each time the Nation of Oromia rises for the decolonization paradigm, they (the pacifiers) do repeat their defeatist magic cliché pertaining to the presumed norms such as “Democracy:, “the unity or the development of the country” accompanied with their crocodile tears. At all the levels, it served one purpose, and that is keeping colonial bondage unchallenged. What the people of Oromia needs remains Liberty and Freedom once and for all, not intellectualizing the subjugations and mental slavery.
Therefore the planned forum for Conference in Washington DC on the Future of Ethiopia: Transition, Democracy, and National Unity is nothing more than sitting and whining jointly for the death of the Ethiopian colonialism. It is too late and we do not need this sorts of political posturing at this age.
Oromia shall be free.
Yaadasaa Dafa

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