Saturday, July 27, 2013

Semehal Meles Zenawi, the daughter of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Deposited $5 billion

De Birhan | July 26, 2013
semelSemehal Meles Zenawi, the daughter of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, has deposited $5 billion in one of the banks in New York, said Dr. Wondimu Mekonnen, an academic and opposition figure, during a recent presentation at the House of Commons in the U.K. The date on the cheque that Wondimu distributed reads the money was lodged on October, 2011.
Wondimu also showed and distributed the copy to the members of the House who attended his presentation.
“Celebrity Net Worth site said Meles Zenawi got a net worth of $3 billion. What a shame! That is wrong guys. Absolutely wrong. I have got a copy of a cheque signed by Semhal Meles Zenawi, the daughter of Meles Zenawi himself, depositing in one of the New York banks $5 billion. I have got and I will give you the copy. Don’t ask me how it came into our possession but that is a fact”.
Wondimu further said ”I think, Celebrity Net Worth, got it entirely all wrong. If that was the case, how come, a check in the name of his elder daughter Semhal Meles Zenawi, for US5 billion was deposited into a bank in New York? We will leave the investigation to Department of Fraud and Money Laundering Investigation of the United States”.
In the 10 minute presentation, also posted on Youtube, Wondimu extensively discussed the prevalent corruption in Ethiopia and how the ruling Front is in the core of the corruption scandal titling it “legally corrupt”.
Concluding his speech, Wondimu said “Ethiopians are determined to get rid of these human rights abusers. All we ask the United Kingdom and United States is not stand on our way, by financing and sustaining it to exist. A regime that terrorises its people cannot be an ally against terrorism. I know that, the Ethiopian Regime is playing the Chinese card. This is black-mailing. Just abandon it. Trust us. It will collapse. If you, particularly the British Government, take the right action now, you will remain with friends and trustworthy allies forever – the people of Ethiopia.”
Image – A cheque of $5 Billion lodged by Semhal Meles in New York, Image Courtesy of Dr. Wondimu

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