Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The fundamentals of the Ethiopian colonialism

Yaadasaa Dafa
imagesWhy do the Abyssinians often want to the control politics in Ethiopia relentlessly with no end in sight?  Different people may come out with conceptually reasonable scenarios in explaining this question.  But unless one is familiar with the original creations and envisaging of the imperial Ethiopia, he/she may remain at mercy of the fairytales of the factious but proud Abyssinian/Ethiopian mantra. But the real fact remains that the regular control of politics enable all exploitative past and present Abyssinian regimes to have unlimited legal access to the human as well as the Natural resources of others including the vast and abundant assets of Oromia, and the rest of the country.  Power also gives them the licenses to rob the entire Nation in the day light.  As a consequence, the entire country often engulfs in the revolutions in attempts to regain their power from the governing Abyssinian dynasties.  As a result, yes, from time to time the Abyss do alter their rhythms just enough to camouflage what people are most likely to hear for a specific period of time.  Yet, after the dust settles, the Abyssinians back at robbing, torturing, imprisoning and claiming to be the owners of whatever remains in the country.  Each and every past/present Ethiopian colonial regimes do declare legally the other Nations and Nationalities of the country: tenants, reactionaries, Narrow Nationalists, or terrorist (depending on the era) as a trademark so as to solicit donations from the International communities by claiming to be the vanguards for the survival of democracy. But the reality is far from the rhetoric infused to maintain the vivacity of their hideous agendas.
Domestically each Abyssinian regime do speedily (as soon as they come to power in Addis through clandestinely collaborated intrigues), develops a semantic derogatory idiom just to conceal and vindicate their passé colonial barbarisms.  Then, they give legitimacy by making diplomatic lobbying of all the international communities to sell their illegal sways. The persuaded international governments and institutions then will end up supporting the atrocities and the venom the current Abyssinian/Ethiopian regimes pour down on the people of Oromia and the whole of Ethiopia.  It continues to be the most humiliating event for these international communities to associated with the kind of Democracy that is reigning in Ethiopia when they hear that the Ethiopian ruling party members won 99.7 % of Ethiopian electoral vote just recently in May 2015 Ethiopian election.  What a miracle!!!!! Such result of the democratically run election is possible only in Ethiopia!!!!!
Not only at the diplomatic front, but also the never ending mysteries and the saga of the cycles of Ethiopian people hunger also was/is presented to the International communities without any clarity.  The cause is often placed on the Nature, as a scape goat without holding themselves responsible for creating and nurturing the very disincentive mechanisms. These Ethiopian colonial regimes kept the international communities at bay so that they can escape being held accountable for impoverishing this Nation with no end in proximate sight.  As opposed to investing on modern farming enterprises which can make the nation more than a self-sufficient nation, the regime chose violence and robbery against the entire Ethiopian people by purchasing the most modern arms for their mercenary. No innovations are encouraged, as the creative minds of the country are jailed, tortured or forced to abandon their motherland.
The Ethiopian miseries dwell in a continuum fashion. The 19th century founders of the modern Colonial Ethiopia Empire did pass down to their dynasty devotees their old treacherous and criminal architype of scavenging the legal lands and all human possessions of the Oromo Nation, including all the non-Abyssinian people. Their so-called intellectuals did preach the hollow and worthless Ethiopian pride by crafting the hallucinatory supremacy of the Abyssinian culture. They taught hate and hegemony as opposed to love and respect between all Ethiopian people. The Abyssinian younger generation began mirroring and glamorizing the crimes their ancestors perpetuated on the Oromoo and the rest of Ethiopians as opposed to following and endorsing the modern, and resourceful progressive administrative paradigms.  They became non-visionary prisoners of their forefather’s colonial trances and fantasies. It is very common to get a malevolent and vindictive responses when non Abyssinian initiates a simple discourse about the basic principles of democracy with these young neo colonial Ethiopianists.  What a shame!!!!!
Therefore, the dichotomy of TPLF’s governing principle remains real as far as the democratic rights of the Ethiopian people stands contrary to their (Abyssinian) modus operandi. No matter which sub-Abyssinian group, it habitually seems to them that the attainments of the correct democratic principles do threaten their very existences.  As for the neo colonialist young Abyssinians who claims to be anti the present colonial regime, they do fall short of appreciating the full democratic rights of non-Abyssinians, but plunge indirectly appraising naively and unknowingly the same regime they claim to oppose.
Keeping the unity of the colonial dynasty appears to the colonial Abyssinians as a matter of life and death.  Therefore, they choose to pursue, commit and launder all their vicious crimes just to remain in the power. Sabotaging their own administrative preamble they were forced to embark upon when the Ethiopian people’s struggle was at its infancy became TPLF’s vivid obligation at this very time.

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