Thursday, July 10, 2014

ONLF steps up attack on Ethiopian Troops in Ogaden

ONLF-XOOGAGC-300x199July 10, 2014 (OgadenToday Press)-  Ethiopian Ogaden’n region Rebel Group, ONLF fighting for self-determination of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia steps up the attack on government Troops,  a source confirmed to OgadenToday Press.
A source close to regional administration confirmed to OgadenToday Press that almost 150 pro Ethiopian military militia under the command of Regional administration has been killed in the attacks.
Locals see ONLF has gained some control despite the government repeatedly airs local TV, ESTV that ONLF Ogaden National Liberation Front has been weakened, a move that ONLF officials consider as a propaganda.
Husseen Mohamed Nur, head of ONLF information told reports that ONLF  has carried out militarily operations.
We have killed more than 100 Ethiopian soldiers ,and its allied militia of Liyu Police (Hawarin) at Kebri Dahar and Godey,” Hussein Nour told Somali Media.
ONLF Troops have done over 50 attacks last two months despite the government claim weakened the group.
Rebels in the Ogaden region have been fighting for independence since the 1970s and the ONLF has been at the forefront of the fight since it was founded in 1984.
The Ogaden is an ethnic Somali part of Ethiopia and Britain has handed over Ogaden to Ethiopia.
Source: OgadenToday Press

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