Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Forewarned, forearmed, to be prepared is half the victory

By Didee Dannaba | August 12, 2013
This time is a high and defining time for Oromos, either to survive as slaves or perish or live in freedom. As Oromos we recognize that we are living in the era when politics, religion and region issues threatening the Oromo unity and vulnerability to the survival of Oromummaa.
Forming different new political organizations, organizing Oromos on religious and regional bases never went anywhere rather than weakening the Oromo unity. Also the hope of political marriage between Oromo political factions and our enemies have often to be wistful and embarrassing.
Be it in politics or in community affairs, when new idea appears, it can inspire and attract many people at its face value. The new idea may seem to be the most important national issue that can be applied to the best interest of the people. But, the inspiration and excitement without prudent and cautious follow up may result in a very damaging consequence.
Here I am not against the move of the five Oromo nationals who are moving under the slogan of OROMO FIRST, planned to criss-cross the North America. I personally appreciate their idea, of giving the Oromo public awareness, if and only if their motive is a genuine and independent. Promoting Oromoness (Oromummaa) is a blessed idea only when it serves the Oromos without being an appendix to any anti Oromo struggle for liberation.
I also do not want to make snap judgment about those people’s motives. But I do not want to hide my skeptic. Do these people have an intention of forming another Oromo political organization? Can they really afford all their expenses by themselves to criss-cross USA? OR Do these people have any financial assistance from the third party? If yes, who is he/she? OR are they messengers of a certain party to promote the wicked idea of the pest-persons who are perniciously acting against the genuine cause of the Oromos from behind the curtain?
Though I do not have concrete answers for these crucial questions, I would like to take a chance to show a yellow card of warning to the Oromo public to see into their move very cautiously, prudently and closely. I am not advocating to go against but not to be cheated and confused now and then we better be cautious, open our minds, eyes and ears to follow their move, to watch their deeds and to hear what they say.
Ilaallachaa sirbuun kufaatii fi qufannaa nama olcha.
Good Luck.

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