Saturday, August 17, 2013

Junedin Sado, Former governor of Oromia, was killed by Woyyanee

Gurmessaa Beekamaa/facebook | August 17, 2013
junedinJunedin Sado, an Ethiopian politician and former governor of the state of Oromia was killed by Woyyanee under cover agents in Robbii, Shewa when he secretly returned to the country from Kenya.
He was thrown out of the EPRDF government due to his disagreement with certain policies that the ruling government imposed on the governing system and alleged accusation of involvement in his wife, Habibe Muhammad’s plot of terrorism in the country.
Sources haven’t confirmed his death but eye witnesses are saying, he was killed in Robbii , Shewa when he secretly returned back to the country in July, 2013 after fleeing to Nairobi, Kenya with 8 other colleagues. Junadin was president of the Oromia region from 28 October 2001 until 6 October 2005 when he was replaced by Abadula Gemeda.
During his government, he was a share holder in killing and arresting, thousands of Oromo students in many parts of the region. The Oromo diaspora community had repeatedly warned him to stop working with this government, but he refused and continued his atrocities against his own people, but at the end, he lost his life at the very hands of the people, he served for so many years.
Junadin subsequently was appointed Transport and Communication Minister, which is the office he was holding when Prime Minister Meles Zenawi moved him to the Science and Technology Ministry October 2008. Following the 2010 general election, Junedin was appointed Minister of Civil Service.
Ethiopian government eliminated him from the position of ministers when he subsequently rose his disagreement with the government.
We show condolence to the families who lost their son, and tell the families who lost their children during his administration that one way or another, justice has reached your house.
Who must be the next round of death who is seriously against the Oromo working with and claimed to be the husband of Azeb Mesfin??? Who is the next servant in line for death? A.  Abdulaziz Mohammed,  B. Abba Dula,  C. Alamayehu Atomsa,  D.Muktar Kedir

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