Monday, August 26, 2013

Progress Report on Capacity Building

August 26, 2013 ( — We have been working hard on a project to form a media foundation as a team. The detail of this project is being circulated, phase by phase, among scholars, community leaders, opinion leaders, human rights activists, journalists, elders and youth organizations, etc. for review and feedback. We will soon ask for your share of contribution to the foundation, when we get feedback from these leaders.
Many of you were eagerly waiting for this project and we appreciate that for your patience. We had to carefully work on the detail administrative and planning works, which required a lot of time and effort from our well experienced experts in this matter. We are at a cross-road and very crucial time in the history of rebuilding Oromummaa.
It is only Oromummaa that revamps our cultural heritages enshrined in the Gada System, which is the uniting force for the Oromo people. All of us are longing for freedom of information, democracy and respect for human rights. There has been only one- sided information and there has never been free, fair and balanced media in Ethiopia.
Let us contribute our share to solve the problem. We have thousands, if not millions, of qualified and capable intellectuals, who can contribute amazing variety of positive ideas of different backgrounds. We have to keep on listening to one another as well as working together for positive and sustainable outcomes.
We are preparing plans of action in order to move forward as fast as we possibly can to launch our programs that will reach the people who lack accurate information that affects their lives.  We have already seen the importance of an independent media outlet that is fair and balanced to serve un-served and underserved population. Our media shall be operated by professionals and highly skilled journalists.
Your constructive comments, suggestions and opinions make great difference in our commitment.
Thank you.

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