Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One is more likely to question who Makkoo Bilii is!!! Presumably many Citizens of Oromia knows very well about the Ethiopian colonial rulers

August 6, 2013
One is more likely to question who Makkoo Bilii is!!! Presumably many Citizens of Oromia knows very well about the Ethiopian colonial rulers like Tewodros/Kasa, or Minilik, as opposed to knowing who really Makkoo Bilii, or Mohammad Grany was for reasons beyond the scope of this short paper. According to one of the celebrated Oromo Nation’s historian; Nagasoo Gidadaa, PhD, Makkoo Bilii was one of the glorious Oromoo Leaders from Maccaa . Many people say  lot things about him. Some refereed to him as the expert of he Gadaa Law, some says that he was a Prophet, yet others refer to Makkoo Bilii as Abbaa Bokkuu (the President), or Abbaa Duula (a leader of the War).
More importantly Makkoo Bilii is uprightly recalled for the Counseling and guidance he facilitated to the Maccaas; Leeqaa, Sayyoo, Tumme Oromos during his life times. He is honored and remembered for his historical exhilarating farewell speech. Dr. Gidadaa recorded Makoo Bilii’s last speech as delivered on his way to be executed by his enemies. Makkoo Bilii was trapped and captured by his adversaries whose armies were not as strong as his and could not stop his advances. His enemies suffered many defeats at his hand. Therefore, they conspired and sent him a message which he took at a face value (as typical Oromo) and went by himself alone to meet with them. But they captured him and sentenced him to death. Just before his death, Makkoo Bilii talked to them with the help of the sign language as they could not understand afaan Oromoo. He asked them to take him to the hills near the valley. They took him to the hill, and Makkoo climbed a tall tree and shouted down the valley to the Leeqaa, the Sayyoo and the Tumme in Oromoo proverbs with his indirect speech . He said “ Yaa Leeqaa, yaa Sayyoo, yaa Tumme annii borin callee dimmaa mormattin hidhadha. An bor sitti hinhimu. Atis bor no hindhageessu. Na dhaga’i, na dhaga’i, na dhaga’i. Yaadadhu, yaadadhu, yaadadhu.
Yaa Leeqa, yaa Sayyoo, yaa Tumme! Farda dhalaa gamatti hidhi. Farda korma gamanatti hidhi. Baqadhu, baqadhu, baqadhu kara waaqni sibaase bayi.
Accordingly the Leeqaa, the Sayoo and the Tumme of Maccaa herd his messages and understood him perfectly. On the same night, the Leeqaa, the Sayoo and the Tumme crossed the Gibee river and escaped the danger planned for them. (For complete narration, please read the “History of the Sayyoo Oromoo of southwestern Wallaga, Ethiopia from about 1730 to 1886” by Dr. Gidada 1984, Pages 30 to 40)
All the courageous and majestic Oromos such as MakKoo Bilii, Mohammad Grany, Tadasaa Birruu, Mammo Mazamir, Baaroo Tumsaa, Yiftalem Garba, Birruu Tasisaa …. and thousands more of those unblinking gallant children of Oromia had rendered their historical obligations with their own precious lives, yet other truly principled Oromos became our role models by their long term imprisonments as well as tortures, and beyond in the dungeons of the Ethiopian colonial dynasties. Besides, today we are witnessing the second wave of our Nation’s struggle  once again appears to be to have been hijacked to pursue the wrong cause. We all understand that the so call Ethiopiawinett have proved to its own worst enemy.  As a result of its self -imposed righteousness and narrow focal point, the narrow Ethiopians nationalists have failed to comprehend the values of human dignity, let alone searching for the innovative ways and means to work, and possibly live together with the other Nations and Nationalities their forefathers succeeded to colonize with the help of the European counsels and arms.
The colonial Ethiopian intellectuals starting from their earlier dabtaraas to the late PhD/Professors often chose to magnify their colonially polished erroneous degrading literature aimed at placing the Abyssinian history, culture and languages at a superior positions at the prices of others, that what they really are.   As a result even few so called educated Oromos knowingly or unknowingly continued to endorse these dumped upon theories in their writings and daily behaviors.  But when it comes to writing about the Oromo people and other colonized nations’ history and all social interactions, these colonial Abyssinian writers/historian ignore it as though never happened, or fabricate the misleading information that purposely discredit and erodes the validities of the true historical materials of the colonized Nations within the colonial Ethiopia.  The Abyssinian narrow nationalists continued to spread their fallacious and exploitative pedagogical syllabus, with all their monotonous cycle of spread-heading baseless propaganda for more than a century.  Consequently, this resulted in creating and multiplying home base oppositions within their own offspring young generations, as well as fundamental animosity with non-Abyssinian Nations and Nationalities. Starting from the old hey days of Marxism and up-to-date colonial regimes, the outdated Ethiopian colonialism is becoming desperate each day.  It was/is a public secret to know that the legalization of the Ethiopian colonial rules and their accumulation colonized people’s property was illegitimate and should be treated as unlawful crimes as it is/was the breed of egotism, narcissism and thought disorders of superiority.
Therefore, their young generations could not reconcile with their static colonial minded forefathers at least at a surface value conceptual level as it is too old, self destructive belief. No one with a right mind, even their offspring could identify with it, let alone the truly concerned colonized nation’s children!!!!!!!!!!!!
The ideological loss of the support from their young generation coupled with the loss of Eretria did break the back bone of Ethiopiawinett.  On the other hand, just a handful Oromo opportunists are now a days trying to resuscitate and brig into life this dying exploitative dynasty in the name of Oromo people. The struggle for Oromia is not synonymous with struggle for Ethiopia.   But for ODF and its foot soldiers, believes that they can keep the territorial integrity of the decaying colonial Ethiopia by democratizing it.  What a shame!!!! Furthermore, the planned World tour by a group of Oromos compels us to observe a rec flag for a number of reasons including Why now, and who is financing them? and so on…..
As we do not want to jump into conclusion, but had seen numerous self proclaiming Oromo advocates conundrums, the Nation of Oromia needs to be cautious and make sure this group understands that the people of Oromia will accept nothing short of the original kaayyoo.  Any intentional or unitentional agenda to force the Ethiopiawinett concepts down the throats of the Oromo Nation will be recorded in Oromo history as a treason. It is at this critical moment that the Concerned Oromo group will invite all the citizens of Oromo, where ever they are to join us in our journey to revitalize the genuine Oromo struggle once again. Makkoo Bilii will no longer climbs upon the tree to warn us of the risks approaching. It is only me and you, yes you and me who has the moral and ethical responsibility to inform each other using all legal Medias to move our struggle back on its appropriate venue for the freedom of our Nation.
We, the Concerned Oromo Nationalists of North America also bravely accept the fact that the above respected brave Oromos are no longer among us to lead, guide, and to invigorate us towards our people’s emancipation. Who are “The Concerned Oromo group”? This is neither another political Organization, nor an alternatively another divisive mechanism for the genuine struggle of the Oromo people. Clearly,   “The Concerned Oromo group” are non-profit unit of dedicated Oromo compatriots whose interest are to promote the stagnated Oromo struggle to regain its vivacity towards its overdue Gadaa system of democratic governance, with the vitality and fundamental objectives of Freedom, Liberty, and becoming the determinants of their own destiny. The vision: “The Concerned Oromo group” will take all accessible efforts striving for the unity of all Oromo organizations and individuals who believes in the freedom of Oromo Nation. Therefore, our unflinching sight is on enabling the genuine struggle of the Oromo Nation to advance towards freedom and emancipation of all Oromo citizens and lands from the yoke of Abyssinian colonization. Mission statement: “The Concerned Oromo group” is the dedicated and committed Oromo citizens who work with all the proponents of the Oromo national freedom so as to energize, motivate, and rally in unison behind the just causes of the Nation of Oromia. The details of the mission will be prioritized through discussion among the members relentlessly till the Nation of Oromia achieves the final victory.
To do so, The Concerned Oromo group will unreservedly engage with all the potential forces, advocates, supporters, and friends of the Oromo struggle. We, the Concerned Oromo group, do evaluate the past courses our struggle took and often convey our disappointment and frustration of the outcomes so far.. Realizing frustration and disappointment alone by itself do not bear any measurable result, we decided to take the corresponding earnest action(s) by consulting each other to alter and redirect the possible predicament of the Oromo Nation’s National journey for freedom. Therefore, we do believe that it is time to be bold, innovative, refreshing, and stimulating, but not passive recipients. This is not one day dream; it is ongoing exploratory venture for all of us till we reach the optimum solution for our Nation’s genuine struggle. We may offend some, but that has to be the risk to be taken within the horizon and guidance of our cherished Gadaa cultural heritage. As the Oromo say goes “Harka lamaa qabataniif muka lama hinyaaban”Translation: Having two hands should not enable you to climb two trees (at the same time!). Therefore, prioritization of events will take precedence. Thus, we, the concerned Oromo group agreed to start such a highly worth venture with the establishment of a Radio station which could serve to promote and dispense messages of unity of all the devotees of the Oromo Nation’s journey for freedom.
Just like Makkoo in his time, we believe that the genuine struggle of the Oromo Nation at the present time, has reached such a compelling stage. Please honor and remember that even if Makkoo Bilii was about to be hanged by the enemies, he never hesitated, or tried to save his own life by submitting to them, but demanded to speak to his people, knowing the devastating peril awaiting them if he failed to convey his message. What about you and us today? Do we really have much luxury  not to so? Can the Nation of Oromia afford further division, and iced silence? Why do we desperately need the voices of the Oromo patriots to be heard by our Nation, and the friends, as well as our core enemies? As we all know there are many different absolutely compelling reasons that one can enlist. But we will start by comparing to pros and cons:  Had we have established conveying the fundamental freedom of Oromia oriented radio message:
  1. Division among our all the able revolutionary organizations could have been slowed down and halted, bearing the comprehension the shared predicaments for all Oromo Citizens,
  2. The unleashed negative propaganda against our genuine struggle could have been encountered with more appropriately and aggressively revealing truth of the hidden faces and heinous deeds of the enemies of the people of Oromia to the Nations of the World, as well as to our own constituencies.
  3. Often hunting down, torturing and killings of the innocent citizens of Oromia by the Ethiopian Colonial regimes agents and forces utilizing trademarks such as the “Islamist group”, “Terrorists” as well as “Anti Ethiopian unity” …..etc could have been exposed with all its ugly intentions and evil agendas of inhumane Ethiopian regime.
  4. The fragmented and weakened struggle of Oromia for its overdue freedom could have consolidated, fused and legally ignited to serve the just cause of the people of Oromia.
  5. The original gadaa cultural heritage of Oromo Nation’s Democracy could have been maintained at its superior level as opposed to the present colonial counterpart’s popularity at its expense,
  6. The most promising Oromo freedom generation will continue appreciating and learning the profound similarity of their people’s common cause and the values of its sustainability.
And much much more………………..   From: The Concerned Oromo group, Public Relations Office.

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