Monday, August 5, 2013

The current media fighting between Oromo and Amhara is not both the beginning and end, it is just approval of the past history

Another gap between Habasha and Oromo

Gabi | August 5, 2013
oromia-first1The current media fighting between Oromo and Amhara is not both the beginning and end, it is just approval of the past history. It’s about realizing that ones action or two words, which were Oromo, first may have done exactly that, righting a wrong or demonstrating the primary and secondary enemy of Oromo people and Oromia . As a result amazingly there was a voting in the past three weeks on Ethiopia or Oromo first. For me it was very straight for ward and simple statement just like choosing between black and white, because undoubtedly for those who are Oromo, Oromo first and similarly for whose who are Amhara, Amhara first. However that was not a case for every one. After some group showed up to vote against the statement rather than topic. On the surface, it looks again like an attempt to cover up the trues.
Closing heart and brain from the right and fighting for wrong. Somehow doesn’t surprise me, because I know that every injustice arouses anger, or nightmare. A taste and hanger for oppression is the mark of moral deformation. To have no idea of what it means to be treated unjustly is to have no moral knowledge. The Amhara and their illegitimate puppy believe that the Oromo deserve to suffer or assimilated. This deliberate cruelty of the attack is unmistakable. Some people are still following the pass root of their fathers. Which are subjects is grimmer or more morally compelling than crimes of hate. What we are seeing and hearing on the media in the last three weeks are clearly show that these people are going to repeat the same mistake their ancestors did. It is not what I am saying it is what they are saying, when they deny the existence of Oromo people at all. They are not going to accept the reality. They are not going to accept equality. They are not going to accept humanity. They are not going to respect our difference, and they are not going to share our similarity, but they are using every single available chance to assimilate us. They just want to give us fake name and destroy our identity. They will never ever like us who we are, unless we changed to Amhara and fully accept Ethiopianism.
We as Oromo need to remember the past to protect the present and future. They also need to remember what their ancestors (Amhara) did to our people, our right our land, our law, our belief system, our resource and the list will go on which stand out among acts of injustice. Their viciousness instills horror, which are extraordinary, not ordinary crimes. They are the one who cut off breasts that gave us life. They are the one who take away the soul of thousands of Oromo brave, wise sons and daughters. They are the one who barry our well-known constitution Gadaa system. Let Oromo’s reflect some of the past to stand for present and future.
The current media fighting between Amhara and Oromo rose some unforgivable and unforgettable past history. We sought of genocide have past, we sought the Crimes of hate have a past, we sought the oppression have past sadly they have a future, too, as each of the past criminal offspring eagers to contributes to the climate of demonization and the desire for restoring the past system of one ethnicity, one religion in one country. They still want to repeat the same mistake their father did. The cycle extends across generations.
Let me remind you some of the darkest, most dehumanizing human actions, from genocides to paralyse, are recurrent. Hate crimes and group-based violence and domestic cruelty are elements of everyday life for all Oromo of the past and present.
I would like to ask Oromo’s public and private settings, religious groups, political associations, and youth association to confront these hate crimes on the public view. We all need to work to stop the cycle of hate. Let us confront publicly and privately this special designation of hate rime. Let us confront this awful centuries long action which designed and motivated to acknowledge the hunt of Oromo women and men nationally and internationally, just because their mention who they are and what they want. When we think of the cycle of hatred, we need to think of genocide and unimaginable crimes against Oromo. We need to think of all the indiscriminate crime against Oromo people, Crimes of violence against Oromo are still, for the most part, crimes of impunity. Hate crimes and hate speech, and domestic abuse as aspects of a whole. We must stand up for what we love. We have to stop who ever come to destroy that. Because that is our identity, that is who we are, that is our cultural heritage, which are our values that we cant survive without. Therefore we must stand up to fight this unnecessary hatred crime against as.
So we Oromo need to respond harshly to those who introduce, regulating Hatred, to those who utter Crimes speech, to those who want to distort out great history and great culture. I would like to call on Oromo glorious women and men to fight this hatred preach of mass media hatred. I am not saying we have to cause them and their supporters suffering in turn, but I am arguing this endless discrimination and underestimation need to end now. We need to turn on the true history of Oromo people to stop the fiction. We need to speak out the reality to stop fantasy. We need to able to hold the perpetrators responsible for the past and present verbal and physical crime against single moving Oromo. Oromo first is who we are no one can change that. Oromia is our home we can share with who we want. “We don’t hate, only the unloved one hate”.

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  1. you are going to eliminate ethiopianisim you are really mad why you hate amahara as you know the people of amahra is give his blood and bones inorder to keep the country fredom you are barking you don't know us read more about us you are killing mony amhara in diferent oromiya this your puppy had done genocide the last 1886 e.c in bedeno and arbagugu that is why who had been done genocide ? amahra or olf?