Sunday, June 8, 2014

Found the bodies of Ethiopian immigrants were tortured to death in Yemen

yementortureSana’a, Yemen (Youm 7) — The Ministry of the Interior of Yemen, said on Saturday that security forces found the bodies of Ethiopians in the region bordering Saudi Arabia north of the country.
The interior, in a statement on its website, “The police in the area incited the province of argument found (did not specify the date) on the bodies of two Ethiopians in a garbage dump .. and Forensic Medicine confirmed being beaten and tortured to death.”
She added that the police carried out a screening proved the involvement of a number of people in detention Africans in the backyard of their homes, a number of them were seized during the raid, while others managed to escape.
She Yemeni Interior that “district police instigated also freed 55 Africa, including 41 women, from dual Ethiopian and Somali smugglers detained in the backyard of their homes, they want to sneak into Saudi Arabia.”
The statement concluded that “the police opened lecturer collection inferences in the case to adjust the offense involved in the detention, torture and blackmail African infiltrators”.
And transit countries of the Horn of Africa to Yemen is one of the paths of illegal immigration marine most dangerous in the world, and the Gulf of Aden is one of the most widely used marine those tracks in the world in terms of immigration, and the most dangerous.
And annually, crosses thousands of African migrants from the Horn of African flights risky to reach Yemen and beyond, and are risking their lives to escape conflict, poverty and recurrent drought, in the hope of getting a better life.

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