Thursday, April 17, 2014

TBOA UK successfully delivered its especial annual conference in London

The Union of Oromo Students in Europe (UOSE-UK Branch) or TBOA UK successfully delivered its especial annual conference in London on April 12, 2014

The theme of the conference was maximising awareness about the current alarming situation in Oromia and empowering the young generation to lead and finalize the century old struggle. The speakers include Jaal Galasa Dilbo, Jaal Taha, Obbo Denebo and Obbo Gamachu. The morning session started in Oromo custom, after elders blessing and afternoon session opening was with remembering Oromo heroes and heroines who sacrificed their precious life for freedom and equality.
Obbo Gamachu enlightened the participants with Gada values focusing on how to unify Oromo from different walks of life based on this value. Obbo Denebo’s presentation focused on leadership structure of Gada system and challenged the participants if the current leaders of Oromo are living to the standard of this value.
Both Jaal Galasa and Jaal Taha made detailed analysis as well as moving and sensational speech on their respective topics. Both of them sincerely highlighted the very memorable month of remembering Oromo heroes and heroines of which many of them were their comrades. They underlined how honour it is to remember them and living to the value they sacrificed for. They also educated the participant about TBOA and other Oromo students’ contribution for Oromo struggle so far and the massive responsibility currently expected from the student union.
Jaal Taha focused on the current situation of TPLF, i.e. its structure, strength and weakness, the current situation of opposition parties in the country and what can we learn from events in the past. Particularly, he advised on what Oromo should do to ascertain our people’s right of self-determination by managing our minor differences and focusing on the bigger picture which is our common interest. He recommended working on values we have in common, minimize our differences and tolerate each other then discuss on issues to resolve it peacefully.
Jaal Galasa shared his life experience on Oromo struggle in the past, current and the way forward.  The emphasis was what lessons learned so far and what can we benefit from this experience. He underlined that we should transform our resource, energy and all key capabilities we have into organizational and institutional power. He demanded all to understand that unless we strengthen our military and other institutional capacity that protects our fair share interest, there is no short cut to freedom. He advised, to unify our massive and potential power which requires discussion within us regardless of our minor differences.
In general the meeting was very constructive in which all participants fully engaged from beginning to the end. Finally participants made financial contribution to support our people’s struggle and concluded the meeting peacefully.

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  1. Excellent!!
    I'm proud of you all!! I hope to see most of you on May 24, 2014 when we also hold Commemoration and conference that involves Oromo, Sidama, Ogadenia, and others nations and nationalities.