Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Guji and Lagatafo Oromo Killer Alamudi to Bring His Blood-Soaked Soccer to Minneapolis, Minnesota

By Observer, | Ebla/April 24, 2014
Alamudi is the tycoon at the center of the 21st-century re-annexation of Oromiyaa by Abyssinian elites.
He was probably the first to snatch lands from Oromo farmers near Lagatafo, in the so-called CMC area, in the mid-1990′s. Since then and with the impending annexation of Lagatafo by the “Addis Ababa” Habesha government, Lagatafo is quickly becoming a de-Oromonized region within Oromia.
In addition, Alamudi – together with TPLF rulers and ex-Neftegna tycoons of the Ethiopian empire – steals a “staggering 4.5-ton of gold every year” from Shakiso ores in the Guji zone of Oromiyaa. The money from this very gold has been then used to buy bullets to kill the very Guji and Borana Oromo youths who are protesting against the gold theft (heist) by Alamudi, TPLF rulers and ex-Neftegna tycoons. While Alamudi and his Habesha “investors” are swimming in millions of stolen dollars, the rest of the Guji Oromo in Shakiso do not have enough food to support their families that they rely on food-aid from humanitarian organizations to fed and survive their children and themselves. In order to facilitate their gold heist, Alamudi and Co. have also been at the center of fueling the recent conflict between the Guji and Borana Oromos.
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