Saturday, February 7, 2015

Australian Oromo Community did it again, the Woyane Trojan Horse’s second humiliation

February 7, 2015
Another round of protest against Ethiopia regime’s delegation meeting in Melbourne at 81-95 Henry St. Albans, February 7, 2015
Liberation is a journey. However, for the weak minded, it is a journey toward an unreachable destination. For the brave community like Australian Oromo Community however, it is neither a short distance running nor it is unreachable destination. Nonetheless, for the shortsighted opportunists, liberation is the process of economic transactions. It is the process through which they make a living by selling their own people and information.
Here is the protest of Australian Oromo Community in Victoria against those men and women who used the Oromo cause and came to Australia and now running around in Australia’s malls and hotels where this, the Tigre Trojan horse, named Abduleziz eats and sleeps at 81-95 Henry st. St. Albans on February 7, 2015.
Thanks to the sacrificed heroes, we have glimpsed our future, we know the way and we have the truth on our side.
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10 Responses to “Australian Oromo Community did it again, the Woyane Trojan Horse’s second humiliation”

  1. Bilisuma says:
    I’m proud of my people of the Austrolia Oromo Ccommunity good job jabadha walwajin hajabanu
  2. Didaa says:
    Lubbuun keessan haa bulu. Injifannoo dachaa galmeessisuu keessaniif galata guddaa qabdu. Jaarmiyaleen hawaasa Oromoo biyyoota adda addaa keessa jiranillee fakkeenya keessaniin adeemuun barbaachisaadha. Keessattu hawaasti Oromo Ameerikaa Kaabaa jiraatu, qaanii akka yeroo dabree Abba Duulaa ilaalchisee torban dabre Minnesotattti nurra gahe akka lammata hin umamne eeggachuudha.
  3. GetDownJawar says:
    I failed to understand the ambiguous speaks of Jawar Mohammed. He has no shared goal to liberate Oromia.
    It is also drama from developed nations. If their single individual affected by TPLF, let alone to create forum and discuss, they could rid off TPLF within few weeks.
    However, they continue to give supports including financial, materials and so on to TPLF. TPLF also enjoys warm welcome. TPLF also gets military support from developed nations.
    In similar, the developed nations ignore the victims. They harvest various opportunities including legal fees, job opportunity from the victims.
    Look other real countries like Egypt who revolt and eliminate their bad government by themselves without a single support from developed nations.
    It appears those refugees are an opportunity for developed nations to in slave or the refugees can be whatever they like. This means TPLF creates opportunity for themselves and for developed nations. I read sometimes ago that developed nations import those refugees and screw them up.
    The only solution to live freely on ones free country, be it Ogadean, Oromo, Sidama, Somalia etc, fight back TPLF.
  4. GetDownJawar says:
    Do you hear OPDO?
    1) TPLF is using you as a tool
    2) TPLF sent you on Oromo for disintegration among Oromo
    3) TPLF is hurting Oromo now while Aba Dula Gamada also fight with Oromo abroad
    Do you hear OPDO? Turn your face to Oromo and stand with Oromo. OLF is your brother and sister!
  5. GetDownJawar says:
    OPDO in hostage
    TPLF holds OPDO to earn rent from Oromia. Now abba Dula is abroad, while TPLF is damaging mass of Oromo in Daro Labu.
  6. sabbontu says:
    ummani oromo Australia kessa jirtani akkasitti saba kessan acucama jiruf batani iyyitan kun galata kessan bilisumma haa ta’u! hamlle biyya hundatti uuma jirtu.akkasumas biyya addada irrati warri hojii bOonsa akkasi hojjatan hundi keEssa galatoma qabsson kenya akkanatti yoo itti fufe dinni keenya hardha kufti jabadha!
  7. SENAYT says:
    what is the objective this demonstration ? unwise act or ignorance? this country is the most peaceful country and promising in the horn of africa. unlike Eritrea,Sudan,kenya and somolia, Ethiopia has been growing at least ten percent. what the hell, you cowards and idiots are saying? if you are strong and courageous , come and try ,we will kick your ass. barking is the only option for you .
  8. GetDownJawar says:
    @SENAYT ( Satan and Evil North Abyssinian Yielded Tigree),
    The objective is to eliminate you and you likes.
  9. Keep up boys and girls
  10. Keep up boys and girls as nationalist Oromo I really proud of you
    This Is how we make the history together

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