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OMN crew having dinner with Abba Dulla while Australian Oromo Community Fights Against Human Right Violations

OMN crew having dinner with Abba Dulla
February 1, 2015 (GiDira Vs EbiSa – Facebook) — It reminds me one of those employee appreciation day when your higher boss decide to treat you for your countless contributions. Then comes your immediate boss making sure that every employee is available to the meeting with their best behavior and with presentable dress code. You sit behaved around the table gazing at your host with tension and confusion, best represented by Alemayehu. Or, You may be unfortunate enough to have a sit next to a host and it becomes your duty to keep the conversations going. Then You face that uncomfortable moment when your host struggle to hear your shy and low tuned voice, best represented by the guy who rub his hair. Or, here you are, the guy with glasses, on the verge of dying of boredom. You look for any venue to get away from that area and desperate enough to consider escaping through a roof.
On a serious note, I believe individuals have the right to meet up with anyone they choose. However, the decision to have almost every crew at the same place and at the same time must have come from OMN higher ranking officials. I would hope that would be either Executive Director, Board of Trustee or Editorial Board or well…
Here is the biggest catch; these are supposedly independent and free minded journalists who would potentially report the wrong doing of an official leading a country with current, real time, reputation of abusing human rights. After this treats how would you think their reporting is not compromised?
Personally, I am still in denial that this in fact has happened. It will take me time to comprehend and to convince myself that people who are responsible for killing our little brothers and sisters less than a year ago are sitting and feasting with us.
Melbourne Oromo Community Demonstration, January 31, 2015
Oromo Community in Melbourne Against OPDO Delegation, January 31, 2014

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14 Responses to “OMN crew having dinner with Abba Dulla while Australian Oromo Community Fights Against Human Right Violations”

  1. Aziz says:
    First of all we have to understand what free and independent media mean! OMN as a free and an independent media and OMN journalists as a professional independent journalists they have to do their jobs and report it to the public what Abbadula or who ever he is says, even the Prime Minster of Ethiopia wants to be an ONM guest he has to be welcomed by OMN. Let us understand what free and independent media mean.
    • tolcha says:
      Good point. Some idiots don’t understand that!
    • Caaltuu Yaadannee says:
      Dear Aziz,
      Free media in free democratic countries report whatever relevant news out there to the public. They don’t go to dinner party without any news, unless there is some kind of dark or hidden agenda behind it. You can have dinner with any dictators and torturers but not in the name of Oromo in North America, hello!!. The journalists are funded by all Oromo in diaspora as far as I know so their accountability is not to the TPLF’s messengers. It is to the Oromo people to advance their national interest not to prolong EPRDF’s ruling time. To prolong the agony and killings of TPLF whoever opposes their deeds. While you are in disposition to welcome the Ethiopian dictatorial regime, the contrary, they are not welcoming any free and independent media in Ethiopia in general and in Oromia in particular.
  2. HiddenNews says:
    Before OPDO comes to Minnesota, OMN knew it but hid from public.
    Who knows, OMN might be funded by TPLF that is a reason to argue as if an independent media unlike the best media for Oromo liberation including Sagalee Qeerroo etc.
  3. Bilisumma says:
    Ayyantunis olola oromoon jibbee offiirraa dhiisef hin ariifatin.OMN jechuun media.kanaaf.Media immoo maal akka ta’e beektu.
  4. Gurmuu Karrayyuu says:
    Please don’t jump to any hasty conclusion unless you know the true stand of Aba Dula. High level agents usually work both ways.
  5. Abbaa lammii says:
    This is mistake guys.Abbaa Duulaa means a lier, who denied the Oromo students killed by TPLF and it’s servant.No matter what any Oromo should stay away from this kind of person.He is an enemy
  6. carraa says:
    Before you jump in to conclusion watch this
  7. Hundie says:
    It looks like OMN is the host of the ceremony. I can’t understand how reporters from OMN seat and feast with the individuals with our people’s blood on their hands. This action puts the media said to be voice for voice less Oromo people in question. If you don’t serve, you will be fired and you better watchout.
  8. albasa dagaga says:
    I am not surprised at all OMN reporters will wine and dine with OPDO chief. What do you fools think is the difference between OMN chiefs and OPDO? How many true Oromo nationalists are in OMN leadership? Very few and they are relegated to serving the OMN bosses and not at the policy making position. Who high jacked OMN and who are leading the executive committee? Aren’t these persons known OPDO members and supporters and ardent Ethiopianists? Some of you suggested that you hope they asked hard question. Really? What answer do you expect from Abbaa Dullaa to say? First, Abbaa Dullaa is there to serve the interest of TPLF and implement the policy decision of TPLF and collect his salary and fill his blotted belly. Nothing more, nothing less. He is equally responsible for the murder, torture, economic exploitation, forced exile of hundreds of thousands of Oromo nationalists from Oromia. He has been doing these proudly for more than two decades. This person is a fascist ala Hitler and Mussolini for Oromia. What really makes me very angry is the level of idiocy of some Dispora Oromo when think like children who has not developed mentally as much as most other people of the same age, and expect freedom to rain for Oromia from those whose main objective is to enslave Oromia. Shame on us, and sad for Oromia who created brave and men and women in the past bearing riffraff generation in the 21st century. albasa albasa
    • tolcha says:
      What is your evidence for your talk. I haven’t heard any organization that was born, grew, survived without complication. You seem hypocritic. Just because you dislike OMN due to your private issue,…you singled yourself out. If you want you can go and join ODF/G-7. Who cares! Plus, don’t forget that You are insulting yourself and your mom and dad, when you refer to Oromos people living back home.
  9. carraa says:
    ayyaantuu, if you want to strengthen your OVR, try other means. Trying to disenfranchise OMN is not a right way. You like to post bad things about OMN. You don’t even post the daily news transmitted from OMN and yet you still claim that you stand deliver unbiased news.
  10. tolcha says:
    I think sometimes, even if not always, it is good to listen to the enemy too for good or bad. It doesn’t matter whether Aba Dulla sits with OMN or somebody else. What matters is does he have any solution for the problem the Tigre causes to our people who are in prison, being tortured, fleee the country and on their way to foreign land eaten by sea/land monsters. Aba Dula is nothing but a messenger for that matter. Can he be shaped accoeding to our need and interest…let us see. As some of intelligent guys above me says,let us not rush to negate the dialogue. It is ok for the Austrlaian Oromos to chase other OPDO members and at the same time it is ok for the OMN to sit and talk if the talk would bring somechange for the sufferings of our people.

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