By Dr, Baro Keno Deressa | April 1, 2015
My intention with this paper is not to write the history of Finfinne (Addis ababa) and Brussel, But to oppose the puppet of TPLF with so called diaspora Oromo and to emphasize the total absence of democracy and humanity under TPLF rule. The second message is to call all true Oromo’s to stop infighting and focus on bitter struggle with concrete message.
The history of Finfinne (Addis Ababa) in a way reflects the way the Oromo people were conquered, robbed off their land and properties, reduced to serfs and slaves, and kept under inhuman subjugation. Prior to colonization of Oromia, the present day Addis Ababa had an Oromo name – Finfinne.
The name attests the abundance of hot springs (“hora” in Oromiffa) at the heart of the city. The area was solely inhabited by Oromo clans of Gulale, Eekka, Galan, Abbichu.
During the late 18th and early 19th Century, the neighbouring Amhara community were wedging incessant predatory raids and looting expeditions against these people. Some of these barbaric raids were documented by Major W. C. Harris a British diplomatic mission in his book “The Highlands of Aethiopia (1844)”