Friday, September 12, 2014

Ethiopians grappling with skyrocketing prices


378443_addis ababaSeptember 11, 2014 (Press TV) — Ethiopia celebrates its new year on 11th September every year, following the Julian calendar that is different from the European calendar that most countries in the world follow.
Just like in other countries the New Year here is about celebrations, and anticipation that resolutions set will be met.However, over the years the intensity of celebrations that accompany this big day has reduced. At the sheep market, sellers struggle really hard to convince customers to buy sheep. But with one sheep costing as much as 100 dollars very few can afford to buy sheep for their festivities.
Many like Bizunesh, a mother of two have resorted to buying few kilos of meat to accompany other special dishes like chicken. Although her preparation includes food that is associated with festivities in Ethiopia, she says that she limited the quantity and variety of food to what she could afford. Over the years the inflation rate in Ethiopia has hit double digit, prompting an increase in cost of living. Some economists attribute this to the ongoing transformation agenda of the state that is involving simultaneous massive infrastructure development across the country. New Year celebrations are no longer about spending the eve and the real day celebrating with food and drink. The New Year celebrations have been reduced to having a few hours of a meal with close family members and friends. Unlike previous years when small children and women would sing and dance in the streets on the New Year and go from door to door to pass the New Year love, this year the streets of Addis Ababa are a bit quiet.
Source: Press TV

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