Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Black, Red and white Flag, the link between the Oromo and the Cush civilization

By Rundassa Ashetee | September 13, 2014

Recently, I watched a short documentary produced by some Habasha man who used the Oromo flag of Black, Red and White colors as an evidence that links the Oromo people to the middle eastern nations. Because of this documentary, I did some research and found that 28 Arabs countries have black, Red and White color flags though these colors were aligned differently from the Oromo. This research also reminded me the inscriptions I grew up seeing on Oromo tools such as;
Wullee, Buqqee (Qulluu)
Siree (a bed made from leather and wood)
As I thought of the writings I saw on these items when I was a kid, I thought of the Guraamalee or the Taatuu that our people decorate themselves with and wondered why these inscriptions resumable the Cush (Pharaohs) era items and inscriptions.  The further I looked at these items and compared them to what I saw back at home, I concluded that the pharaoh time scripts are the same as the Oromo scripts engraved into the items I described above, except that I don’t know  how to read them.

Now I know this much, I am anxious to learn what this inscriptions represent or say?.  Obviously, these writings extend our history to the days of the Pharaohs earliest stages of graphic development as much as our Black, Red and White color flag that the Arabs borrowed from us tells our earliest history.

Of course, not only these inscriptions but our Urjii lakaawu (astronomy)/astrology and religious values are part of our historical records and we need to feel proud of them.  Personally, when I am proud of our true civilization, I equally feel sad by the fact that our own civilization is now recognized as the Egyptian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilization. Worse of all, the Habasha sons who take pride in the history of European conquests and evil deeds now preach to us that they have this great achievement that yet not worthy of neither praise nor exalt, glorification nor aggrandizement.  Indeed, as much our Black, Red and White color Flag links us to the oldest human civilizational root, the Habasha Green, Yellow and Red color flag links them to their domestic slave status of their European masters.
What ever the case might be, now I know what those inscriptions I grew up seeing on Wullee, Qabee, Okolee, Alangee or Boraatii etc really means, I urge our people to find these items and preserve them to donate to the future of Oromia’s national Museum.  Although we don’t know yet the exact meaning of these inscriptions written on our tools, we can see the relationship they have with thePharaohs time inscriptions. They are developed to express our ancestor’s world views in the Cush language which we still share with many Cushitic nations across the African continent.

These inscriptions show the oldest language written and passed down to our parents though the recently re-developed Hebrew, Arabic and Latin alphabets overshadowed their existence.  It is true and will remain to be true that humanity didn’t exist on earth only for 2,014 years, or since the birth of Jesus, and there is no reason to ignore all the civilizations that have been used prior to the middle eastern people rise and invasion of Africa and Europe.

We know that with the possible exception of Pythagoras, no Greek person seem to have understood that the Gadaa system was the root of what they call “Democracy”.

As to the Habasha man who say we share our flag with the middle east nations, it is worthless to debate with them on matters such as this since they neither possessed any knowledge of ancient history nor they have any interest to know the truth.  But I thank the man who helped me to realize that my people all over Oromia carried Black, Red and White Flag for tens of thousands of years along the original scripts they drew on the day to day items they have been using.
This being said, who knows Baallee might become the new tourist destination as more and more people become educated and wish to learn that the Cush civilization still exists now for tens of thousands of years.
Rundassa Ashetee

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