Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Shooting at the Ethiopian Embassy

By Gurmu Bantayehu | September 30, 2014

Hello America! Welcome to Ethiopia!!

A TPLF security thug at the Ethiopian Embassy brandishing and firing live bullets towards peaceful protesters
A TPLF security officer brandishing and firing live bullets
What I saw on US TVs on Monday, September 29, 2014 is unbelievable but factual. I doubt that the world has ever experienced such barbaric act by an Embassy. It is the replica of the daily massacre being carried out in Ethiopia, now being shown to the World. It is Tigre modus operandiin Ambo and many places in Ethiopia. This is how Ethiopians are being treated daily by their government. The west would not admit it but this incident demonstrates graphically the daily butchery in a country closely nurtured by the West; a country where the rule of the jungle is the order of the day. It is exactly what Ethiopian asylum seekers are running away from; a fitting proof of the reasons for seeking asylum. The atrocities in Ethiopia, which the US government have been ignoring, is displayed in the US backyard, the capital city. As they say in the US, “ The chicken came home to roost”.
The Ethiopian embassy seems to be oblivious of the rule of diplomacy. They do not believe it applies to them. Being illiterate in diplomacy, they think, gives them the right to mow down US tax paying citizens just as they do in Ethiopia. Their apparent reason is that they are being harassed by the peaceful demonstrators outside the Embassy fence. A place where the right of speech is the right of the citizens. Is this possibly Ethiopia’s way of paying back some of US aid by teaching America how to protect its Embassies abroad? Is there any better place where Ethiopians can go and live in peace and freedom? If not here, then where?

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