Thursday, November 28, 2013

“Shame shame shame”; when hypocrisy took over shamefulness


November 28, 2013 | Sole Dink
One could tie, the emphatic chanting seen on the recent protest held in DC against the grueling news of immigrants in Saudi, with emotion. The chanting was “Shame shame shame shame shame on Saudi Arabia!” At a time, more so is humane to focus on the goal of the protest, at least for the sake of immigrants who faced dicey situations, than focusing on the chant. The atrocities inflicted on Ethiopians are enumerable. Thanks to social media, thousands of pictures and video clips have been posted by eye witnesses. It was nerve wrecking to view some of these pictures. What is more nerve wrecking was the fact that, out of tens of thousands other immigrants, Ethiopians are solely receiving the harshest atrocities. Everywhere, Ethiopian refugees receive the worst treatment. Then I asked myself why? Why do Ethiopians disrespected to this extent? Why do we Ethiopians stay being examples of human disgrace?  Why do we have to tail all human civilization? Aren’t we supposed to be the anointed people from the holy land?
As much as I tried to focus on the protest, I could not help asking myself the benignity of the tone of the chanting. Some protests directed towards cursing and naming all Saudis, although not sure if all Saudis have taken part in the atrocities. Triumphant the chanting was, however, one with the glimpse of Ethiopian history could not escape to think mendacity and hypocrisy in the chanting. This is more relevant in the realm of trying to inquire the root cause of the problem.
For many years, we have depicted Ethiopians as a holly Christian country surrounded by savages and adversaries. For centuries, our elites have crafted a misguided and condescending history to brainwash our people; thought us the holiness of our land and the anointment of our people. Our history has been twisted and our realities have covered. We have hushed and numbed to live with 300 years of history without 3 loaves of breads. The superiority has ingrained subconsciously to many us, hindered us to reconcile with our reality. They have advocated how Ethiopians are better than the rest of Africa, mainly based on their skin color and hair texture.
Evidence to this condescending history is the subconscious entitlement reflected on many Ethiopians without due fact. Recent frenzy of social media following the flooding of Saudi Arabia has revealed how many have portrayed the flooding as God’s punishments. Filled with hate and arrogance, many have reduced the work of God to their narrow understanding. If God was, to their take, why would He punish Ethiopia with all these miseries and draught? These sentiments of empty entitlement and superiority are the product of the groups who have ruled the country for over a century.
Ethiopians are abused and tortured more in Ethiopia than anywhere else. No matter how vehemently the elites cling on the misguided history, it is impossible to escape the fact on the ground. The legacy of ruling the country for more than a century is starvations, war, imprisonment, hate, immigration and many more miseries of our people. Today, many Ethiopians are living in destitute, whether it is in Ethiopia or outside. We cannot deny the paradox, the paradox of every Ethiopians dream to lam their “beloved” country. More so are the miseries in rural part of Ethiopia, despised like cursed plaque, the farmer along with his Ox, plough the deserted land to prolong the breath of his families. These could only be true, had his land have not grabbed and sold to enrich the pockets of the few.
Coming back to the ranting at the protest, it is more of the phrase ‘Like father, like son’. Ask a legitimate question, who should deserve all these tantrum of“SHAME”? The elites who have ruled the country to its destitute or the Saudis? Ethiopians who engage on dehumanizing and torturing their own people or the Saudis? The hypocrisy is more obvious when the ranting lacks the sincerity to admit the wicked history and when they thrive to bring the old rotten ideology that has brought us to these problems at the first place. Even today, these elites manipulate the rest to capitalize on their agenda. They use innocent Ethiopians to bring their hidden goals. Evidently, the recent incidence at DC protest makes the intention of the protest more questionable. what makes the situation more revealing, was when the rest immediately with no due diligence, has echoed the ranting. “Shame” with its emphatic tone has passed over. However, what most failed to ask was who really deserve the word? Again, indicating how brainwashed these flocks are.
This writing is not to legitimize the atrocities inflicted on immigrants in the Middle East nor is it to criticize the behavior and beliefs of Saudis. The writing is my take on reiterating the direction of our grievance and to indicate how disconnected our history from our daily reality is. The root causes of our problems are not Arabs or any other country for that matter. We are the root cause. Unless otherwise we start admitting our own problems, no lasting solutions can be reached.
This last weekend was another heart wrecking story. It was the weekend where many Ethiopians unleashed their hate against Oromos. This dehumanizing incidence ignited following the appearance of video clip, showing Oromo’s protesting the atrocity in Saudi Arabia. Soon after the video surfaced, the ecstasy of rage took over social media. It is hard to describe some of the derogatory words that were used by these people. Some have tempted to rule over the fate of Oromo’s while others decide on their very existence, again arrogance and ignorance took over their judgments.
tigree2013Not sure what makes this incident different, for many years now, Oromos have protested alone. If not looking for reasons to dehumanize them, Oromos have always said “we are not Ethiopians”. What these Ethiopians failed to understand is, for many years, Oromo’s have refuted the identity of Ethiopianism, for the very reason of hate, belittling, and dehumanization inflicted on them. It is hard today to find a single conscious Oromo proudly calling himself an Ethiopian. His/her Ethiopianism has stripped off. Today, Oromos have distant themselves from Ethiopians in most aspect of their life. In North America, the distance can clearly be seen. In Every American city, Oromos have their own community center. Big or not, Oromos have different churches and worship center. Every year, when Ethiopians hold soccer tournament, Oromos hold their own soccer tournament.
No video clip could justify the derogatory words used against Oromos. The dehumanization underscores the deep hidden hate these people have for Oromos. Preaching for unity while unleashing this kind of hateful words hinders the already compromised unity among people.
Between Ethiopia and Oromos, the crack has widened, the difference has demarcated, but those who failed to see the distinctions still dreams to live the past life. Every day atrocities of these kinds attribute to the widening of the cracks and the gaps. Time and again, Oromo’s clearly understood the impossible, the fruitless hope of trying to live with these people harmoniously and respectfully. The paradox of these people, screaming vainly for unity while unleashing irrevocable hate, has prevailed. Short memory of the campaign done on the name of Oromo First on Jawar Mohamed and his friends followed by “Chaltu ende Helen” of Tesfaye Gebreab has proven these reality.
Today most Oromos, men and women, young and old, have understood what is in the stake. It has long since these anguish of hate and atrocities led Oromos to attest to their identity of Ethiopianism. For the few Oromos, who still live under the dream of the rotten ideology, it will not be long before they get on the swagon. Sooner or later, the filth of hate will splash them on the face.

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