Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A big thanks is to those heroes in South Africa

I was watching the funeral ceremony on the death of Madiba Mandela on TV scrutinizing the flags flying behind Mr. Obama. My soul and mind was searching for OLF/Oromo flag among others. From behind the podium at the left side of the speaker a green Oda tree at center of a shining sun flickered once, the second time it appeared I was not in doubt; it was what I was hungrily looking for! It was there not simply as a beautiful and beloved emblem of the Oromo nation; it conveys a huge message than that. It represented at this celebration the heroes and heroines of the Oromo people among whom are G/Tadassa Birru the once friend and host of Mandela during his military training in Finfinne; Col/ Feqadu Waqkenne his trainer and O/Guta Dinqa one of the guards to Mr. Mandela.
I became emotional while watching our flag behind the leader of the greatest nation in this world and envied to have the right that belongs to us as a rightful nation. On the other hand the appearance of this flag at this particular time, when the Big Man of the world is at the podium is a big blow to those who day and night wish to erase anything Oromummaa from the minds of the Oromo nation; this made me happy. It is really a bone in the throat; where it is difficult to swallow and/or equally difficult to spit it out. Unacceptable to watch the speech of the Big Man with the background of that flag, and difficult to ignore the speech of the Big Boss. After all how on earth they can prevent the general public from watching what is happening at this age of media technology! Garaan dhadhaa nu dhuge!!
A big galataa is to those heroes in South Africa who enabled us watch this event. This is not their first time; and of course would never be their last. What matters is that the others should imitate and emulate these courageous, conscious and committed sons and daughters in South Africa, as our nationalists did in the mountains of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, as an athlete did in Irland and as once done in England when people demonstrated against Capitalism during G8 meeting there.

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