Tuesday, December 24, 2013

ONLF and Ethiopian Troops clashes in Ogaden

By Mohamed Faarah
Ogaden_Map124 December 2013 (Ogadentoday Press)- Ogaden National Liberation Front, ONLF and Ethiopian Military along side with Regional Paramilitary Forces known Liyu Police have clashed in several Zones in Ogaden, according to reports.
According to sources in Dhagahbour, Korehay and Fik Zones, the clashes have left 70 Ethiopian Troops meanwhile a doze of ONLF has been killed in fighting.
A weekly report issued by ONLF commanders in the field said that they have killed hundreds.
There is no comment from The Ethiopian Government and the regional administration.
Ogadentoday Press has learned that three officials of Ethiopian Troops have been killed while the Ethiopian Paramilitary forces confirmed that they have killed an ONLF commander.
According to elders in the Area, Ethiopian Troops harassed the civilian population and have been ordered to move from the area.
Independent source has reported that hundreds of civilians have been transported from that zones and been detained in the Jigjiga, the Regional administrations Capital.
Abdi Mohamud Omar, the Regional governor, said in the press-conference last week that they are uprooting the ONLF members in the area but elders accused him as targeting the civilian’s populations in the area.
Right groups accused the government of Ethiopia committing genocide in Ogaden region; same experts label the region, as Darfur of Ogaden, Ethiopia denies the allegation.
In Ogaden, military leaders have formed paramilitary forces that are fighting alongside with Ethiopian national defense forces (ENDF).
Ethiopian Paramilitary Forces have long accused of human right abuses in Ogaden Region but Ethiopia denies the accusations.
Media and journalist are banned in the Ogaden region and that is why the conflict in Ogaden is not getting international attention.
The past few days the region has seen an increase in heavy fighting.
Since 2005, Ethiopia government isolated Ogaden region from the World, Ethiopia imposed a ban all international aid and media organizations in Ogaden despite some are operating under the permit of intelligence surveillances.
Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) fighting for the self-determination of Ogaden Region in Ethiopia since 1994.
Source: Ogadentoday Press

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