Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tedy is a modern Minelik II weapon to wage genocide against Oromo

Itana Guteta |  26 Dec 2013
Oromo have their own country Oromia
Oromia is Oromo country annexed by Abyssinian- the modern Ethiopia in 1890s. The Abyssinia got help from supper power of that time: USA, Russia, France, and Italy. Since then, Oromo people have been struggling in different ways to get back their country. Thus, about 45000 Oromo political prisoners are serving in Abyssinian colonial jail as Dr. Troman reported.
When Oromo activists claim their God given rights, the Habasha ( Abyssinian) defile the name of Oromo activists as narrow nationalists or extremists. I can take the current ongoing debate about Tedy, the Habasha musician who supported the genocide made by Menelik II whose target was to demolish the Oromo from the face of the earth. Tedy said that the war Minelik waged against Oromo people which resulted in 5 millions of death of Oromo heroes and heroines is holy war. But Oromo human rights activists like Jawar Muhammad, Abdi Fixe, Garsuu Tufa and others are seen as extremists and condemned as Anti-unity by colonizers ( Abyssinian).
By the way, what is extremism? Is it speaking true history or denying it?, If exposing what the colonizers did unto the oppressed is extremism, then, what do we call those who label such exposes as “extremist”? However, you like it or not, you will go no where with such a medieval mindset. I would like to inform you that Oromo people is ready more than ever to pay all the sacrifice to reestablish Oromia, to clean Finfinnee that your ancestors defiled since they annexed it. I hope that as Oromo is people of “safu” means respect, we will offer Abyssinian equal rights and equal opportunities to live in Oromia. I swear you that Oromo people will not avenge you, but what they need is freed Oromia. Be that as it may, know that, there is no place for subduing Oromo and their country Oromia under your colonial power. To wrap it up, what the Oromo heroes and heroines human rights activist said is incredibly true: Tedy is recognizing the genocide against millions of Oromo is holy war. On top of that, if Tedy believes that such inhuman act is a holy war, the historical memory directly goes to religion which in Abyssinian cases reflects on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. I will not go deep now, I will come back to it.
When we- Oormo talk about Tedy we are not arguing the that Tedy represent Oromo. For that matter, Oromo have never ever accepted Tedy as our friend or as he represent us in any ways. What we are talking is simple. Tedy clearly showed us that he is our enemy reconsigning what Minelik II has done. Otherwise both Tedy and Minelik II are our enemies from 1890s. Minelik can be a hero for Habasha- Abyssinian because he build the country in which they are enjoying higher standard life by selling land of thousands of Oromo farmer by evicting them. So they can celebrate him. The TPLF should know that Oromo people have a goal of restablishing Oromia, the country destroyed by Minelik II .
Sadly, the owner of Bedele Beer sponsored Tedy to prepare concert in the big city of Oromia, Finfinnee. Politically, this concert is going to be held in memory of Menelik II who massacred 5 million Oromo. This can be easily deduced from Tedy’s speech. Thus it would be surprising if Oromo tolerate, allow him to accomplish this mission without confrontation. It will be bad memory in Oromo history if any attend this concert Oromo which is prepared to humiliate Oromo dignity. Once again, I urge Oromo people not sell, buy and drink Bedele Beer. In addition, it is pivotal to take legitimate action against Habasha workers at this company in Oromia, to remove them from our country. Indeed, it the time to remove the termite- Habasha not only from Bedele Beer company but also from nervy corner of Oromia.
In addition, OPDO also know that this is true thus why many of them were thrown into jail in Ethiopian empire.
Above all, I would like urge every able bodied Oromo: intellectuals, farther, businessmen, students, OLF guerrilla arm group, all Oromo citizen in Oromia and around the globe to continue to fight for their legitimate rights to set free their human resource and natural resource from Ethiopian colonial rule.
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