Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ethiopia’s New Plan to Hunt, Kill or Maim Ogaden citizenry in the Diaspora

Ogaden_Map1December 29, 2013 (Ogaden Online) — The Ogaden Online News Network’s investigators have received confidential  information about a new clandestine plan to hunt, kill, maim, or intimidate, at the very least, the Ogaden citizenry in the Diaspora  especially in the Kenyan refugee camps and those present in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.
This plan is spearheaded by the Ethiopian Intelligence using the Ethiopian military personnel at the Moyale, Kenya border, the Ethiopian embassy in Nairobi and members of its Kilil personnel both in Kenya and in JigJiga.
What the Ethiopian intelligence has done over the past one year is to collect the names, family history and even the pictures of the Ogaden leaders at the Kenyan refugee camps. They have also obtained, from those who have defected in the past six months, the same information concerning the leaders of the Ogaden citizenry living in the Kenyan capital.
What they have done with the information is to dispatch Somali members of the Kilil personnel to the Kenyan refugee camps and to Nairobi so they can have presence in the camps and in the capital city, Nairobi. These members were instructed to telephone the identified leaders in the refugee camps  with threats of them being killed if they do not help the Ethiopian regime. The refugee camp leaders were then called from many numbers as to multiply the threats of death or maiming of the leaders being called.
At times, the Ethiopian intelligence and its Kilil personnel have used, contrary to all international norms, the parents, siblings, or even spouses of these individuals who might still live in the Ogaden to relay their threats. The Ethiopian intelligence used the same tactics against the members of the Ogaden citizenry in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Ogaden Online News Network’s investigators were able confirm more than a dozen such threats being relayed to leaders both in the Kenyan refugee camps and those present in Nairobi, Kenya. The team also witnessed a botched one such operation where the Somali operators and their Ethiopian handlers could not pinpoint their target and they resorted to asking their target whether he was such and such individual not once but on two separate days and times.
Luckily the individual pretended to know nothing about what he was being asked and before he realized what was happening on the second day, the Ethiopians and their Somali collaborators hastily left the area. Before the Ethiopians fled, the Ogaden News Network Investigators were able to snap pictures of the six individuals that were involved in the botched operation.
The team was also able to trace some of the telephone numbers where the threats originated from. Most of the numbers were sourced from the Ethiopian embassy in Nairobi. There were two specific numbers that also were traced to the Ethiopian military at the Moyale border.
One specific number was directly traced to an International calling card that is known to be used by the Kilil head in JigJiga. Using a number of techniques including cell tower information, the team was able to identify four cellphones that were ONLY used during set hours and ONLY used from identified hotels frequented by the Ethiopian intelligence members in the Kenyan capital.
Currently the Ogaden News Network’s investigators have completed the collection and corroboration of the information of all those involved in the planning and the implementation of this heinous crime against the Ogaden citizenry. We are in the final stages of ascertaining the role of each individual be they Ethiopian military personnel, intelligence or their Somali collaborators in the Kilil or outside of it.
Once we complete this final step, we will be publishing the entire plan with the locations, times and dates of the planners’ meetings; and the dossier of the individuals involved in this plan to hunt, kill, maim or intimidate the Ogaden citizenry. We will publish the names of the individuals, pictures – where possible, their role in the plan, the cellphone numbers they frequently use, and the list of individuals each was assigned to either eliminate or at the very least force them into hiding. Stay tuned for our next dispatch.

Source: Ogaden Online News

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