Friday, May 16, 2014

Ethiopians March in Grand Island to Protest Students Killed in Africa

3747873_GMay 16, 2014, Nebraska (NTV ABC News) – More than 50 protesters took to the streets of Grand Island, to march against the killings of students in Ethiopia.
The Associated Press reports at least 11 students were killed in violent clashes with Ethiopian police recently.
Ethnic Oromo people have marched in cities across the world, including Grand Island.
Oromo is the largest state in Ethiopia, and there is a movement there to declare independence.
The march in Grand Island went from the Federal Building to City Hall, and attracted the attention of police. There was some confusion about the march, and Police Chief Steve Lamken advised city staff the marchers had the right to protest, as long as they didn’t block traffic or block the doors at City Hall.
Leaders in the local Oromo community in Grand Island said they wanted to draw attention to the plight of their people. Similar protests around the world have used social media to mobilize, especially Twitter, where they have been branded as the #OromoProtests.
Stay with NTV for more on the protest.
Source: NTV ABC News

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