Monday, May 5, 2014

World Wide Oromo Community Rallies Against Ethiopian Tyranny

World Wide Oromo Communities demonstration schedule. Please let us know if you have more to add to the list:

Oromo Community Place of Rally Date and Time
Washington, DC, USA Ethiopian Embassy  May 6; 9:00 AM
Washington, DC, USA White House  May 9; 9:00 AM
Chicago, IL, USA  Start at 230 S. Dearborn – ABC News  May 6, 11:00 AM
Los Angeles, CA, USA
 May 9
Portland, OR, USA
 May 9
San Francisco, CA, USA
 May 9
Las Vegas, NV, USA
 May 9
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  450 Broadway  May 9; 12:00 PM
Calgary, Canada  In front of City Hall  May 9
Greater Toronto & Ottawa, Canada  Ottawa Parliament  May 9; 10:00 AM
Edmonton, Canada
 May 9
Vancouver, BC, Canada
 May 9
Columbus, Ohio, USA  In front of State House  May 9; 2:00 PM
Oslo, Norway
 May 9
Berlin, Germany  Federal Chancellor/Bundeskanzleramt  May 9; 9:00 AM
Den Haag, Netherlands
 May 9
Johannesburg, South Africa
 May 9
Melbourne, Australia  Parliament House  May 9; 9:30 AM
Denver, Colorado, USA
 May 9
Houston, Texas, USA  Federal Building, Downtown  May 9; 10:00 AM
Dallas, Texas, USA
 May 9
Seattle, WA, USA
May 7; 1:00 PM
Phoenix, Arizona, USA Downtown Phoenix to Arizona State Senate Building May 9; 8:00 Am
Phoenix, Arizona, USA Vigil light ceremony @ Arizona State Senate Building May 7; 7:00 PM
Geneva, Switzerland
May 9
Stockholm, Sweden  Sergelstorg May 9; 11:00 AM
London, UK  London Parliament at Old Place Yard May 6; 11:00 AM
Jeddah, KSA
May 8
Cairo, Egypt
May 7
Tel Aviv, Israel  In front of Ethiopian Embassy May 12
Atlanta, GA, USA  In front of CNN May 13; 9:00 AM
Sana’aa, Yemen  WAAMICHA MARII, DIDDAA May 9

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