Saturday, July 11, 2015

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

(Martin Luther King JR.)
Injustice in Ethiopia
July 11, 2015
Once again, the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia revealed yet another of its continued acts of repression towards its Muslim citizens and displayed the inherent injustices of the system.   We were not expecting justice to be served from unjust politically charged court system in Ethiopia. At the beginning of the trial, Ahmedin Jebel one of the leaders of the arbitration committee said “we don’t expect justice from the court but we wanted to register the injustice in the history books by going to the court”. This is exactly what happened.
On July 6, Ethiopia’s Federal High Court convicted leaders of the Ethiopian Muslims protest movement on charges of terrorism and conspiracy to create an Islamic state in Ethiopia. The shameful verdict against the Muslim Leaders and rights activist can only strengthen the resolve of the peaceful struggle of Ethiopian Muslims for justice and equality. We don’t expect anything different during the sentencing scheduled for August 3, 2015.
We, at the Oromo Muslims Foundation deplore in the strongest terms the regime’s crackdown on Muslim activists and the ruling party’s larger crusade against journalists, bloggers, activists and opposition leaders and supporters.
We urge the peace loving Ethiopians, Muslims and Christians to stand together to confront the injustices committed by the government in Ethiopia against its population. It is time that we come together to confront these injustices. We must depart from the sense of paralysis we are in and actively join the peace movement.
Justice for All
Oromo Muslims Foundation
Washington, DC

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