Monday, July 20, 2015

The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has destroyed an enemy camp in Eastern Oromia

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Military Communiqué

asxaa_oromoThe heroic Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), Eastern front has destroyed the enemy soldiers and its military camp located at a place called Bobasa 20kms away from the city of Harar in the locality of Bokko, Fadis district, East Oromia. Accordingly 28 TPLF regime’s soldiers have been put out of action. Also a number of military hardware has been captured from the government forces. The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) operating in Eastern Oromia launched a surprise attack on an enemy garrison at a place called Bobasa 20 kms away from the city of Harar, in Fadis district and achieved a shining victory by killing 13 TPLF soldiers and other 15 enemy soldiers have been severely wounded. The Oromo Liberation Army Eastern Command has also announced that a number of military hardware has been captured from the enemy. Accordingly 17 AK-47 rifles, over 4000 different sorts of ammunitions, 23 hand grenades, 27 ammunition belts, 2 communication radios (Icom), 6 mobilephone (cell phone), stored military ration and other different materials have been captured from the TPLF regime’s soldiers. The captured military equipment is in use for the purpose of Oromo liberation struggle.
The Oromo Liberation Army also punished a notorious TPLF regime’s security officer namely Ahmed Musa by death penalty on May 16, 2015 at a place called Jello, in the area of Obora, district of Melka Bello, eastern region of Oromia. Likewise other two armed and notorious TPLF spies named Muhammad Abrahim and Umer Siyo were killed by the Oromo Liberation Army on May 23, 2015 in a village called Godi, district of Chalenko, East Hararge province. Other than these the special force of the Oromo Liberation Army also killed a police commander called sergeant Abeba Asefa on May 24, 20015 in the area called Hundene on the vicinity of Harar city, East Hararge region. This police officer was a renowned person in harassing and persecuting peaceful people in the locality of Hundene.
It is to be recalled that also the Oromo Liberation Army attacked TPLF regime’s police force on May 24, 20015 in a village called Finkile, district of Haramaya, in the region of East Hararge. During the ensuing battle 4 TPLF police were wounded critically. Also it has been reported that the Oromo Liberation Army attacked TPLF military camp in the town of Moyale at a specific place called administrative unit 02 on May 30, 20015. In this operation OLA killed 12 TPLF soldiers and wounded 15 other soldiers totally putting 27 government soldiers out of action.
It is also to be remembered that the OLA ambushed the government troops stationed in a village called Methi, district of Mi’o on July 6, 2015 and killed 3 soldiers while other 4 soldiers were wounded seriously. On the whole the Oromo Liberation Army is stepping up its military operations to remove the dictatorial and fascist regime of TPLF that deprived our people their natural, national and human rights under the barrel of gun with unparalleled harassment, suppression and domination. Once again the Oromo Liberation Army confirms that it will continue strongly fighting against the enemy forces to realize the objective of Oromo people’s struggle for liberty.
Victory to the Oromo People !
Oromo Liberation Front
July 20, 2015

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