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Big Brother Africa (BBA) Winner Dillish Accepts Her Borana (Oromo) Heritage

September 6, 2013
dillish(AllAfrica) –Newly crowned Big Brother Africa: The Chase winner Namibia’s Dillish recently learned of her retired Kenyan soldier father, Abdi Guyo, and that she hails from the Borana ethnic group in Northern Kenya.
Creating a media frenzy, the topic of who and where Dillish’s biological father resided became scrutinized by the media in the past few days.
A week after Dillish took home the grand prize of USD $300,000, the winner and her family revealed that the Namibian beauty was on a mission to find her real father.
According to NewVision, in a Google hangout organized by the Kenyan Embassy in Namibia, Selma, Dillish’s mother and biological father Abdi, were able to talk to each other for the first time in close to 23 years.
According to reports, Dillish has invited her newly reunited biological father to her 23rd birthday party in Namibia, to be held on the 16th of September.

Dillish Mathew’s Real Father Abdi Guyo
Selma Pashukeni  has confirmed that Abdi Galgayo Guyo a Kenyan man of Borana origin is Dillish Mathews real father .
Dillish’s mother  Selma met Guyo on Wednesday this week and recognized him as the father to Dillish Mathews. The two met through a Google hang out organised by Standard group.
Guyo has now been invited to Namibia this month for Dillish’s 23rd birthday.
Dillish’s joy has been expressed in her recent tweets, like  “I am mommy and daddy’s girl”,
“I am a proud Borana girl” The Borana tribe is one of the 12 tribes of Kenya
Lord, you have given me all I’ve been begging for” reads one of her recent tweets.
Dillish Mathew

All Africa | September 1, 2013
Namibian representative Dellish
BOBOYE ONDUKU reviews the performance of BBA Season 8 winner, Namibia’s Dillish Matthews and highlights her ‘beautiful’ game that won her accolades and votes from across Africa.
By the time Nigeria’s Melvin Oduah was evicted as the third runner-up of The Chase, nobody needed any prophet to know that Namibian representative, Dillish Pearl Matthews would emerge winner of Big Brother Africa. This was because many fans had tipped the beautiful 22-year-old to emerge as the runner up behind the Nigerian. When she broke into tears, she was only letting out happy emotions and many of her fans loved her even the more.
If folks across Africa had doubts about the voting results last Sunday, they had no doubts on May 26, 2013 on who the most beautiful of the 28 housemates who entered for The Chase was. ‘Delicious Dillish,’ ‘Delightsome Dillish,’ ‘Beautiful Dillish’…the social networking sites were inundated with tweets and posts of fans of the Namibian that day. They were all in agreement: Dillish would keep them coming back for more until day 91. True to their resolve, they kept coming back to the show and the beauty gave them plenty to look at.
If viewers across Africa could only scream from their phones and on social networks about how they were head-over-heels with the beauty of Dillish, Tanzanian housemate Ammynando, upped the ante. He wasn’t prepared to fantasise about his feelings for the model. “Me and Nando are cool. He told me [that] he just wants to bang me,” Dillish told Diamond housemates in a tell-it-as-it-is session. It was brash and uncouth of the fair-skinned Tanzanian, especially because straight-up the reigning Miss University Africa First Princess disclosed earlier on the show that she had a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Steven Gaeseb, outside the house.
But if many thought her man would make her hold back a lot from viewers, they were wrong. She played just every naughty game housemates introduced all in a bid to spice things up. Whether it was truth-or-dare or take-it-off, Dillish participated and gave many viewers what they wanted to see-at a close range.
She had to share a kiss with Hakeem, sat back and endured a Nando kiss-down, and ‘took them all off’. She only had the Airtel covers to hold on to in a raunchy take-it-off game.
Dillish did give some viewers of Big Bother Africa’s VIP section plenty to upload to their blogs as her shower hour sessions in June were a big hit with ‘fans’.
When Dillish had plenty of alcohol in her system to deal with, viewers were assured of non-stop entertainment. From princess stories, to endless songs and naughty games, she kept up her own brand of entertainment.
Her princess stories did stand her out, as well as her role-plays. “I willi silaaaap you,’ ‘you are wiiiild,’ ‘fooool,’ were all made popular by the damsel. If you thought humping was the exclusive preserve of wild girls, Dillish would make you stomach your thoughts. She humped when she wanted to, without looking back.
Dillish ensured that she got really tight with the guys without giving much away. Together with Melvin, Elikem and Cleo – as MDEC – they gave viewers plenty to laugh about especially during the last weeks. Many times she would just let go to the admiration of many in the midst of the MDEC quartet. She would pull-off a top for a bare back massage by Melvin, offer to dress the guys for the night and allow herself to be dressed for the night too.
What other housemates would have definitely fussed about, Dillish seamlessly executed without any qualms. For Africa, however, this was all that was needed. From Nigeria to Ghana, Sierra Leone to Ethiopia, Namibia to the Rest of Africa, ‘Dillishians’ grew in leaps and bounds.
When even her country deserted her at a critical time when she was up with her country-mate and friend, Maria Nepembe, that love across Africa ensured that she still got enough votes to stay on. In the grand finale, she was deserted by her region, Southern Africa. West Africa also took their country-votes elsewhere after ensuring her passage to the Top 5. Nonetheless, Eastern Africa came to her rescue and she was duly rewarded with a cool $300,000 as she emerged tops with a five-country vote.

If there was any representative who managed an all-round support, Dillish Matthews it was and it’s no flatter; she is a true princess, with or without Steven’s tiara.

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