Saturday, September 7, 2013

Helping Gutama Galato Bati

Please help Gutamaa Galatoo Baatii with his Medical and Legal bills. Click below to donate:
About Gutama Galato Bati
73907103Cairo, Egypt- For months, Gutama Gallato Bati, a proud farmer and mechanic of Oromo descent languished in an Ethiopian prison over accusations he burned an Ethiopian Flag, while inside, guards physically abused him”. Al Jazeera June 2013.
Unable to stay in his country for fear of persections after father’s mysterious death, Gutama left Ethiopia on foot travelling at night in the wilderness, and  hiding in the bushes during the day, he crossed into the neghboring Sudan after his father Galato Bati Obse was mysteriously killed and his body was dumped in front of the their house at night. Gutama was not safe in Sudan either, according to him. He left Sudan and arrived in Egypt, Cairo hoping there will be no threat to his life which left his brothers and sisters orphaned.
As though his ordeal is not over yet, Gutama was severely stabbled on his abdomen on Friday 03/08/2013 near where he shelters by unknown individuals. Please help Gutama with his Medical bills.

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