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On Sept. 28, 2013, Oromos and friends of Oromos Celebrate Irreecha/’Oromo Thanksgiving’ Ceremony in Amsterdam
On 28th of September, 2013, Oromos and friends of Oromos are going to celebrate Irreecha (the Oromo Thanksgiving) ceremony in the Netherlands. Irreecha is an indigenous Oromo-African Thanksgiving Day in Amsterdam.
The Irreecha festival has been observed by the Oromo people at Hora Arsadi for the last 1800 years, i.e. from the time Nabe instituted it around 204AD. The date of Irreecha is decided by Oromo traditional astronomers (Ayyaantuu’s) following the appearance of a special star that signifies the fall of spring or equinox when Birraa (Spring season) begins in Oromia. It is a Thanksgiving day when the Oromo people come together around a lake or on the top of hill to thank their Waaqa (God) for helping them pass from the darkness of winter to the bright and blooming season of Birraa (Spring season). The ceremony is celebrated with different kinds of events, such as singing Mareehoo songs, blessing by elders, performing different rituals like libations, etc. Currently, it is the single largest indigenous Oromo-African ceremony attended by more than three million people every year.
On Saturday, September 28, 2013, we are planning to celebrate Irreecha in Amsterdam as original as it is conducted at Hora Arsadi in Oromia.
The Irreecha Council (Gumii Irreecha) in the Netherlands has completed all the necessary preparations to celebrate Irreecha colorfully.
We will perform Irreeffannaa (Irreecha ceremony) at Gaasperplas Lake (IrreeffatuuBuna Qala andMareehoo songs), then we will have a seminar on different Oromo cultural issues.
Gadaa.comGudeta Urgessa from Norway will speak on the nature and significance of Irreecha,
Gadaa.comGetachew Chemeda will present on the Buna Qala ceremony,
Gadaa.comTamene Bitama will present on the Oromo language, Afan Oromo,
Gadaa.comGeresu Tufa will present on the Comparative Analysis of Gadaa Tullama versus Gadaa Boranaa,
Gadaa.comAreero will present on the Hulluqqoo,
Gadaa.comAbdulqadir Tufa will present on the power and significance of Sinqee institution, and many more.
We will have Oromo cultural fashion show and, of course, our stars, such as Hangaatuu Baalchaa , Mahadi Sheika, Hamdiya Ibrahim, Yusuf, Ramadan Mohammed and many more, will stage their songs.
Come and enjoy this oldest Oromo-African event.
Daalwijkdreef 11
1102 RN Amsterdam
Dr. Bekele Gebremairam +31622377204
Ob. Dawey Ibrahim +31686431177
Ob. Dammaqaa Nagasaa +31684380490
From Archives: from the 2012 Joint Irreecha of Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium in Dusseldorf, Germany:

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