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Does SAFUU exist in Oromia at all?

Rundaasaa Asheetee | August 18, 2014
handshake-respectThe term “Safuu” represents purity. Those who think with  SAFUU are morally clean in their thoughts, words, and actions. “SAFUU” therefore regulates positive relationship between people and Waaqaa (God).  It also means complete honesty to oneself and to others.

The question we ought to answer now will be, are each of us pure in our thinking?  If each of us are not honest to oneself and to each others, can any of us claim to be pure? 
In the Oromo world of today, millions of Oromos have lost self respect for many reasons. For example, Islam has driven millions to hate anything an Oromo and that is not Safuu.  Similarly, Christianity has driven millions crazy to the degree of despising their Oromo self.  That is not SAFUU either. Feudalism and socialism have played their part in degrading Safuu Oromo and that too is not purity.
Here, one can argue about which ideology started the degradation of SAFUU in Oromia. However, wether borrowed religion or feudalism started it first, the effects are felt all over Oromia with no locality being spared.   Hence, no matter how we look at it, lack of SAFUU exist everywhere in Oromia.  For example, regardless of where an Oromo official accepts a bribe, his action is against SAFUU.   Such an action can take place in Gasaraa, in Guduroo, in Gurra fardaa or in Caliyaa, bribe is a bribe and it is against the SAFUU code. In other words, any body who breaks the law of Safuu encourages immorality.  Let alone taking a bribe, to use wrong word of expression is against the SAFUU norm.  This is the general rule of Safuu.
In what part of Oromia does SAFUU exist?
SAFUU exists where ever the Oromians care for one another enough to keep the law of SAFUU.  This also means, showing love to one another, trust each other, show commitment to our identity results in the increase of SAFUU. Those who engage in betrayal of the Oromo cause and those who don’t have a sense of guilt when they lie, those who never feel ashamed when they reflect bitterness, jealousy, and hatred destroy any positive feelings that once existed among the Oromo people.  When they do, they destroy the SAFUU norm.
The major mistake most of us make regarding SAFUU is when we lack control of our actions.  For example, most of us are accustomed to phrases such as “warra Shawaa” or ijoolee Shawaa, the phrase that comes to our minds so easily.  But do we really understand what Shawaa means? Are we really Shawaa?
Similarly, we often say “warra Wallagga”, the term that has nothing to do with our Oromo linage, place or clan name. Arsi, Gujii, Karrayyu, Salaalee, Limmuu etc names reference our clan names but not Shawaa or Wallagga.
Ambo, Bakanisa, Halaltuu, Qabana’aa, Taltallee, Dhumuugaa, Ejerssa-Gooroo, Hiddii, Ya’a ball’oo etc terms refere to the nature found in certain parts of biyya Oromo but not Shawaa, Wallaggaa or Moratee.  If we are not able to take a second and correct ourselves and use the right term or phrase while referring to certain parts of our country or to our own people, we have no SAFUU left in us. In short, one can live with SAFUU norms even when he/she is in a military field.  If the goal is to liberate ones nation from colonial forces and fighting is needed, that person should be obedient to his commanders and protest his fellow liberation soldiers.
So, regardless of who is born where and when, if a person is lacking honesty, if he/she lies, steals, cheats, or deceive in any way, that person has no SAFUU.  If however, you are  honest, you build strength of character that will allow you to be of great service to your nation and Waaqaa. That means, when you receive ebbaa from your fellow oromos, from your mother and father, Waaqayyo blesses you with peace of mind and self-respect. You will be trusted by the people and will be worthy of your people’s respect. Regardless of when did lack of safuu came to what part of Oromia and what system brought it there, dishonesty harms you and harms your people where ever they are.  If you lie just to win an argument or to hide a crime that you have committed in the past, you damage the spirit of SAFUU and your relationships with others.
Being honest will enhance your future opportunities and your ability to be guided by Safuu.   Hence, we should not rationalize that being dishonest in the name of politics is acceptable. If one continues to be guided by the wrong idea or the religion he had been introduced to and look down on his people, he/she loses integrity. Integrity means thinking and doing what is right at all times, no matter what idea is popular. When you have integrity, you have SAFUU and when you have SAFUU, you are willing to live by the standards and beliefs of your ancestors even when those imported ideas seem fashionable.
Hence, let’s choose to live with  SAFUU so that our thoughts and behaviors are always in harmony with our OROMUMMAA.
Rundaasaa Asheetee ti

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