Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Highlighting the Achievements of Oromo Women in Our Lives: She Sings Compassion, Is Courageous, and Lives by Example – Featuring Aad. Mergitu Argo

By the Editorial Board of OromoTV.com
Aad. Mergitu Argo
Aad. Mergitu Argo
We often feel the need to use words like hero along with other powerful words to describe deserving people with the courage and audacity to pursue their life-long dream and bring change to their community. But often times, we tend to overuse such terms of endearment or reserve it exclusively for heroic acts of bravery. However, some people are beyond deserving of being called heroes. They embody the spirit and the courage as well as hard work and dedication it requires to be called a hero. This individual may not be the athlete who won accolades or the soldier who saved his comrade from enemy fire. Nonetheless, she is someone who works day in and day out to fulfill the needs of her community. Therefore, the administrators of OromoTV.com would like to shine light on everyday heroes like Mergitu Argo. We are both honored and humbled to meet an amazing individual who works for the greater good of the Oromo people both in her immediate community and beyond. As we extend our gratitude and appreciation to Mergitu Argo for all that she does for the Oromo people of Seattle, Washington, as well as the greater North America, we would like to showcase her deep involvement in her community. Although, we may be familiar with the likes of the recent phenom, Toltu Tufa; we rarely get the opportunity to meet incredible women who work hard to improve the lives of Oromos. Through informative articles, based on recommendations we receive from our visitors, we will continue to shine positive light on incredible women like Mergitu Argo.

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